Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mindy and Shawn - Chateau La Mer - July 18th, 2010

Lucy and Ricky. Abbott and Costello. Micky and Minnie. Adam and Eve. Scarlett and Rhett.  Peanut butter and jelly. Rum and Coke. Cheese and wine. Milk and cookies. Mmmmm.
Where was I going with this again?
Oh. All things that go together.

Now we can add one more.
  Mindy and Shawn.

You know, some people you just like from 'hello'. That is what happened when I met them for the first time.
I walked into that coffee shop that day as a photographer meeting my clients, but walked out that day having new friends.

They finished each others sentences and had great big belly laughs.
They were considerate of each others opinions, and complimented each other like crazy.
They were genuinely in love.
Best friends.
It was apparent.

So on July 18th we celebrated (ready for some more words that go together) 'love and marriage', danced to a little 'rock and roll', enjoyed a little 'coffee and cake', and added one more 'together-ism'...Mr. and Mrs.

Table for two.

The dress...

and shoes...

Mother and daughter

The divine bouquet, that incorporated her 'something old'.
Mindy used  her Grammy's wedding dress as the wrap around the stems.
It added such a sentimental, clever, vintage touch.

Is it me, or is she glowing ; ) ?

Chateau La Mer - Who would have guessed?
 Looks like we are on a tropical Island!
It felt that way too, with temps reaching 97 that day.
It was a HOT, HOT, HOT.
Oooor was it just the couple? ; ) 

"Music is love in search of a word."

Another angle...

The newly coined...

I've got you 'babe' ; )

Super sweet!

Just in case you thought it couldn't get any sweeter...

Huge shout out to MICHELLE!
One of the fab bridesmaids that made these fantastic yummy cupcakes.

Some more yummmm.

I loved the personal touches Mindy and Shawn had.
The guests were able to sign a guest book, a fun platter and an interactive book,
where they were asked to provide the newlyweds with tips, like how to keep the fire burning.
Although, I don't think this couple needs help in that department!

"It Had To Be You."

"...wonderful you..."

This image takes my breath away a little bit.
There is this thing called 'romance' that you rarely see these days.
This my readers, is it.

By now, you should all be familiar with my 'out of the box' shots. These images are a bit different, abstract, funky...whatever you want to call it.
I add these in every post. It pushes me to think out side the box a bit. 
I love in this image that you can feel their love just by viewing their hands.
Love the connection and overall vintage vibe.

The centerpieces were beachy and fun. The favors, compliments of Mindy's Dad's.
His idea and design...with some help from Show and Tell for providing the images from their
engagement session! I was impressed with Dad's super cool creation.

For gettin' the PAAAARTY started, none other than the infamous VJ Entertainment. They "mixed" like nobody's business. It was rockin' the entire time. Which was killin' me.
It made you not want to got to the bathroom in fear of missing a good song. ; )
They were that good.
If you are in the market for DJ's, check 'em out

If this isn't love, then I don't know what is.

There are no words to say how much fun it was to work with this couple.
For those that know them, I'm sure you can understand my feelings.
They treat you as if you have known you forever.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share your beginning.
It was such an honor.

One more for the road.
Much 'love and happiness'.
Huge hugs...


Share your love, comments, 'together-ism' (a pair of words that go together) of your own
or let us know your favorite pic of the set.
For every 20 comment's Mindy and Shawn receive, they get a free gift!
Hey, Mindy and Shawn...your comments count too : )

If you would like to see little more of their day, check out the slideshow below!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picture Perfect - The 'K' Family

So yesterday, I met with the most picture perfect family ever and spent the morning in their wonderful company. We met at a fantastic spot that few people know about in Smithtown, called the Brush Barn. It's a great location with big open fields, lush landscape, barns and a few animals to boot. It's a cool place to just let the kids run around, play and make memories out of the fleeting moments of childhood. 

The morning unfolded at the break of dawn (no joke). 7am. They were amazingly cool about that, which I should thank them for again. The air was a little brisk, which was nice. The lighting was not too harsh and the kids were super happy and ready to start their day. 7am sounds cruel but really it worked out quite nice! Though this is not coming from the Mom that had to get the house ready, mind you : )

What was so great about their two little men was how striking they each were in their own right. One is blonde, blue eyed. The other, brown hair and chocolate chip brown eyes. I could have stared at them for hours.

I must thank Mom for the great choice in clothing and all of the prep work that goes with it, and Dad for bringing the props and then becoming one when it was needed!

Introducing the 'Koz' family...

Mom of two boys. How is it possible to be this beautiful?

The dashing Daddy-O

The big bro!

and little bro...

Since I'm a fan of all expressions not just the smiles, here are two below that caught those "in-between" moments.

Sometimes the soulful look in their eyes get's you more then the smiles.

Mama's men...

Mama and her sons.

What would we have done without that wagon?!


If you have been following along in the blog...this is my 'out of the box' image. It might not appeal to all, but I
just like it. Love the bond between Mom and Dad, love the shadows, the sun flair, the bend in the the little man is squished between love and the little guy is lookin' on. I just like the 'story' it tells.

Picture perfect, indeed!

Thank you for waking up so early for our 'playdate' and for the amazing flower arrangement. It made my day...heck my week! I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with your amazing family. Thank you for sharing a bit of your history with me!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ms. Meghan

Jennifer Aniston would ask to use her for a body double. No joke. Her jaw bone is fierce, LOVE it. Her hair...yeeeah, I'm sure you can hate her for it. It's amazing...

I should have known when I saw the shear panic upon her face, that something was awry. Now, don't think all session's are that scary! ; ) I asked Meghan to squat down so I could take a picture from above. Pretty simple you think, right? Well after several minutes of her trying to get down in that position, she looked up at me and said "I guess I shouldn't have done kick-boxing this morning..." : ) Yep! You don't think a body that awesome comes without dedication, do you?

I must thank you Ms. M for putting up with my silly requests even when you were in pain. You were a super trooper. Thanks for also braving all of the elements I put you in...and for ummmm putting up with all of the oogling from people passing by. I would have yelled at them...but really, who can blame them?!

Hot stuff...

It just get's better...

LOVE the hat. I think they are a fantastic way to frame a face!

The eyes were not even touched. They really are that cool. They have a very wonderful amber color to them.

The bold necklace was a fantastic piece that added nice texture. Great choice Meg!

So I started something new a few sessions back. My 'out of the box' shots. They are a little different then the norm, a little non-traditional...okay very. They are my 'fun' images I try when I want to get a bit creative. They are for ME! : ) 

Sun flair is a funny thing...either you love it or hate it. I'm a lover.
I like how the image has a washed, vintage look to it.

and a black and white image for good measure. I think she looks very old school 'Hollywood' here.
Don't you think?

If you would like to help Meghan receive a free 8x10, leave a comment for her right below. 
20 comments = free 8x10  
Thanks again Meghan for being up for anything! The rest of your images will be ready soon...