Friday, July 15, 2011

Dawn + Nick - 'Chance Encounter' - A Long Island Wedding

I believe in coincidences, serendipity and second chances.
I think a happy accident is life giving us what we need in ways we could never plan.


I had the privilege to photograph Dawn and Nick's wedding
on the beautiful north shore of Long Island at the Stony Brook Yacht Club.
They are the modern day 'Brady Bunch'.
While their lives may look crazy and complicated, their love is really quite simple.
It was a chance encounter meeting at work when they were ready to find love.
The perfect time and the perfect make their perfect life.  

Love is a game of chance.
No matter how you look at it.
I heard somewhere that chances lost, are hopes torn up pages.
Chances to me is living life fully.
Some say chances are a gamble.
Some say people take to many.
Some say to live more cautiously.
Taking a chance though is having faith.
Having hope.
Chances are only what we make them.

If you believe that, then Johnny Mathis had it right when he said...

"Chances are, you're chances are...awfully good...."

The 'Rolling Pin Bakery' put together this yummy creation!

The flower girl dresses were my most favorite yet.
I looooved the style and color.


Girls will be girls...

She was tired of my shenanigan's ; )

I'm on a flower girl kick today...

The lovely bride and her handsome sons.
Loved the tie/vest coloring on the guys.
A little different then just black.
I thought it looked amazing with the ivory!

There was not one best man.
There were many 'men' that were the 'best'!

That's Mama's daughter to the left...I thought they were sisters too, right?

'Serenity'...apropo I think.

Sealed with a kiss...

A warm glow...

Thank you Nick and Dawn for being so wonderful to work with.
Much love and happiness in your new life together!

A special thank you to Dawn's sister Donna, for the fabulous referral.
And one more thank you to my assistant photographer that helped me through out the day.
Thank you Astami!

Before you go...leave your thoughts below!
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Robyn said...

LOVE these Stacy! Gorgeous work as usual!! Your photos are works of art!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the girls tickling each other. Adorable!

Jill T said...

I ADORE the last picture by the water!! Yet again, well done! I can't wait for you to take mine NEXT WEEK!!! :-D

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks so much girls for stopping by to leave a note!! It was a wonderful event. Jill, ahhhh...where has the time gone? I'm sooo freakin' excited for your wedding day. One week away tonight!! : )

Anonymous said...

Another great presentation. Love the one of many men who were best!