Tuesday, July 12, 2011

These boots are made for walking...right to Broadway.

'What are you carrying, a dead body?' my Pop-Pop asked as he lifted my suitcase out of the trunk.
I was a teenager and my grandparents were taking me on my first 'real' vacation on a cruise to Bermuda.

For some reason when I was told to bring 'basics' it happened to be basically everything in my closet.
When my grandfather opened the suitcase to try to lighten the load,
the clothing sprung out like the old 'Jack-In-The-Box' toys.

Not only did I have every kind of seasonal clothing option stuffed in there, but there were also winter boots.
Okay. They really weren't winter boots per say.
They were the really cool (back in the day) tall white leather boots that had the fringe down the back.
Remember those?
But boots were clearly boots, and something you didn't need while vacationing in the Caribbean,
(or so I was told).  

My mouth was agape while he went through my suitcase and took out half of what
I was bringing and placed it in a heaping pile next to us.
I wasn't sure how I could possible live for a week without everything I had brought. 
I wanted to be prepared and ready for anything.
Even if that meant a snow storm on an island.

He gently patted my hand sensing my frustration, and re-assured me I would live to tell about it.
(Little did he know I actually would one day in a blog ; )
I watched him carefully roll my clothes as if they were tacos and stack them neatly back into the suitcase.
He then packed my grandmothers clothes and his clothes...into the same suitcase.

Looking back on that day I'm sure Pop-Pop thought we were just packing...
but really we were making a memory for me.


I tried to contain myself.
But in reality I wanted to skip and spin in a circle on top of a mountain ala Julie Andrews in
'The Sound of Music'.

I noticed the suitcase first when they popped the trunk open.
It was one of three bags they were pulling out to take on location with us.

The best part?
It was so heavy we needed to use the wheels.
They were my kinda people : )
 It was a hot summery 90 degrees...but unlike my Pop,
I was praying they actually had boots in there ; )


At just 16, Kelly has already been recognized in her field for
her superb acting and singing skills.
Not only has she received fabulous accolades and amazing reviews for her performances,
she is wonderfully giddy just talking about it. She has the kind of enthusiasm you want to bottle up and sell. 

And if that wasn't enough, she's modest, charming and super pretty to boot!
Speaking of boots...I knew the girl had it all, when I saw them in the bag ; )  

I love, love, love when my clients are excited to be a part of a shoot.
Kelly and her Mom were no exception.
They brought along thoughtful props, and a fun diverse change of clothes.  
It makes the session fun and feel more like a fashion shoot then just traditional portraits.

 Taking pictures should never be about just taking the picture either.
It should be about the experience.
I love that my clients get that.

Thank you Anna and Kelly for being so super fabulous to work with.
I loved seeing all of the thought you put into the preparation and your contagious enthusiasm.
It was wonderful!

Hey Readers...Kelly will receive a complimentary gift if you can help her receive 20 comments!
Before you go...leave your thoughts below!


Kendal said...

Kelly looks absolutely amazing! I love all of her diverse looks an outfit changes.

astami said...

What gorgeous eyes! Beautiful shoot Stacey!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful scenery clothes and wow what a lovely young lady!!

Kelly said...

Stacey I love them! Thanks so much :) And now I'm so eager to see all of the other pictures! Such an amazing experience. Thanks again!

Kelly said...

And thank you to those who commented!

Julia said...

Kelly you are so beautiful, both inside and out, and the photos came out fabulous, you had a very talented photographer. I can't wait to see you on broadway!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if her acting and singing are half as good as her pictures she's got a real "triple threat" - nice job Stacy, and congratulations Kelly on making your dreams come true

Murphwish said...

Kelly - just beautiful ! Can't wait to see all the pictures from your shoot. You are a very focused young lady and I am so pleased to see you progress toward your vocal and acting goals.

SuzB said...

Beautiful Pictures and I also loved the story!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful kind words. Kelly made my job very easy as you can see! : ) She is going to be a 'triple threat' indeed. You're amazing Kelly!

leesee said...

Mark and Anna you should be very proud of your Beautiful Daughter Kelly.What a sweet girl you have there, the photo's are stunning.

Luna said...

Kelly - you look great !

catherine brown said...

Kelly, your personality just shines through in these wonderful photos..lots of luck!

Peggy said...

Kelly you are so beautiful and gifted. the photos are amazing. What a little rock star another raw talent just like your aunt Marg.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Kelly. You are so beautiful and talented. We hope you go far.

Uncle Steve, Aunt Tina and family

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Kelly! Esp love the one leaning on the tree at dusk!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pics Good Luch with the Singing and Acting

Brian Ferruggiari said...

Great pictures Kelly. With creative commentary.

Wanda said...

Wonderfully creative.

Heather Gibson said...

Beautiful photos, Kelly! Best of luck to you in your acting and singing endeavors!

MaryL said...

Kelly is intelligent,beautiful, talented and lots of fun. Your photos are awesome and portray a few of the many facets of this wonderful young lady! Great job to you both.

Dr. R. Laskowski said...


Great photos!

Dr. Laskowski

Tina Murphy said...

She is the sweetest most talented beautiful girl. I wish her all the luck in the world.