Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life is Art

I heard somewhere, '...that everything in life is art.
What you do, how you dress, the way you love someone and how you talk.
Your smile and your personality.
What you believe in and all your dreams.
The way you drink your tea, how you decorate your home, or party.
Your grocery list, the food you make, how your writing looks, and the way you feel.'

I think it really is in the little things.
Little bits of happiness spread through out your day is a wonderful thing.

We all celebrate life differently.
We all observe and see it from our own unique perspectives.
I love what I do because it let's me see your world from your view.

If I hug you hello and ask you a million questions within the first five minutes we meet, its cause I really want to know what make you tick. I really want to know how you look at life. Why you are...you.

If I'm photographing your life, I want you to be living it while I'm capturing it.
While traditional images are important, the 'in between' is the story that brings those symbolic images to life. 
The expressions, the character, and the personality.

Just my quick 2 cents today!
Now, let me get back to editing. I have been a busy bee.

Before I go...a quick image taken when we were up at the Lake House a few weekends ago.
Thanks Leah and True!

Life is ART!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Other Side

There is nothing that can even begin to prepare you for your first child.
It's as if you are seeing the word for the first time through their eyes.

Everything is new.
Everything changes.
Moments are more precious.
Life is more delicate.
Love is more grand.
And such small moments seem so big.

Motherhood is like a secret club.
There is no way to even explain it.
The world we once knew, no longer exists.
And we almost can't remember what life was like before we had our first babe.
We have grown, changed and we will move heaven and earth all upon our first seconds meeting them.

Welcome to the other side Danielle!
The other side where the days start to blend, and you may go a day or two without make-up.
When you will be given advice that you don't necessarily want from other mother's, and you will love more then you ever thought possible.

This side is hectic, this side is crazy. 
This side is everything and nothing you thought.
This side will feel as if your heart is to big for the in...side and as if your heart
has to now walk on the out..side.

Welcome to the world Ms. Angelina Nicolle...and welcome to parenthood Danielle and Mike!

I love this perspective.

and this one too...

Seriously. Look. At. That. Hair.
I was in love. I adore the wisps around the nape of the neck.

A blessing...

What a doll, huh?

'Sugar and spice and everything nice...'

We are turned upside down and inside out from their first breath.
And while we may never feel like we ever have it together anymore, we pray that the feeling never ever

Thank you Danielle and Mike for letting me take up partial residents with all of my props for the session ; )
May your new little bundle brings lots of laughter, happiness and love to your already full lives!


A super big thank you to Danielle's big sister Christine for suggesting me.
You're the best, love you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Manicure Monday

I'm switching it up from the usual 'Make-Up Monday'!
Nail polish constitutes as a cosmetic in my world.  

Sometimes time doesn't afford the luxury to run to get a mani/pedi.
I found a quick cure.

Usually I'm all about Essie or Chanel, but I recently felt like changing it up for a fast drying alternative.
I came upon Sally Hansen Quick Dry 'Beige Blast'.

La la la loooove!

The brush is more like a pain brush. It lays super flat and covers more area quicker, which is essential with a quick drying formula.

Every time I wear this color on my nails, I always get asked which salon I went to and what color it is.
It's super chic and summery. 
A perfect bright cream beige that looks ultra fab with a tan.

Photo credit: Look for Less

Happy Monday!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dawn + Nick - 'Chance Encounter' - A Long Island Wedding

I believe in coincidences, serendipity and second chances.
I think a happy accident is life giving us what we need in ways we could never plan.


I had the privilege to photograph Dawn and Nick's wedding
on the beautiful north shore of Long Island at the Stony Brook Yacht Club.
They are the modern day 'Brady Bunch'.
While their lives may look crazy and complicated, their love is really quite simple.
It was a chance encounter meeting at work when they were ready to find love.
The perfect time and the perfect person...to make their perfect life.  

Love is a game of chance.
No matter how you look at it.
I heard somewhere that chances lost, are hopes torn up pages.
Chances to me is living life fully.
Some say chances are a gamble.
Some say people take to many.
Some say to live more cautiously.
Taking a chance though is having faith.
Having hope.
Chances are only what we make them.

If you believe that, then Johnny Mathis had it right when he said...

"Chances are, you're chances are...awfully good...."

The 'Rolling Pin Bakery' put together this yummy creation!

The flower girl dresses were my most favorite yet.
I looooved the style and color.


Girls will be girls...

She was tired of my shenanigan's ; )

I'm on a flower girl kick today...

The lovely bride and her handsome sons.
Loved the tie/vest coloring on the guys.
A little different then just black.
I thought it looked amazing with the ivory!

There was not one best man.
There were many 'men' that were the 'best'!

That's Mama's daughter to the left...I know...you thought they were sisters too, right?

'Serenity'...apropo I think.

Sealed with a kiss...

A warm glow...

Thank you Nick and Dawn for being so wonderful to work with.
Much love and happiness in your new life together!

A special thank you to Dawn's sister Donna, for the fabulous referral.
And one more thank you to my assistant photographer that helped me through out the day.
Thank you Astami!

Before you go...leave your thoughts below!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

These boots are made for walking...right to Broadway.

'What are you carrying, a dead body?' my Pop-Pop asked as he lifted my suitcase out of the trunk.
I was a teenager and my grandparents were taking me on my first 'real' vacation on a cruise to Bermuda.

For some reason when I was told to bring 'basics' it happened to be basically everything in my closet.
When my grandfather opened the suitcase to try to lighten the load,
the clothing sprung out like the old 'Jack-In-The-Box' toys.

Not only did I have every kind of seasonal clothing option stuffed in there, but there were also winter boots.
Okay. They really weren't winter boots per say.
They were the really cool (back in the day) tall white leather boots that had the fringe down the back.
Remember those?
But boots were clearly boots, and something you didn't need while vacationing in the Caribbean,
(or so I was told).  

My mouth was agape while he went through my suitcase and took out half of what
I was bringing and placed it in a heaping pile next to us.
I wasn't sure how I could possible live for a week without everything I had brought. 
I wanted to be prepared and ready for anything.
Even if that meant a snow storm on an island.

He gently patted my hand sensing my frustration, and re-assured me I would live to tell about it.
(Little did he know I actually would one day in a blog ; )
I watched him carefully roll my clothes as if they were tacos and stack them neatly back into the suitcase.
He then packed my grandmothers clothes and his clothes...into the same suitcase.

Looking back on that day I'm sure Pop-Pop thought we were just packing...
but really we were making a memory for me.


I tried to contain myself.
But in reality I wanted to skip and spin in a circle on top of a mountain ala Julie Andrews in
'The Sound of Music'.

I noticed the suitcase first when they popped the trunk open.
It was one of three bags they were pulling out to take on location with us.

The best part?
It was so heavy we needed to use the wheels.
They were my kinda people : )
 It was a hot summery 90 degrees...but unlike my Pop,
I was praying they actually had boots in there ; )


At just 16, Kelly has already been recognized in her field for
her superb acting and singing skills.
Not only has she received fabulous accolades and amazing reviews for her performances,
she is wonderfully giddy just talking about it. She has the kind of enthusiasm you want to bottle up and sell. 

And if that wasn't enough, she's modest, charming and super pretty to boot!
Speaking of boots...I knew the girl had it all, when I saw them in the bag ; )  

I love, love, love when my clients are excited to be a part of a shoot.
Kelly and her Mom were no exception.
They brought along thoughtful props, and a fun diverse change of clothes.  
It makes the session fun and feel more like a fashion shoot then just traditional portraits.

 Taking pictures should never be about just taking the picture either.
It should be about the experience.
I love that my clients get that.

Thank you Anna and Kelly for being so super fabulous to work with.
I loved seeing all of the thought you put into the preparation and your contagious enthusiasm.
It was wonderful!

Hey Readers...Kelly will receive a complimentary gift if you can help her receive 20 comments!
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Beautiful Bride - Mrs. Kathleen Poveromo

Some of you may remember Kathleen from a few weeks ago?

I loooove her. 
And I'm not just saying that because she has referred three other brides to me either ; )
She is just such pure happiness and that makes me happy. 

We had a fabulous second play date this past weekend playing 'dress up'.

When the wedding day is over and the brides are stress free, it's such a wonderful time for them to hop 
back into their dress and have a carefree shoot. 
I mean, how often are they going to put on their dress again for a dinner party? ; ) 

Kathleen, you're stunning...

 Kathleen, thank you a million times over for being so super fabulous. 
I have loved every single moment working with you and seeing your new life unfold.
Not only are you a wonderful client, but now also an amazing friend. 
Much love, happiness and tons of laughter in your new life together!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday...to me.

Dear Stacey...

That's how my 'letter's on life' each year start.

I use to be one of those people that would keep a journal. I would jot down quotes, funny things I heard, news about my life and the world around me. Once I had my kids, the journal entries were few and far between. It was a paradox.
The more I had to write, the more I couldn't.
My full life gave me no time to reflect on what was happening at the time.

My mother told me when I was young that she wrote herself a letter and then sealed it in an envelope to be opened five years later.
I remember thinking to myself that five years was an eternity.
I scoffed at the idea.
How would I even remember to look for it?! 

It was 1996 when I wrote my first one. I was 18.
I wrote about where I was in life and what I wanted to achieve.
The areas that were disappointing to me and the things I wanted to do differently.
I wrote about my family and each person in it.
The penmanship was practically a scribble.
I sealed the envelope and marked it...
I laughed at the thought of even coming across it again.
I mean I couldn't even find my other shoe most days.
(and I had taken them right off next to each other).
Please tell me that happens to some of you too?

Anyway, back to the subject...lo and behold five years to the date, I was unpacking boxes at my new apartment and there it was. I found it in the month and the year I was suppose to. I was amazed by that alone. I remember grabbing an ice cream sandwich out of the freezer as if to celebrate the occasion.
I stopped what I was doing, cuddled up on the couch and opened the letter. 

You know how a picture brings you back to a moment in time?
Reading my words, thoughts, ideas and memories was like visiting a long lost friend.
I knew 'her', but I didn't quite remember her until I saw her in black and white.
It was me at 23, seeing me at 18.
It was enlightening, fun, sad, heartwarming and special.

Ever since then, I have tried to write letters to myself to be opened every five years.
Like clock work, I find them five years later...exactly to the month and date.
Each time, I'm still surprised to find it.

The letters are written around my birthday or new year - those two times are the most
nostalgic for me and signify change.

I have maintained the tradition but I have spared myself (and maybe my children) from reading my handwriting after I wrote the first. I typed the ones there after.

The letters are never the same.
Life changes things.
People. My little 'world'. Even me.  
The one thing that has not changed in my letters each year is the part where
I'm thankful for the people in my life.
My family, friends and even acquaintances.
Your steadfast support, love, and humor are what I think about most when I think about change.
You have changed me and my world for the better.

FYI...my daughter was born on the 22nd ; ) 


I think the main thing about celebrating a birthday is to do it thoughtfully.
You know that saying, 'it's the thought that counts'?!
That's actually true.
I use to think it was the actions.

The unexpected card in the mail, the phone call from a friend who thought of you.
That's the happiness you can't wrap up.

I signed on to Facebook yesterday and while everyone gets a notification that it was my birthday, I was still overwhelmed by the people that actually took a minute to stop by my 'wall' and write a note. Each and every one of you put a smile on my face. Really. Each and every one of you. I saw family, friends, clients, past clients, new friends, and photography friends. It was amazing to see how my circle of friends has grown in the last year and I'm so very thankful for each of you. Every single one of you has added to my life...

I think this quote sums it all up:

"...For I am but a total of the many folks I've met, and you happen to be one of those
I prefer not to forget.
And whether I have known you for many years or few,  
 in some ways you have a part in shaping things I do."

Thank you for being a part of my life and for making my day special!

Thanks Adryanna for making my day extra special!

                                                       A family portrait, by Adryanna

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make...Believe - A Fairy Birthday Party

Every summer when I was a kid, we would head to the 'mountains' (Upstate, New York)
and rent a small, cozy cabin nestled in the Catskills.
My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would come to vacation with us as well.

The days were filled with potato sack races, 'kick the can', and catching tadpoles in the lake. 
The creek that lulled us to sleep at night was where we soaked up the sunshine during the day.
We would dip our feet in the ice cold water, and dare each other to take a step further in until we were up to our bellies laughing and shivering at the same time.

At night the camp fire lead to gooey toasted marshmallows and listening to music played on cassette tapes (remember those?), while our folks enjoyed cocktails in the lawn chairs and the kids
slurped Shirley Temples.

We watched our parents play horse shoes, scrabble, and gamble their quarters away
during late night poker games.
They laughed loudly over one another and spoke about the previous years memories.

Early mornings were spent with wet feet from the dew on the grass and the air still smelled like the wood we burned the night before. We would watch the world come awake. Slowly. Even the creak of the screen doors as they greeted the morning sounded as if they were tired from the day before.

My Aunt Kathy would take us on morning or evening walks and show us the
puffs of smoke on the mountain side and explain
to us about the fairies that lived there.
She would talk about their lives in great detail.

Way before Tinkerbell was famous and fairies were popular, we believed.
A part of me still does. 


Adryanna's 6th birthday was held at Scudder Beach which over looks Northport Harbor.
Picturesque, cozy and secluded.
A large pavilion kept us covered, while we celebrated her day with pixie dust, fairy wings
and our imaginations.

Each of the fairies were given their wings, wands, crown, outfits and fairy pails to collect their treasure.

The wonderful items were made by 'Fairy Nana' of Fairy Nana Land on Etsy.
While her items are certainly treasures, so is she!
Check out this link for the most adorable fairy items anywhere.
The craftsmanship is remarkable.

Hydrangea fairy wands!

Special thanks to Grandma Donna for making the fairy-licious yummy 'mushroom' treats below.
Two of Adryanna's favorites...hard boiled eggs and tomato's. Weird kid. I know. lol 

Face painting...

The birthday girl...

The beautiful fairies...

Check out the little curl.
Love it!

I don't care how old you are...cotton candy tastes good at any age!

There was a fairy treasure hunt...

With a little pixie dust...the girls were flying high!
Oooor was that from all of the cotton candy? ; )

Discussing how they will go about the changing of the seasons...well, from what I gathered ; )

Cupcake pinwheels!
Another find on Etsy.
Check out the seller who is also located on LI.
The place mats are from Fairy Nana.
Cupcakes from Aunt Autumn...thank you!

Doesn't it look like it's a good wish?

I think it's a natural instinct to purse your lips when you see someone else blowing out candles : )



A frame within a frame ; )

I was so busy hosting the festivities and taking pictures of the girls, I barely took any pictures of the beautiful scenery around us.
I caught this shot of my girls as we were packing up to leave.

              I think 'believing' is one of the most important things we can dare to do.
It's the link between dreams and achieving them.

 dream - believe - achieve

I'm pretty sure we live life how we think things, not necessarily how we see things.
And isn't wonderful to know we can change achieve anything almost by
changing our thoughts to accomplish it?
Sometimes I think we forget that.

Muhammad Ali once said 'The man who has no imagination, has no wings.'

I wanted to pass along not only happy birthday wishes to my daughter,
but also the belief that with 'wings'...we can all fly.

There is no greater gift then the gift of imagination and enthusiasm.
Whether it's your birthday or not, I hope you unwrap that gift everyday...