Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Book of Love - Chris + Danielle - Long Island Engagement

She is a librarian.
Have you ever heard of anything so cute?!
Just when I thought the world of books had met their fate with the Nooks, Kindles and Ipads -
there was Danielle who still uses the Dewy system. I literally sighed in relief.

It's the classic case of boy meets girl.  
Their beautiful beginning began among rows of books at a library where they both work.
It took him almost a year to work up his nerve to even talk to her.

I think The Monotones asked the most perplexing question ever:
'Who wrote the book of love?'
While we all may search for the answers,
we are actually in charge of our own fate with each turn of a page.
We are the authors of our story. 
Each new chapter that we write can be savored or dwelled upon.
We have a choice.

While we are all busy looking for that happy ending -- the pages in between are being written.
And it's those pages, those moments, those every day minuet minutes that are what life is made up of.

We all have a story to tell. And maybe that's why I love pictures so much. They help tell our story.
They help us reference our lives. The story may be our own, but the best ones are shared with others.
That's why I do this blog.
In a world that is filled with heart wrenching news, it's nice to hear of happiness.
People who found love and couples that make each other happy.

'Peace, love and joy' should be celebrated throughout our lives, not just on special occasions. 
Love should be lived, not just felt.

Every story has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end.
And although this is how all stories unfold, I'm pretty sure Danielle and Christopher's will go on forever.

Their love story began here:

It all started with a kiss...

They were referencing something...

4 foot something to his six foot something...
I'm talking height here. ; )

This one makes my heart happy.

A little bit of symmetry...

I should have taken a picture of the heart Danielle drew.
It would have made you giggle.

Genuine smiles are my favorite...

There is a cozy little outdoor reading park called 'Inside Out' behind the Sachem library.
If you're ever in the area you should stop by to check it out! You can find out more about it here.

While we are on the subject of libraries - I have a confession to make.
I used to cut class.
But I was the dork who would cut class to read in the school library while my friends went to the beach.
*shakes head*

Being wrapped up in a story is one of my favorite things to do.
It's the main reason why I love my job.
I get to see, hear and feel the stories that are behind every single image.  

What kind of December session would this be without a Christmas tree?! So I snuck one in.
The moon made an appearance too...

Danielle and Christopher,
 I love how you both smile ear to ear when you look at each other.
It was awesome seeing where it all started for you both, and where your story continues to still be written.
I'm thrilled that I will be documenting your 'story'...hopefully with a dusting of snow around us!


Special thanks to the Knot for bringing C+D my way!


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

High School Sweethearts - Jessica + Jonathan

Do you remember your first crush? First love? 
First, can't sleep at night 'cause you can't stop thinking about them?
We all have one. 
Do you remember what it felt like? 
It's that giddy, light headed feeling. 
It's the feeling that you can't stop smiling ear to ear.
There are butterflies in your stomach, a twinkle in your eye and permanent blush on your cheeks.
Now just imagine the chance to be married to your first love.
Pretty dang sweet if you ask me.  

First love. 
As amazing and as memorable as it is -
most of the time when we grow up we move on because things change. 
We change. 
Along with our thoughts, our feelings, and sometimes our love. 

But, for some of the lucky few, it stays the same. 
Some get to grow old together. 

Meet Jessica and Jonathan.

High school sweethearts...that never really ever got a chance to become an 'old flame'.
Instead their flame seems to just get brighter - especially with the news of their upcoming wedding.

They still have that twinkle in their eyes and the giddy smiles that love can't keep at bay.  

I just love how their cheeks fit together. Like a puzzle...

All they did was smile at each other. 
Not just smiling...happy smiling.

I love the rustic feel of a barn....

Smiling eyes.
Sometimes we have a little fun for a minute...

or two...

You're lala-lovely, Jess...

A nuzzle.
I love that word. 

Two shadows on the wall...

Annnd a few silhouettes to go along with the shadows...

I can't think of anything cooler than being engaged to your high school sweetheart. 
They are the person who knew you 'way back when'. 
At 16 - When we think we know it all. And some would argue that fact. 
But in this case...I think you would have showed them.  ; ) 

Jessica and Jonathan (I know, readers - another 'J' couple!) - 
Thank you so much for being so much fun.   
I had such a great time with you both and I can't wait for the big day!


Thanks to the Knot for bringing them my way! 
Speaking of the Knot - I have some exciting news to share with you in 2012.


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Monday, December 5, 2011

Justin + Justine - Long Island Wedding at Jericho Terrace

Sometimes, pictures tell a thousand words right? I'm actually banking on that today. 
Instead of spending the time to write the blog post, I wanted to spend the time including a few more images. 
It's been a busy season and I have much to do before the holiday, 
but I wanted to stop in real quick to give you all a little sneaky peek of J+J's happy day! 

Some of you may remember Justin and Justine's rainy day e-session
you know the ridiculously good looking pair?! 
Well, you can check them out below without the raindrops this time!

Hellooo doll face...

Something blue...

Bow booty duty...

Justine..I'm just gonna say what everyone else is thinking.
You're stunning.

What a day for a day dream... ; )

Justine's folk's bands were incorporated with her flowers...

I loved all the DIY touches.
The gifts were wrapped beautifully...especially loved the wax seal!

I don't know what Justine wrote in those cards, but everyone got kinda weepy...

Moments before becoming a Mrs.

And on the other side of town...

Father and son...

The men...

The ladies...

Husband and Wife

Let the party begin!

First Dance...

I'm a sucker for a little symmetry...and a great kiss...

A frame within a frame...

Since the ceremony started at 7:30 we didn't have the luxury of light so we went
for the moody, romantic stuff.
I stole the couple for a few minutes to capture the following few...

We'll end on this note...

Favorite Moment: I'm not going to pin point a moment here.
I'm just going to say that it was the fact that they partied. They enjoyed every moment.
They had fun with the day and they truly collaborated together on it.  

Coolest: The entrance. They were announced like heavy weight fighters. And instead of the arch the bridal party normally goes under -  they all met on the dance floor to celebrate the beginning of the evening with a shot toast. Nothing like setting the night off right.

Sentimental: Justin made a memory book for Justine that was given to her while she was prepping. Aww.

Unique: The wax seals. I adored them. Such an elegant, unique...time consuming touch!

Funniest: When Justine's Dad started talking about when he was in bed with her mother.
It had that awkward moment for a second, but he set us up.
He was telling the story of the night Justine was not made. lol


Thank you Justin and Justine for being so amazing and fabulous. I loved getting to know you both.
Hope you're enjoying some fancy umbrella drinks right now in Hawaii!


Thank you Lauren for the fabulous referral!


Thank you to my amazing team.
You were wonderful!


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