Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Two faces to wash, and four dirty hands.
Two insistent voices, making demands.

Twice as much crying, when things go wrong, 
then four eyes closing, with slumber song.

Twice as many garments, blowing on the line.
Two cherubs in the wagon, soaking up sunshine.

Work I do for twins, naturally comes double...
but four arms to hug me, repay all my trouble!

-Author Unknown

Thanks SO much 'K' family for letting me document such a fun yet crazy time in your lives! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh boy!

Oh boy!
I have been neglecting you my dear blog. 

I'm smack dab in the middle of wedding season, so in order to keep up
with my work flow I needed to take a step back from the blog.

I'm so beyond grateful to be busy working.
I have been meeting new clients, scouting fun locations,
and going on some fabulous adventures with my couples and families.

In between shooting, processing, and editing...I have managed to sneak in a few days off to hang
with the family, and even catch a few hours of sleep that I seem to always be chasing. ; )


Now let's get caught up a bit!

They're one of my favorite couples. My first wedding couple to be specific.
They gave me a gift, an opportunity, to achieve a goal that I thought was far in my future.

Shooting a wedding is some serious business. It's a moment that cannot be repeated.
You get one shot to make it happen.
It's nerve wracking.
But the benefits out weigh the nerves for me.

The dynamics are complex. It's not just about the couple. It's also about the
relationships around them.  It's not everyday that we are surrounded by everyone
in our lives that has meant something to us.

Our guests are the people who are responsible for who we are today.
I adore that about a wedding.
Add that to fabulous decor, details, and amazing attire...and you got yourself one heck of a celebration!

I can't believe that I'm fortunate enough to be a fly on the wall during those moments. 


I sat with Mindy a few months after her wedding at a local Panera Bread
sipping coffee and sharing tid-bits about our lives.
That day she said a few things to me that I swear changed my life.

I'm not sure what I did to deserve a couple like Mindy and Shawn,
or all of the fabulous couples there after, but I know for sure that each person,
every single one has effected me deeply.

It's not, and never will be just business here in my world. It's personal.
It's impossible to not feel attached in some way for me.

My clients have restored my faith in the human race to be quite honest.
I know. I totally sound like a dork, but it's true.
In my 'last life' I was pushing papers at a bank, and dealing with numbers,
while the folks around me only cared about the bottom line.

Now my life revolves around people who are blissfully happy.
New parents coddling their first newborn, or a family welcoming a new sibling.
Happy events, wonderful milestones and couples who found their 'forever'.

Everyday people relishing life, and enjoying the minutes that slip by us to fast for us to catch. 

Some would call it luck to have a job that you love. I call it hard work.
Yes. I love what I do...but I have worked many sleepless hours to make it happen.
Work is not just taking pictures for me.
Work is also trying to find the happy balance between my love for 'it', my family and my home.
It's not easy.

While it's not easy, there is not a day that goes by that my heart is not filled with gratitude for getting the chance to see the possibilities that were laid before me.
What's amazing is that we all have these endless possibilities whether we choose to believe that or not.

Maybe I'm hopefully optimistic, or overly enthusiastic at times, but I find you can't hide happiness.
This line of 'work' makes me dang giddy.

So if we should meet one day and I'm smiling from ear to ear,
or talking a mile a minute in a overly animated manner...please don't write me off as a crazed lady.
Even if at times that's what I am at home.

I hope you will know that I'm just as excited as you are about the moments
you are giving me the wonderful privilege to document.

A photograph to me is a gift of memories that keep on giving.
I want you to be able to re-live the joy, fun, the year, your age, the newness once more.
I want you to have a tangible memory that would otherwise be lost if not for a picture.

So enjoy the moment for all that it's worth, the time and circumstances may never come again.
But rest assured the feelings will...when you see the photographs.


Mindy has come back and referred more clients then I can count time and time again.
I'm forever grateful for her faith in me before I had it in myself.

I had the awesome privilege to see her last month when a new bundle arrived
and made her family a bit bigger. Again.

And again, I get a chance to go to 'work' and feel as if my feet has wings. 

Going my way?

Hey, hot stuff!

A friend for life...



To see where it all began with this fabulous family, you can check out their memories here! 

To see my latest engagement sessions and weddings, please check out the new blog here!

Thanks so much for stopping in to have a look around!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Childhood and Change - The 'C' Kids!

I remember her as if it were yesterday. 
We were BFF's when big hair, and wearing different colored, double scrunched socks was cool. 
On second thought...I'm not sure if we really did that...that parts kinda fuzzy. ; )

We would make mixed tapes back when you could record off the radio,
and I remember lip syncing with her to Whitney Houston.
Hands down she had the best sense of humor.
You knew where she was before you even saw her, because of her hearty laugh.
She was always laughing.
She made you feel as if you were the funniest person on the planet. 


Life has a way of changing things. School changes us. Friends change us.
Just like the times we had together...forever changed who we are today. 

I believe each person we meet along the way helps shape us whether we know it or not. 

High school comes with new friends, and new classes...and before you know it,
your once intertwined paths now lead you in separate directions. 

I'm not sure really how it happens or why, but I'm grateful for the moments I remember.
I'm pretty sure my childhood wouldn't have been quite the same without her...
or our shared affection for Hostess Cupcakes. 


Facebook made us acquaintance again, and when her third babe was born
I was invited to be a part of her life once again to capture the new addition to her family.

I wanted to sit down with them all and tell them everything that we did together as kids.
How much fun we had, and about all of the adventures.

I wanted to re-live it all once again...but life was moving quicker then I wanted.
Christine had a newborn to tend to,
and I had a daughter to get off the bus and kids to pick up at the sitter.
I left that day with things un-said...but not un-felt. 

Perhaps the only gift that lasts a lifetime are memories.
I'm so very thankful for a gift that keeps on giving.

Meet Bernie...and Olivia.

Meet the best eyelashes I have ever seen...and Jack!

My favorite part of photographing children is when they are in their element.
Their expression and body language show such contentment.


 Slightly soft in focus, but the content is certainly there so I had to include it!

and sometimes kids might surprise you with an impromptu hug...

The gorgeous Mama, and the newest addition, Chloe.

6 days young...

Change happens everyday. It's inevitable, whether we decide to greet it or not.

So much has changed...but the memories still remain...the same.

Thanks Christine, for a trip down memory lane...
and a peek into your happy life.


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Monday, May 28, 2012


There is something a bit magical about siblings. There is this undeniable bond. 
At times it's a love/hate relationship. 
The same person you want to hug with all your might, you want to strangle in the next breath.

Oh yes. There is arguing...there is stealing borrowing clothes. 
There is sibling rivalry and there is this connection that no one can ever really duplicate 
unless you shared a home...and a childhood together.

There is this shared life between you. 
A memory that is made all the better because you had a best friend to share it with then...
and even more so...now.

In the words of Marion Garretty, 
"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

Have a look at these beautiful sisters...

What is it about dandelions that make you feel like a kid again?

What a face!

The expression of a teenager! : )

I can't wait for the day that I can get all of my own kids to look at the camera at the same time. 
These girls sure made it hard for their Mama to pick out her favorites. 

I can just picture this image tucked into the side of a vanity mirror when they girls are older, out in the big old world (away at college), or living on their own. 

Some moments in between...

This was actually the last frame of the day, as we were heading back to our cars. 
While the picture is less than perfect, I love the individuality of a profile. 
It something as a Mother we know by heart.

There was a park at the far corner of where we had our session. Sooo we ran over for a few shots. 

One of my faves...

I love seeing kids holding hands...

Thank you 'F' family for spending the afternoon with me. 
You were all a dream to work with!


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Gianna's Communion Session

I have been super short on words lately so I can keep up with my workflow. 

Just wanted to share this precious little lady's communion session!
I looove everything about a communion session. I love the age, I love the dresses, I love the veils...
I just love, love, love!

Isn't she a doll?

Come on. Look. At. That. Face. 

Love the expression and sideways glance...

Sometimes a 'Mona Lisa' smile is just as perfect too.

Here's hoping all your wishes come true!

Check back later on in the week when you can see Ms. G with her gorgeous sisters!
It was one of my favorite sessions.
Can't wait to share it.


Thanks 'F' family for the fabulous and fun session!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Double Trouble - One Year Old Session

Ohhh dear blog, how I have been neglecting you! 

It's been a little crazy dealing with the busy spring season, the two blogs and 
everything that goes on behind the scenes. Transitions are always a little nutty. 
But for now, everything is finally starting to fall into place. 

Just wanted to share what I have been up to. 

Check out these two adorable one year old babes....

Such as life. It's all in the way you look at it...
; )

The balloons were more work than the kids! : )
Love the newsboy caps. They're my favorite accessory on boys!

Love the eye contact and his body language. 





Thank you sooo much "S" family for being so super fabulous!
I loved working with you all, and I loved seeing how big the boys have gotten in just a few short months. 


Special thanks to Andi and JoAnn for the fabulous referral


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