Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full Circle - Mindy, Shawn and Marc

The boxes were filled to the brim in neat stacks all around the perimeter of their apartment. 
They were in the process of purchasing a new home, and pretty soon they 
would be leaving their old place behind. 
Their old place that was a treasure trove of fond memories for them...and for me. 

You see it was where I photographed Mindy getting ready in her wedding gown and where we peeked out the living room window to spy on her soon to be husband outside adjusting his tie.
It's where we sat watching their wedding slideshow huddled shoulder to shoulder
together on my computer at their dining table.

And it was where I met their new son for the first time and did his newborn session.

It's also a place that they will soon be telling Marc they once had all lived when he was little.


We strolled along the paths around the pond at their complex,
and I thought back to when I first met them.

It was a couple of years back when we sat in a little coffee shop planning their engagement session.
It was hard to believe that now we were running after their happy little one year old.

For me it was more then a session, it was a moment that came full circle. 

Full circle is a concept that we have all heard before.
To most it means merely coming back to where it all began.
For me it means being complete. Undivided. Whole.

Life moves on. Things change. We live and we grow.
Life may change around us - but sorta like the saying  'no matter where we go - there we are.'
I like to think that's cause we take moments and memories with us.

Each circle has a beginning, but really no end.

Seneca said it best, 'Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.'

Seeing where it began for you both and how far you have come - was like reading a book with a fabulous ending and finding out there was a sequel. 


Hope you all don't mind a quick stroll down memory lane with us...

Their e-session and wedding day...

The bun in the oven...

What a difference a year makes, eh? 
I brought along the same Christmas stocking to see how much he grew.
Marc was just as surprised as I was!

Hands down - one of the best kids I have ever worked played with.

He seriously smiled the entire time. 

Except for this shot. ; ) 
A little reminiscent of 'Home Alone' I think. 

My most favorite family images are those that are some what casual and in the moment. 
In between a laugh, a tight squeeze or sometimes mid-sentence.  

There are no words really to express what it's like to see a client living their happiest moments and watching the unmistakable looks of joy while documenting their lives.
There is nothing that makes me quite so happy as being there to experience that moment with them.

You know when you hear someone get the case of the giggles and you can't help but smile?
You know the smile. That big dopey, cheesy grin that just overtakes your whole face
and you feel giddy inside?! 
That's how I feel when I'm with my clients.
That is what you give to me Mindy and Shawn (and now Marc) every time I see you.

Thank you for having trust and faith and for continuing to share your milestones with me.
Love you guys!

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