Monday, October 31, 2011

'Easy Peasy' - The 'M' Family

Ohhh dear are flying too fast.
Make-up Moday is on a temporary hiatus until I catch up a bit.

I hope y'all don't mind that I will be leaving with you with some lyrics instead of my usual banter.
I have much to catch up on during this season, but couldn't leave you hanging without
a 'sneak peek' of the "M" family!


"How it amazes me, you're changing with every blink
Faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon.

So, let them be little 'cause they're only that way for awhile
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day.
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
Oh, but let them be little

So innocent, a precious soul, you turn around and
it's time to let them go

Sooo let them be little."


I lined them up and walked about ten feet to take the picture.
When I turned around they had this super cute pose happening.
The boys were leaning out - which I think looked fun.
I love when things just fall into place.

I NEED these outfits.

Navy is a huge color this year and looks great on everyone!

Brothers, twins, room friends...

I love when a little bit of personality shines through in an otherwise traditional picture. 
Okay, I know Mom is not going to be crazy about the middle pic, but you know - I have a picture of me when I was younger like that...and it's actually one of my favorites.
I love the emotion and realness of the moment. It makes me actually lol - for real.  

Ahhh you make it look soooo easy...

So, I'm a huge believer that the outfits are half the battle when making an image 'flow'.
Marietta has a gift of pulling the 'look' all together. I was in awe, I was envious,
I wanted her immediately to start shopping for my family.
Such impeccable style.
I'm thinking Marietta should be a guest blogger - to give us all some tips - what do you all think?! : )

Thank you soooo much for visiting me again this year. It was great to switch up the season.
I don't know how you do it Marietta. You really do make it look sooooo easy.
God only knows how hard it is to make it look that easy.

Thank you for all of your referrals this past year.
I'm humbled by all of your kind words and the wonderful people you have sent my way.

Many thanks!!


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Content - The 'C' Family Kids

I'm not sure they even stopped to breath when I was there.
At 2, 3 and 4 there is no such thing as sitting really.
Well, maybe if you include sitting for a half a second and then jumping out of your seat for no apparent reason -
other then to run in a totally different direction just for the heck of it.
Ahhhh to be a kid. 

I felt at home there.
I felt that someone could relate to my world.  

We tried to sit in trees, we tried to sit in a leaf pile, we tried to sit on a hammock,
we tried everything we could to keep them still...but then
 really from a kids point of view, where is the fun in that?! ; )
And that's just it.
When kids are in their element you may not get the perfect pose,
but hopefully what you do get is that relaxed, expression of your children looking content.
And isn't that really what we all strive for?

As crazy and as lively as the afternoon was - it was nice because we were just in the moment.  
A moment that will actually pass quicker then it will ever sometimes seem.

When looking at Mom's memories on the wall I saw that she was fond of b/w images -
so I decided to go that route this time around  for the blog!
  Look at that mischievous grin...

She took a little while to warm up, but we got there.
I love the sweetness of her smile.

Believe it or not this shot was taken mid way through her sprinting in the backyard -
I called her name and she turned quickly toward me and this is what we caught.

 annnd right before they pushed each other off - they really looked liked they liked each other ; )

 I think being content is not something that we should strive for, it's something we should create.
In our everyday hours there are fleeting moments of this, if we just have a second to take it all in.
And as hard as it may be to see sometimes...
when you do catch it, hold onto it with both hands...cause these are the
moments in between the craziness of life that we want to remember.
Nay, never forget.

And if you want a little play on words...
Being content is the content of a full life. ; )


Thank you Elizabeth for having me back this year to document how much your
babes have grown in one year.
I adored spending time with you all!
If you would like to see their lives at the same time last year, click here:


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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Mom's Best Advice About Marriage

Say, 'maybe'.
Never say 'no'.

God, it sounds so ridiculously simple doesn't it?
Yet, I thought it was the stupidest advice ever.

When Dan and I got married a lot was happening in our lives. 
We had met in June and by December we were engaged. 
I know. I see some eyes rolling. 
Sometimes when you know, you know. 
6 months later we were married. 
The 'in between' during those six months was crazy though. 

We were under an enormous amount of pressure from crazy life situations. 
I was in a new management position at work.
I was read my last rights in a hospital because of something that happened to my gallbladder.
 Someone blew a red light and I was in a horrible car accident 
and my car was totaled. 
Our extra car on hand was broken into. 
We were in the process of buying a house. 
My grandmother died and his grandmother died within a month of each other...(before the wedding). 
Oh. And yeahh...we had a little thing called a 'wedding' to plan then too.
Some of you know how much stress that is alone. 

Everything seemed overwhelming. 
When we had moved into our new home a month before our wedding 
we were bickering about everything. We couldn't agree on freakin' tooth paste. 
It was nuts. 
We each had our own ideas on what should be done first on the house
and neither of us wanted to compromise.
Every time either of us opened our mouths the 
other would just say 'no' to whatever the question was. 

'I want to re-do the floors.' 
'No, not right now.' 
'I want to get a new tool. 
'No, not right now.'

The more we said no to each other, the more the other dug their heels in. 

We all want to be heard. 
We all want our ideas to be taken into consideration. 
By saying 'maybe', no one is on the defense. 
There is still time to talk it over, and discuss the pros and cons. 

One day I tried it. 

Dan walked in the room and said 
'I think we should take the tax money and put it towards the loan on the car.' 
That was the money we spoke about going to our 1970's nasty kitchen. 
I was devastated.

My first reaction was 'no' - actually it was more like 'noooo waaaaay'.
On the inside. 
Well, if you really want to get technical there may or may not have had an explicit thrown in the middle.

But instead I bit my tongue (it may have bled) and said 'maybe'.

All of a sudden his demeanor softened and he wasn't ready for combat. 
It was much different talking to someone that wasn't expecting a fight. 
I was able to listen to him and even - sighhhh- agree with him a little. 
He was right in a way. Key word 'in a way'. 

By listening and not getting defensive I was able to see it meant more to him then it did to me. 
So instead of giving in I was able to agree


A few weeks had passed and I had asked him something equally important that was
going to cause WW3 - although I can't even remember what it was. 
I remember bracing myself.  
He didn't say 'no' though, he said 'maybe'. 
I was sitting on our couch with my feet up, 
thinking we were finally on the right track to compromise, and honestly it was so much less exhausting.

The crucial point though was when he turned to walk away, 
I saw a slight smile come to his face...kinda like he got away with something.
And all of a sudden it hit me...

It wasn't a question it was a statement. 
We both broke out in a fit of laughter.

Almost ten years later we still use it...even though we both know that we may be 
using it to pacify the other person. It's not lost on us. We get it. 
It taught us actually to see what the other person was saying. 
Listen, think about it, and discuss it rationally.

Marriage is work - no matter how you look at it. 
There is an ebb and a flow to it. 
There is no right or wrong way to go about it. 
Everyone is different and that's just the point. 
We all have different ways to look at something. 

And perhaps Antoine de Saint Exupery said it best, 
'love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.'

Sometimes it's good to ask for directions.

Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'In Between' - Long Island Family Session

Do you remember being one?
It's a shame we don't right?

It's a time in our lives when our wonder and our innocence's was so pure, so magical.
A leaf, a raindrop or a blade of grass was enough to purse our lips in a permanent 'o', or illicit happy giggles.

Although we can remember it, we get the privilege to see it through our children's eyes.

At one, personalities start to emerge and they are learning so many new things.
The world is big from where they stand, and our job is to instill in them that they can conquer it.

Before the pressure and the stress that society places on them begins,
before they are out of feetie pajamas, you're gonna wish you caught the magic.

The magic may not be the perfect smile, nor the perfect outfit -
but maybe perhaps the perfect expression.
The curiosity.
The amusement.

The moments in between (haha - get it ; )  'in between'. 

Eyes as big as saucers...

How cute are those leg warmers?!!

I don't know. I just like it.

Hello pretty...

A mother's love...

Blowing kisses.

I love how her little arms are out for balance!

Pure happiness...

I love this little family...and love the fact that it's getting bigger!

Rich and Kathleen, thank you for not only giving me the huge privilege to be their for your wedding day,
but also the honor to continue the journey watching and documenting your growing family.

You're the best!!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends...

So this week I learned about something kinda cool.
See, there is this thing on my blog that let's you see how many people have visited.

And this past week I hit 20,000.
So whether you are new to visiting this blog, or you come here often...thank you.
Thank you 20,000 times.

Or come to think of it...maybe I should be thanking only my mother?! ; )

I started this blog to not only show clients 'teasers', but to share a little bit about me,
and maybe some underlining messages...
 to live life the way you picture it.

Recently the wedding publication 'The Knot' sent an e-mail letting us (photographer's)
know that they are scouting the reviews from our clients
on their boards to find their 'pick' for 2012.
The 'pick' is an honor they give to vendor's by acknowledging that clients matter.
That the experience, as well as the product go hand in hand.

If you have experienced working with me,
I would love it if you could drop a quick review there for me.
If you have already, thank you so very much for taking the time to do that.
It helps me to continue to do what I love.

To review Show and Tell - click this link!

You know that feeling you would get the night before Christmas?
Or when you are so happy your feet feel like they aren't touching the ground?
Exhilarated, excited...filled with anticipation...
That's kinda how it feels when you give me the incredible honor to document a part of your history.
No joke.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation for each of you who have helped my
business to become what it is today...
I'm forever grateful.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Powder Puff - 'Make-Up Monday'

Sooo...I think I'm kinda like every other week as far as the 'Make-Up Monday's'.
How's that all working out for you?
Do you need it every week or every other is working out?
Let me know in the comment section if you can!

Well, I tried something new last week that I'm kinda diggin'.
I have been looking for a translucent powder for a while to take care of the shine and stumbled across

It's revolutionary powder if you ask me.
It's powder but it's not. Almost like a gel really, but goes on matte.
It's sooo strange - you really need to try it out for yourself!

It really held up well for me and did it's job.
It didn't feel stiff, mask like or cakey - just really lightweight.
The coolest thing is, is that it's clear. I know. I don't get it either.

So, while they call it 'poreless' that's not really what sold me.
(I think they may have meant 'poor'less when you see how much it will set you back.)
A little goes a long way with this product though, so keep that in mind.

What sold me is that it combats my shine and also locks my make up in place. 
Since it's not a powder it also didn't have the ability to settle into fine lines - another plus. 

I'm a recent fan and it's gotten about 4.8 stars out of 5 on QVC.

Go have a peek for yourselves and if you order one - let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 14, 2011

'Working' Mother's - A Family Session

I knew Carissa back when talking about the federal reserve, general ledgers, 
and debits and credits would fill my days. 
I knew her when the 'boys' in our lives 
where the guys we were dating, and not our sons. 

Back in our former lives, our paths would cross once in a while,
 and I was always happy to see her. 
She always had a smile, and she was super ambitious - working her way up from 
a bank teller to the branch manager at a bank in Manhattan. 


I remember the first time someone asked me, 
'Are you a working mother?' I felt a pang of guilt.

What does that really mean anyway?

Does it mean you work out of the home, or your work at home is never done? 
Either way it felt very much the same.
For as much as I felt I had accomplished in my professional career, motherhood by far trumped it all.

I stared at Adryanna when I was home on maternity leave
wondering what the heck I was going to do for three months when all she did was sleep. 
So, I began making scrap books, I took pictures, I stayed up late. 
I fell in love a little with photography. 
I read magazines. I read books. 
I watched TV for crying out loud. Like every week. Grey's Anatomy actually. 
It felt like a mini vacation really. 
Yet, for some reason I looked forward to going back to work and having a routine. 
Call me crazy, but I missed hearing adult conversation, 
putting my make up on in the morning...annnd getting out of my pajamas. 

But, the night before I had to return to work I cried myself to sleep. 

I didn't think there was possibly another person in the world 
who could take care of her like I would. 
I was torn. 
I enjoyed my career, but I loved this new little person so much, 
I couldn't stand being away from her. 

It's a personal choice. It's a hard choice. It's a choice that you really can't fathom until the day comes. 
Living on Long Island our choice is almost made for us. 
Expenses are high, and so is health care insurance. The need for a double income is almost a necessity. 
Somehow though, among all of the life's big decisions- 
while we are planning our future, 
our present days are passing us quicker then we think.  


Carissa told me she was thinking of waiting until his first birthday to do the session. 
Then she thought about waiting until the baby weight was gone. 
She realized though she needed to catch the moment though before it past her. 

The wonder in their eyes, their off balance teetering when trying out those chubby feet.
This time in our lives will suddenly be our 'yesterday'.  
One day soon, in the blink of an eye - just like those old folks told you when you were a kid - we'll say,
 ' I remember you when you were thiiiiis little', while holding our hand up to knee height. 
And we will smile because we know that indeed we really do remember,
 because a picture won't let us forget. 

Because you don't want to forget their first few steps with you...

Because someone in the family is always missing because they're taking the picture...

Because you should have pictures of the two of you other then your wedding ones...

Because almost all of your photo's are taken on your iphone.

Because never will a leaf be this entertaining when you're an adult...

Because your children should know what life was like when you were in your prime...

Because a few minutes taken to enjoy and experience today,
will have lasting effects on how you see tomorrow.
But more they see it. 

Enjoy the little moments...for some day you may look back and realize, they were the 'big' ones.


Thank you Randy and Carissa for being so fabulous and putting up with my crazy antics. 
Your little man was amazing. I loooved his happy disposition!

Thank you as well for 
reminding me how important a family picture is. 
And while I should know this and I do...I was among the ones who thought, 
'I'll wait until I lose some weight', 
or 'I'll wait until the kids are a bit older.'

I finally booked our own family session this week.


Thanks Erin for the fabulous referral!


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maternity and Newborn Long Island Photographer

Bump to Baby

I'm sure her Mom didn't think she was talking to her future son in law when
her daughter handed her the phone.
 In fact, I'm sure she thought he was a bit crazy when he told her that
he was going to marry her daughter someday...and she had yet to even meet him!


If you're anything like me, you enjoy hearing the stories of my couples and families.
It really makes a difference in the pictures for me to know where it all began.

So a few weeks ago I did their maternity session.
They were a little shy about a blog post - so we held off.
But...while at their house this weekend to welcome their baby girl with her first photo shoot,
we talked about adding a few images while still respecting their privacy
by not posting names or their full story.
They agreed!
Thanks so much guys.

Meet the new Mom and Dad...

Their beautiful daughter made her arrival a whole month early.
Super happy we got the maternity session done in time!

While at their home they had showed me a Similac advertisement they liked.
We tried our own version.
Although it's not black and white, I kinda like the monochromatic look -
and I think it totally matches the gingham walls in the nursery guys!

I added the wording because...well, I felt like it! : )

I wish I could have had all of you in the house with us while we had the session.
They were the cutest parents ever. And Mom had the cutest hat ever!
Not to mention the cutest babe ever!

This session was super cool because the parents were game to do more of a 'lifestyle' session.
It was something different I wanted to try because I love seeing
the interaction of new parents with their new little bundle.
I think posed shoots are fun too...but there is something about relationships that really hit home for me.

I will be incorporating more of this kind of style into my sessions if the parents are up to it.
I think no matter how tired you are, or how you really don't think you look good enough to be photographed now - it should be documented.
Suck it up. Trust me. ; )
You'll want to remember these moments when they are heading off to their prom.


B family - I think you're the best.
I adored documenting such a special time in your life.
And I loved seeing it come full circle.


Thanks 'Google' for sending them my way!


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Brayden - Long Island Newborn Session


It takes two hours to get out of the house.
No joke.
Between the bottles, the diapers, the wipes, the stroller, the carrier,
getting the baby ready, and soothing the baby in between...oh, wait.
Did I mention you still have to get ready?!
Never mind. That doesn't really matter anymore. ; )

The stillness and quite cycle of your daily routine sort of shifts into overdrive
when greeted with a brand new baby.
The excitement and newness are mixed with the interpretation of
'what did we just do' and 'this is the best thing ever'.

You're life will never be your own again. Your heart will permanently live outside your body.
This tiny little bundle that you just met, somehow changes your world...forever.
There are other things too that come with a baby besides cute toes,
lots of love and taking two hours to get out of your home.
Baby gear.
You know that stuff that just seems to morph into mountains overnight?
All I know is that the coffee table that I spent two months trying to find,
all of a sudden got replaced with the baby swing and Pack and Play.
I still don't know if all of this 'stuff' is a help or a hindrance.
I don't however want to test it though. ; )

It's hard to believe at one point you thought wedding planning was tough.
Now sleepless nights, and a new found obstacle coarse through out your home,
somehow pales in comparison. Well, just like everything really after a baby.
It's greater then anything you could have ever possibly imagined.

It's hard to picture the days before they were born, right?
And I hate to say it...but it will be hard to picture the days
when they were this little when they are all grown up.

Thanks to Tara's friends at her baby shower...Dan and Tara will remember.

They'll remember how alert he was.
They'll remember how tiny his hands were, and how adorable he looked all cuddled up with silly hats on.

I think when they look back they will remember too, the change that forever changed them.

But most of all they will remember the generosity of friends that gave
them the gift of treasuring a moment that goes by all too fast.

I ain't gonna lie. Baby 'B' made me totally work for it.
And just when we (the folks and I) were almost giving up.
We won.

Although, I think he let us...

Thanks Tara and Dan for being so patient during the session. You were such trooper's.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
I hope it was worth the wait...


Thanks girls for purchasing the gift certificate for this family!


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Friday, October 7, 2011

Megan + Steven - Northport, Long Island Engagement Session

First Crush
Everyone has one.
And I bet you can recall almost everything about them to this day.
Odd things too.
Maybe it was the way they smiled just a tad bit crooked. Their day to day routine.
All of the idiosyncrasies that made them just so damn cute.
You tried to ignore them, but you were drawn to them like a magnet.
Every song lyric would remind you of them, and every lead in a movie
you pictured the both of you playing the main roles. Okay. Maybe that was just me. ; )

They're odd those first crushes. They hit you out of no where.
You wake up one morning day dreaming about this stranger making you pancakes
and the wedding dress you're going to be wearing down the aisle.

And that's precisely what happened when Megan was 14 and she saw Steven for the first time.

She gets almost giddy when recalling seeing him for the first time in his white tank top and spiked hair.
He lowered his eyes, blushing and smiling slightly as she told the tale.

Megan and her best friend would spy on the guys when they hopped on their motorcycles,
and chase them half way down the block when they drove off trying to get one last look.
They spent days dreaming about marrying them.

Five years later, Steven and Megan's paths crossed,
and he was lucky enough to get her phone number.
He held it for a moment, and said ' I don't think I can wait 24 hours to call you.'
( men...know just the right words ; )

She debated going on a date with him...and her best friend convinced her she should.
'Just you can say you did.'

I found that part funny. Years of chasing him in her dreams,
yet scared when it might have a chance for it become a reality...or even scarier. Not.

She upped her best friend though I getting engaged to him!

Your imagination goes a little crazy, and you dream and wish silly things.
You obsess and you set yourself up for super high expectations.
I mean, what person can live up to the wonderfulness (yes, I just made that word up),
that we pretend them to be before meeting them?!
And yet...Steven was all that, and then some.

It goes almost without saying I think he made out pretty damn well too, if you ask me.

Made ya look...

My favorite part of meeting my couples is hearing their story.
Whether it was a funny date or a simple one...I have a hard time looking
at them without thinking about when they first met.
 Like below. I can't look at Steven without thinking of how over the
moon it must have been for Megan to go on a date with the man of her dreams.

Come is so unfair. ; )
Megan you're just as beautiful inside as out. I love how kind and thoughtful you are.

A moment...

So when I asked her for her ring to take a picture of it..she said...
'oh, right...I wanted to ask you to do that.
I'm notorious for losing things, so just in case.'
Hmmm...I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words...
but I would be willing to debate this one ; )

Not to be outdone - Megan purchased a customized Tag watch for Steven.
Who knew it could be customized?
A little bit of bling is a good thing...

'Sitting on the dock of the bay....watching the tide roll away...'
Good song.
Sitting..standing...close enough.

I don't believe I have every photographed on a more perfect day EVER.
The temperature was amazing, and the sky put on the most spectacular
show with these puffy, white, marshmallow like clouds everywhere.
People would practically stop in their tracks to admire them.
Cumulus clouds. 
Everything I know I learned from Google.

Dock shots are tricky. Most of the time there are a ton of people on them
and the glare from the overhead sun and reflection from the water gives way for squinting.
The best time to hit the dock for pictures is usually early morning or early evening.
We got super lucky though with the intense puffy cloud coverage.
They were a  fabulous backdrop, don't you think?

This was such a super cute spot.
I took one shot and we had to give up the location because the sun came out and almost blinded them.
I adore the colors, framing, and how her head is gingerly resting against him.

Expressions sometimes just capture the essence I think.

Annnd we got a smile Megan...

One of my faves from the day.
I like the simplicity of it, and their relaxed, content expressions.
Content. I like that word.


As the sun went down, the rain drops started to give way.
It was if they knew to wait until we were done.

Crushes are usually fleeting.
They are a moment in time when the heart pounds a mile a minute,
and your feet feel as if they have wings.
A feeling quite like no other.

Good to know that feeling doesn't have to be fleeting now...a forever crush sounds kinda nice.

Thank you for telling me you 'stalk' my blog, and that you know all of my past clients names and venues.
I love that you invested your time into reading and seeing their stories.
It made my week that someone other then my mother reads my blog! : )
Thoughtful, caring and considerate are attributes that define you both.
I loved getting a peek into your world. 
Thank you for letting me capture a little piece of your history.


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