Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls, girls, girls.

I had the pleasure yesterday to find myself in the company of all girls. What a treat! It was a fun day, but to tell you the truth I'm exhausted. I could barely keep up with them...well one in particular, lol.

Ms. G kept me on my toes. She is one big ball of adorable endless energy. I'm sure the candy didn't help - sorry Mom! I thought bribery could get you anywhere...well, I use to think ; )

Ms. C was my little assistant. What a big help she was! Always ready with a beautiful smile and so patient with me. She is the perfect big sister!

Mom was terrific with the girls clothing. She had a few selections, which was a great way to provide different looks. She even let me help with the choices, which I appreciated. It's great when Mom's do this. It's a wonderful way to share your ideas with the photographer so they can have a better understanding of the look you're shooting for.

Mom wanted some black and white's to add to her collection. Classic and fun and a great way to showcase expressions. Check out these gorgeous sisters and one H-O-T Momma.

Thanks for letting me play girls! Here's a quick 'sneak peek'...

Here's Ms. C - Does it get any sweeter than this?

I actually caught Ms. G still for a minute, I mean a second, yes I believe it was a second.
What a smile, huh?

Now, I'm going to make you all jealous out there. Because seriously, does it get any more beautiful then this?
Unbelievable! Two kids, works full time, no laundry piles in the house and looks this damn good?! Come on.
How fair is life, right?
Say it with me - STUNNING

This is kinda how the whole session went. But isn't that the point? Living life and capturing the moments.
Because sometimes it's the moments we need to remember. That's who they are. 
This sums them up in a lovely little nutshell!

This is why "lifestyle" photography I think is so perfect.
Because not only do you capture their personalities, you also
are sometimes lucky enough to catch them when they're angels too.

One of my faves from the day!

Last but certainly not least...their beloved cat, Snaps.


Anonymous said...

I love the 2nd to last one! So adorable! & Mom is beautiful!! Great pictures!

Suzanne said...

I just came across your blog through 'I heart Faces website'.

Wow, what fantastic shots! I wish I lived closer to hire you to take some of my girls. You're right, the mother IS totally gorgeous. What a picture. Beautiful black and whites. Cheers!