Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spelling, Grammar and Moments

Recently, it was brought to my attention that - to put it frankly - my grammar sucks. 
This character weakness is well known. I don't exactly hide it here.

It's something I pretty much knew, but I guess not to the point that I recently heard about it. It was the type of thing where upon hearing it, I wanted to crawl into bed and pull the blankets over my head for being so terribly embarrassed. 
I actually for a moment thought of not writing here anymore.

Just like all things domestic - there are some things I'm good at, and others...not so much.
I'll let you guess which way the domestic thing rolls for me.

I first want to apologize for my crazy slang, half sentences or run on sentences. I'm far from being proper. 
I may write 'here' instead of 'hear' or 'there' instead of 'their'. 
I may have a comma or an apostrophe out of place too. 
I do know better. 
But you see, sometimes I forget I'm writing to all of you. 
When I write, it's as if I'm writing in a journal for myself. 
The words pour out quicker than I can type them. 
I'm not thinking grammatically; I'm thinking of just putting the point down on paper to remind myself of a moment or of a thought before giving in to my drooping eyelids.

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't believe me if I told you I actually do proof read what I write. But those 3am late nights are tough. I'm tapping away at the keyboard after putting in a full day and sometimes there is not much else left for my brain to give at that point. Especially going on three hours of sleep from the night before. 
It's a poor excuse, but it's my reality right now.

While I would hate for you to think of me any less professional or educated than I am - 
I would rather you walk away thinking I'm real. 
I make mistakes. I think out loud. I write personally, not professionally. 
I'm not perfect and I hope you still like me that way. 
And maybe that's not the best approach. 
And maybe I shouldn't be starting my sentences with 'and' or 'but' or 'because'. But sometimes I do. 
I may write that way because of how it's forming in my head or maybe just for effect...or is it affect?! ; ) 
And that's okay. Because this here is my world. 

Some of you may be completely turned off by it and I completely get it. 
Some of you may see it as quirky and partially acceptable and not judge me by it. 
For those of you in the latter group, I love you for it.

I promise to try harder to watch the grammar or spelling errors but don't hold me too it. 
'Cause even though I promise to work harder on getting the house together...
we all know how that sometimes goes. ; )

On a side note, it was also mentioned that this blog does not give off a 
'good first impression' because of everything mentioned above. 
And this is what broke my heart a little. 

This blog is really not to impress anyone. 
It's to document life. It's a peek into moments that would otherwise go by unnoticed. 
Sometimes we all get caught up in perfection. I'm no stranger to that.

Sometimes though life is not about the perfect picture or the perfect blog post - 
it's about seeing the perfect moment. 


Anonymous said...

The writer of that email is perfect - perfectly boring.

Communication and touching people is more than i before e, it's G F Y

Jill B said...

As an English teacher, I can say that your blog-- your touching words that have so perfectly captured some of the most treasured moments of my life-- is so unbelievably appreciated. You have such gifts, and your writing is most definitely one of them whether or not you choose the correct "there." Your words are as beautiful as the pictures you take. Please keep writing: those who don't like it don't have to look. The rest of us who are moved to tears by your writing can continue to cherish what you capture here.

Fleur said...

people are very envious of you talent.

Anthony L said...

It really really saddens me that someone would question your grammar. You legitimately are the most amazing photographer I have ever seen, and an extremely insightful person who writes in an elegant, poetic manner. Anyone who questions what you put on this website is missing out on the fact that this is a fun way for you to share your art with the people and the families of whom you actually take the pictures of. Please don't ever question what you do, your passion is demonstrated in this blog, and that is what sets you apart from the rest

Gretchen said...

I've said before and will say again that you are twice talented - a gifted photographer and writer. Your words are the tools that bring us along in your mental journey and your writing is worth so much more than the "rules" that are supposed to govern it.

Jamie Hall said...

Stacey, I too, as everyone else, am mesmerized daily by your blog posts. To read a touching story fully completes the pictures you show us in your "teasers." Your comments, whether fragments or whole sentences, go unnoticed when reading your story. The stories prove your passion and it is one of the many things I personally love most about you as a photographer. Ignore the people who criticize because there are many more of us who adore you. Keep doing what you do best. If there is one thing you have shown all of us, it is to be unique and dance to the beat of your own drum. Every session is different and you welcome it, so let your blog be different. We LOVE it!!!

Jay Fusaro said...


I have a boat load of grammatically correct, yet inappropriate words I would love to blurt out to the people who decided to become critics. I would have to say these people do not know or just have no sense of what you are all about. I have not known you for very long, but I do know what amazing work you do. Not only for myself, but for many others as well.

As someone who loves to write, I completely understand where you are going with your blogs. The blogs you post are not so much a book a to be read, more so a moment to capture. You have the uncanny ability to write in ways that appeal to eyes more so the mind. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and at times they may go unnoticed by us, but as you stated, we are all human.

Keep doing what you do best. Focus on the thousands who adore your work for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I cannot express to you how upset it makes me to hear you question yourself. You absolutely love what you do and it shows in all your photos you post and the words that you write. People who criticize you for your grammar are missing the point. That person is just bitter about their own short comings. They are jealous of how talented and how amazing a person you truly are. You love what you do and you love who you shoot and it shows. That is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

You put so much time and energy into this blog and you deserve to be commended for all you do and all the people you affect with your amazing photography. Not criticized for it. You are doing everyone a favor by posting and filling our heads with every detail of each session. You make everyone fall in love all over again.
Love you don't let jerks get you down.

Carolyn said...

Stacey. I am so addicted to your words and your photos. I check everyday for a new post. You are amazing!!! Please keep posting! People suck don't let them get to you. I'm a terrible writer so I will keep it short. We love you so much and cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Don't let mean spirited people get you down. Just look at all of the positive comments that everyone else has written they will out number the bad. A million to one!

Maria S said...

Seriously?! People have nothing better to do than to pick apart grammar?! Do they even take a second to read the meaningful and heartfelt things that you write, let alone stop to look at the AMAZING pictures you take? I say f*#@ 'em. (Oooh, can I even write that here?) Don't even give it a second thought. Keep blogging and doing what you do best; capturing those special moments in people's lives like only you can!

Show and Tell Photography said...

I have read each one of your comments and I'm overwhelmed by your support, and heartfelt thoughts. You all have gotten me super emotional. I'll be addressing the whole thing again in a follow up post shortly, so stay tuned in for that. Thank you for making me feel like one of the luckiest girls ever to have clients and readers like you. You truly made my heart happy.

Wanda said...

Stacey, Stacey, Stacey.....do not...I repeat...DO NOT change a thing.

You are delightfully fresh and interesting and funny and so not a stuffed shirt that should care whether your sentences run on (a-hem) or start with an and or a but.

Blogs are conversations (albeit uni-directional)and should be real and relevant. Yours is both and more. It's entertaining and informative and wonderfully personal.

Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

We hire you for your photos not spelling! I guess people do t realize what it's like to run a business and ra mother to three small children!! I love your work and you!! That's why you get a tremendous repeat business. Don't let one miserable person who has nothin better to do them analyze your spelling bring you down!! You are the most creative person and you need to let that flow!! It's a small bump in the road do t look back!!