Friday, February 11, 2011

My Dad

"Tony", a little more to the left. 
He climbs all the way down the 15 foot ladder and moves it over an inch and goes up
and re-adjusts it. 'Nahhh...I like it back the other way', the voice bellows from below.
He doesn't say a word, he turns and looks at my mother with an amused look on his face,
but also with a smile.

This goes on for ohhh, two months straight during Christmas (well actually through out the year too ; ).

He is nostalgic, sentimental, and ummm emotional. 
When he laughs - he laughs until he cries, and really, you can't just sit and watch,
you have to laugh until you cry too. 
You know that laugh where no noise comes out really, just that hissing sound? That's him.
Once it's starts, you're done. 
It lasts a good half hour.

His hands are larger then life, kinda like his heart.
He gives his all, all the time, at every moment.
When he gives you a hug - it's a bear hug. You're engulfed.

He can do anything. I swear.
And I'm not just saying that cause he's my Dad ; )
Not only can he do anything, but he has a sense of humor and is enthusiastic while doing it!
A rare combination. I can assure you.

In between the bills and catalogs I was carrying in today, I see it.
An envelope written in all cap letters in his hand writing.
I know it comes each and every holiday (even the small ones),
 yet I'm still surprised.

Before I even reach my front door, I have opened the envelope. I pause to read the words that he carefully chose. Tucked inside is a scratch off lotto ticket, in place of the fresh pressed dollar bills he use to send when I was younger. Every holiday like clock work a Hallmark card comes to my home.
You would think we live across the country!
20 minutes tops.

Now, what is even more crazy is that not only does he do it for me,
but also now for my husband and my three kids.
It is one of the most thoughtful gestures someone has ever done (and continues) to do for me traditionally.

I'm not sure Dad if you know it or not, but you can stop with the 'win for life' lotto tickets.

We have already won....we got you!

And because I know my Dad, he's going to say,
 'What, you couldn't put a picture of your old man on your fancy blog'? 

So without further ado, meet my Dad (along with Mom)

 They make ordinary moments, extraordinary...

annnd there is the laugh...

Happy Birthday Dad,
I love you! 
You make my life happy...


Anonymous said...

:D Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful father you have! You are truly blessed! - christine

GinaW said...

He sounds AMAZING <3

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you for commenting on this post :) He is pretty darn awesome and its nice you took a moment to read it!