Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tips and Tricks for photographing kids

I'll say it again...bribery! ; ) Actually this only works for a minute or two, but it is a necessity. 

Below are some basic tips for helping you take some great snap shots of your children. Although they sound like common sense, they really do make a huge difference in the final image.

- Get on their level. Either on your knees or really bending. That's the only way to really get their perspective and that look of innocence.

- Next, hold your camera still. Most of the times we're trying to get the child's attention. We look over the viewfinder, we wave, we talk...all of these things are ideal conditions for blurry images. If you're looking for tack sharp images, be still when pressing the shutter down. Also, hold your elbows in next to your body. It stabilizes the camera from shaking. It will feel awkward in the beginning but it will be worth it.

- Forget the words "say cheese". Children will be performing and you'll never get a natural expression. Instead have the children engaged in an activity or tell them a funny story. It might be a little more work, but it will be genuine.

- Background - Make sure nothing is growing out of any ones head and that the horizon is not running through it as well. 

-Limbs (hands and feet) - You should try to avoid cutting these out of the picture. If it needs to be done, crop at the thigh or calf, never at a joint.

- Lighting - Is the most critical. Avoid harsh sunlight. The best times to photograph are two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. Very nice yummy light then. If you are fortunate enough to have an overcast day, you're in luck. They are the best conditions to get the most wonderful light and nice big catch lights in the eyes.

Hopefully these little tid-bits will help!

Check back often for more tips, upcoming contests and great give-aways! We have a lot in store for you.

See you soon...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls, girls, girls.

I had the pleasure yesterday to find myself in the company of all girls. What a treat! It was a fun day, but to tell you the truth I'm exhausted. I could barely keep up with them...well one in particular, lol.

Ms. G kept me on my toes. She is one big ball of adorable endless energy. I'm sure the candy didn't help - sorry Mom! I thought bribery could get you anywhere...well, I use to think ; )

Ms. C was my little assistant. What a big help she was! Always ready with a beautiful smile and so patient with me. She is the perfect big sister!

Mom was terrific with the girls clothing. She had a few selections, which was a great way to provide different looks. She even let me help with the choices, which I appreciated. It's great when Mom's do this. It's a wonderful way to share your ideas with the photographer so they can have a better understanding of the look you're shooting for.

Mom wanted some black and white's to add to her collection. Classic and fun and a great way to showcase expressions. Check out these gorgeous sisters and one H-O-T Momma.

Thanks for letting me play girls! Here's a quick 'sneak peek'...

Here's Ms. C - Does it get any sweeter than this?

I actually caught Ms. G still for a minute, I mean a second, yes I believe it was a second.
What a smile, huh?

Now, I'm going to make you all jealous out there. Because seriously, does it get any more beautiful then this?
Unbelievable! Two kids, works full time, no laundry piles in the house and looks this damn good?! Come on.
How fair is life, right?
Say it with me - STUNNING

This is kinda how the whole session went. But isn't that the point? Living life and capturing the moments.
Because sometimes it's the moments we need to remember. That's who they are. 
This sums them up in a lovely little nutshell!

This is why "lifestyle" photography I think is so perfect.
Because not only do you capture their personalities, you also
are sometimes lucky enough to catch them when they're angels too.

One of my faves from the day!

Last but certainly not least...their beloved cat, Snaps.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Autumn is getting married! In January her fiance popped the question while they were at a harbour skipping rocks. She said 'let's find some rocks to skip', and as she turned to begin her search for the perfect rock...there it was. Her fiance casually asked, 'how about this rock' on bended knee. Awwwwwww.

We went out to shoot some 'happy to be engaged' shots. Keep on the look out for their 'joint engagement' session I will be shooting soon.

Jumping for joy!