Thursday, February 2, 2012

Language of Love - A 1st Birthday

Dan (my hubs): Why were you fighting with your brother?

Me: We weren't fighting.

Dan: You were arguing...

Me: No we weren't (with a scoff).

Dan: I heard you both on the other side of the house.


When I got home I called my brother.

Me: Hey Mike?

Mike: Yooo

Me: Were we arguing today?

Mike: Who was?

Me: Me and you!

Mike: I thought we were having a good time?

You see, so did I.
It was our way.
We weren't arguing, we were 'talking' loud.
And maybe even with a hint of sarcasm and a cuss word thrown in for good measure.
We talk with enthusiasm.

Every family has their own secret code.
Years of living in the confines of our homes we have found
ways to communicate beyond words, beyond looks...beyond having to explain what we meant.
Our tone, and the actions, all speak volumes...maybe not to others...but to us.

And beyond a pretty outfit, a cute prop...or a fabulous location for a session - is real life.
The everyday monotony that we are so use to...that we sometimes miss the importance
of just how special it really all is.

When I think back to my childhood, I think about the people who were around me,
 the traditions, the smells, and perhaps even the awkward picture that hung on the
wall that made me question if my parents were ever cool.
Everyone's history is in those moments.


When I walked into their house, it was cozy and lively.
The party not only centered around Gianfranco's first birthday, but also around family. 

The prosciutto was wrapped around sesame sticks and olives were placed in cute little dishes.  
They talked with their hands when words couldn't get their point across,
and pinched tushies as a sign of affection.

There were more kids there than I could count and you couldn't help but feel all of the love in the room.
This was Gianfranco's history. His world. His family and friends - that will all add in
some way to the man he will be one day.
I can think of no better way to bring in your first birthday.

Real life...

He took off looking for a bottle...

or beer...

I love the eye contact he had with me. 

My favorite! Look at those lush eyelashes. Gahhh!
Wouldn't this make a fun cover image on the new Facebook timeline?!

Just an outtake, but I liked it anyway! 
Pure happiness.
The foot kills me!

Speaking of feet...this little piggy went to the market...

You know your Mama's Italian when you get a Napoleon for your first 'cake smash'! : ) 

What a face...

When they weren't peeking I stole a few memories...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time in your lives with me. 
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being among all of the happiness there.


To see Gianfranco's newborn pictures, click HERE!


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