Saturday, February 12, 2011

Italian MOMster

We bonded over our explicit language and laughed like we were old friends. We were animated when we spoke about motherhood together and hugged like we knew each other forever.
She is candid, funny, loud and real.

I wondered as I saw her newborn son sleeping so soundly if he knew the ride he was in for. The personality, enthusiasm and charm of his mother...that was going to carry him (literally) through life.

There is nothing that really prepares us for that moment when we are handed a baby and given the toughest job we'll ever have. Yet somehow, some way, we know what they need. I am convinced that no matter what books we have read, or the advice that we have been given, nothing is stronger or more poignant then a mothers intuition.

When Maria picked up her new son she spoke in and furious, loud and lively. Her little man laid nestled in the crook of her arm looking up at her with bewilderment, amusement and pure affection. I'm guessing he was thinking she was a little crazy too - yet what kid doesn't think that of his folks? ; )

And as if right on cue baby G listened to his Mama, snuggled in for a nice nap and let us get some adorable sleepy shots.

Okay, if the head of hair is not enough to make you giggle and sigh out loud, check out those billowy lips.
He is one beautiful baby boy.

Mom told me there is nothing better in the world then when he snuggles under her chin when they wake up for late night feedings. I would have to agree. It's kind of a moment when the world feels perfect. Well, for only like umm five seconds, cause you mind quickly replaces it with, 'I wonder when he will finally be able to sleep through the night so I can finally get some sleep' as you are trying hard not to drift off

Hold them tight.

It goes faster then you can ever imagine.

As we were winding down, we heard the back door swing open, and Dad yelled 'did I miss everything'?
Nope, just in time.

21 days of pure perfection - slept a good hour for us. Usually at this age, newborns are much more alert which sometimes makes it harder to get those sleepy shots.
I'm not sure what Mom said to him that made him behave, but what ever it was it worked!

The look of love...

Thanks Frank and Maria for being so gracious and making me feel at home in your home.
Maria, you did a fabulous job keeping the house nice and toasty so baby G could get all sleepy.
It worked like a charm...or whatever you bribed him with did?! ; )  

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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Dad

"Tony", a little more to the left. 
He climbs all the way down the 15 foot ladder and moves it over an inch and goes up
and re-adjusts it. 'Nahhh...I like it back the other way', the voice bellows from below.
He doesn't say a word, he turns and looks at my mother with an amused look on his face,
but also with a smile.

This goes on for ohhh, two months straight during Christmas (well actually through out the year too ; ).

He is nostalgic, sentimental, and ummm emotional. 
When he laughs - he laughs until he cries, and really, you can't just sit and watch,
you have to laugh until you cry too. 
You know that laugh where no noise comes out really, just that hissing sound? That's him.
Once it's starts, you're done. 
It lasts a good half hour.

His hands are larger then life, kinda like his heart.
He gives his all, all the time, at every moment.
When he gives you a hug - it's a bear hug. You're engulfed.

He can do anything. I swear.
And I'm not just saying that cause he's my Dad ; )
Not only can he do anything, but he has a sense of humor and is enthusiastic while doing it!
A rare combination. I can assure you.

In between the bills and catalogs I was carrying in today, I see it.
An envelope written in all cap letters in his hand writing.
I know it comes each and every holiday (even the small ones),
 yet I'm still surprised.

Before I even reach my front door, I have opened the envelope. I pause to read the words that he carefully chose. Tucked inside is a scratch off lotto ticket, in place of the fresh pressed dollar bills he use to send when I was younger. Every holiday like clock work a Hallmark card comes to my home.
You would think we live across the country!
20 minutes tops.

Now, what is even more crazy is that not only does he do it for me,
but also now for my husband and my three kids.
It is one of the most thoughtful gestures someone has ever done (and continues) to do for me traditionally.

I'm not sure Dad if you know it or not, but you can stop with the 'win for life' lotto tickets.

We have already won....we got you!

And because I know my Dad, he's going to say,
 'What, you couldn't put a picture of your old man on your fancy blog'? 

So without further ado, meet my Dad (along with Mom)

 They make ordinary moments, extraordinary...

annnd there is the laugh...

Happy Birthday Dad,
I love you! 
You make my life happy...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peeping Tom - Facebook

I was dead set against it.
Wouldn't even listen as my younger sister would tell me how much she loved it.
I couldn't think of a more horrible way to waste my time then to read about old high school acquaintances
(no offense). 
Not friends - acquaintances for crying out loud. 
I didn't get it.

Fast forward a few years later and social media makes it a necessity to have a Fanpage on Facebook for your business. I was annoyed that I was forced into it, and even more annoyed when I found myself getting sucked into it. 
Why did I care what you ate for breakfast or when your child had their first bowel movement?!
 But strangely enough it was amusing, entertaining and addicting as hell. 
People that I didn't know even had a personality, were hysterically funny.
I found out early who loved to bitch and who I had things in common with. 
What was even more crazy was that it wasn't even the ones who I had expected.

It was a new way to judge people.
We all stereotype - its human nature. But now without the face or the clothes to hide the disguise,
we are all being judged on our personality or public persona.

Soo, yeahh...
that innocent remark you made last week about your husband -
has now gone through the grapevine and the whole web thinks you're getting divorced.
The weekend get away that you couldn't wait to tell everyone about,
is now being shared with 500 of your ummm closest 'friends'.
Friends that you knew, what, twenty years ago?!
They haven't changed much, right?
(where is the sarcastic font when you need it?)  

I remember growing up where the golden rule of my parents home was 'whatever we discuss in this house, stays in this house.' We didn't air 'dirty laundry'. Ever. And in this ever changing world it has not only become acceptable to do so, but encouraged.
We have all become stalkers, creepers - peeping Tom's. 
We peer into each others lives like we belong. We make opinions and judgements and then realize with fear that we are all not that different after all, no matter what high school may have labeled each of us. 
We all live in 'glass houses' and our words and comments make an impact,
regardless of how big or small we may think they are.

'Remember the days when Sunday was meant for re-couping from the weekend, chillin all day, relaxing? Not any more! Now it's laundry, cleaning, organizing for the week, cooking's fun to be an adult!

I read that quote above from the FB wall of one of my past bride's.
I sympathized. I reminisced. 
I felt compassion for the new Mom. 
I liked her more for sharing the same opinion as me. 
I silently thanked her for not making me feel so alone in this big old world.

I have come to accept and 'like' ; ) FB more.
I appreciate it - for all that it is and all that it is not.

While we (the Face Book community) may not be in each others lives on a daily basis for one another,
our words certainly are.

Use them wisely.