Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Childhood and Change - The 'C' Kids!

I remember her as if it were yesterday. 
We were BFF's when big hair, and wearing different colored, double scrunched socks was cool. 
On second thought...I'm not sure if we really did that...that parts kinda fuzzy. ; )

We would make mixed tapes back when you could record off the radio,
and I remember lip syncing with her to Whitney Houston.
Hands down she had the best sense of humor.
You knew where she was before you even saw her, because of her hearty laugh.
She was always laughing.
She made you feel as if you were the funniest person on the planet. 


Life has a way of changing things. School changes us. Friends change us.
Just like the times we had together...forever changed who we are today. 

I believe each person we meet along the way helps shape us whether we know it or not. 

High school comes with new friends, and new classes...and before you know it,
your once intertwined paths now lead you in separate directions. 

I'm not sure really how it happens or why, but I'm grateful for the moments I remember.
I'm pretty sure my childhood wouldn't have been quite the same without her...
or our shared affection for Hostess Cupcakes. 


Facebook made us acquaintance again, and when her third babe was born
I was invited to be a part of her life once again to capture the new addition to her family.

I wanted to sit down with them all and tell them everything that we did together as kids.
How much fun we had, and about all of the adventures.

I wanted to re-live it all once again...but life was moving quicker then I wanted.
Christine had a newborn to tend to,
and I had a daughter to get off the bus and kids to pick up at the sitter.
I left that day with things un-said...but not un-felt. 

Perhaps the only gift that lasts a lifetime are memories.
I'm so very thankful for a gift that keeps on giving.

Meet Bernie...and Olivia.

Meet the best eyelashes I have ever seen...and Jack!

My favorite part of photographing children is when they are in their element.
Their expression and body language show such contentment.


 Slightly soft in focus, but the content is certainly there so I had to include it!

and sometimes kids might surprise you with an impromptu hug...

The gorgeous Mama, and the newest addition, Chloe.

6 days young...

Change happens everyday. It's inevitable, whether we decide to greet it or not.

So much has changed...but the memories still remain...the same.

Thanks Christine, for a trip down memory lane...
and a peek into your happy life.


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