Saturday, February 12, 2011

Italian MOMster

We bonded over our explicit language and laughed like we were old friends. We were animated when we spoke about motherhood together and hugged like we knew each other forever.
She is candid, funny, loud and real.

I wondered as I saw her newborn son sleeping so soundly if he knew the ride he was in for. The personality, enthusiasm and charm of his mother...that was going to carry him (literally) through life.

There is nothing that really prepares us for that moment when we are handed a baby and given the toughest job we'll ever have. Yet somehow, some way, we know what they need. I am convinced that no matter what books we have read, or the advice that we have been given, nothing is stronger or more poignant then a mothers intuition.

When Maria picked up her new son she spoke in and furious, loud and lively. Her little man laid nestled in the crook of her arm looking up at her with bewilderment, amusement and pure affection. I'm guessing he was thinking she was a little crazy too - yet what kid doesn't think that of his folks? ; )

And as if right on cue baby G listened to his Mama, snuggled in for a nice nap and let us get some adorable sleepy shots.

Okay, if the head of hair is not enough to make you giggle and sigh out loud, check out those billowy lips.
He is one beautiful baby boy.

Mom told me there is nothing better in the world then when he snuggles under her chin when they wake up for late night feedings. I would have to agree. It's kind of a moment when the world feels perfect. Well, for only like umm five seconds, cause you mind quickly replaces it with, 'I wonder when he will finally be able to sleep through the night so I can finally get some sleep' as you are trying hard not to drift off

Hold them tight.

It goes faster then you can ever imagine.

As we were winding down, we heard the back door swing open, and Dad yelled 'did I miss everything'?
Nope, just in time.

21 days of pure perfection - slept a good hour for us. Usually at this age, newborns are much more alert which sometimes makes it harder to get those sleepy shots.
I'm not sure what Mom said to him that made him behave, but what ever it was it worked!

The look of love...

Thanks Frank and Maria for being so gracious and making me feel at home in your home.
Maria, you did a fabulous job keeping the house nice and toasty so baby G could get all sleepy.
It worked like a charm...or whatever you bribed him with did?! ; )  

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Nichole said...

What a beautiful little boy! LOVE the pic of the baby smiling at his daddy and the pic of him with the hat! Congrats to the new family!

JoAnn said...

What a gorgeous baby!!! Great photos. Stacey I love the one with the stocking hat, and his little mouth.... OMG. congrats.

Ms.G said...

Stacy you've done it again! The shot with baby and daddy is so lovable. You had some great subjects! :-)

Jill said...

What an ADORABLE baby! So precious! Stacey, you are the best!

Anonymous said...

Stacey, you really do take amazing pictures! Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful shots of my Gianfranco. Tantissimi grazie! (Many, many, thanks!)

Show and Tell Photography said...

Nichole, JoAnn, Ms. G and Jill! I cannot thank you enough for stopping by to check out the blog and post. I love seeing each of your comments, hearing your encouragment, feeling your support and listening to what images you liked the most.

As for you, Maria - Lui è bello ed è stato come un angelo per noi. I migliori che ho avuto ancora. Cordiali saluti! Thank you for the kind words. Can't wait to finish editing so the slide show can be put together! I'll be in touch soon...

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the one in the hat. Can't get over the lips!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous baby! Congrats to the new momma and poppa, and to you Stacey for capturing such beautiful shots!

Alex said...

Such beautiful words and such beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, love these photos; especially the first one. You're right, what gorgeous lips on this baby!

Susan said...

These photos are simply STUNNING. Precious baby...

Great job♥

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words! Love that you take a minute to comment : )