Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rich, Kathleen and Melanie - 'Change' - A Long Island Wedding at the Watermill

Can you please change her diaper? It's a bad one, Kathleen said.
His answer did not have a sarcastic tone and there wasn't a sighhh before hand.
It was simply...'sure'.

Never was the saying, 'actions speak louder then words' more relevant.

When my husband and I first got married our biggest spat would revolve around where
his pocket contents would lay around the house.
I know. Trivial. But back then, it was a big deal.

I just couldn't understand why you couldn't keep your change in the same spot each day!
To be fair, I'm sure he didn't get why I couldn't put my make-up away either.

Time changes things.
Perspective, our minds, and even our attitudes.
When nothing is certain in life, our actions speak louder then any words can.

We try to adapt to new chapters in our life.
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. 
We change everyday.
Our opinions, our moods, our lives.
Yet the one constant, our actions.
How will we greet the new change or chapter?

Three kids and nine years later...pocket change has taken a back seat to changing diapers at my home. 
We don't sweat the small things like we use too.
We changed. We learned. We grew. Together.

Back then I thought the measure of a man was his morals and values and what he said they were.
I know now it has to do with how he proves it.

Love is in the little things for sure.
But more in the doing, then the words I think.
Never is it more apparent for me then seeing a man become a Dad.
Seeing Rich with their daughter Melanie, proved that fact even more for me.

The way he spoke to her, held her and played with her,
showed me more then any words he could have told me.


The first time I spoke with Kathleen we giggled like we were long lost friends.
We laughed at ourselves, motherhood, and about the fact that
she did not have a color coded wedding calender...well, just yet.

She's beyond playful...dare I say, goofy?!
But goofy in the happy-go-lucky kinda way.
Like, expressive with funny faces to match her mood.
She is the type of girl that you can fall in love with easily,
or would want to immediately trade friendship bracelets with. 

When I heard Rich take on diaper duty (literally) that day, it was as if he was saying I love you. my world anyway.

They are a team. They get what a relationship is about.
They are showing each other everyday...with Melanie.

a small little package of wonderful that changed their lives.
She is all smiles and has a happy disposition just like her folks.


The night of their wedding the band began playing the moment people entered the room,
 and it did not stop until the end of the night.
There was no, 'let's wait until after dinner to party'.
It was...'you came here to PARTY' - when you walked in.
I loved that.

I also loved that Kathleen and Rich spent the entire night together.
To often couples get separated and end up on opposite sides of the room,
when really they should be enjoying their party together.
They did just that, and that makes me happy.

The band was cued and their song 'Lucky' began to play....
and indeed they are.

Waiting for his bride...

My first view of Kathleen in the limo. Yep. She even took my breath away.

It's safe to say he agrees...

The architecture and light is amazing at Holy Cross.

I love how Grandpa is holding her hand and the fact that she is just spellbound!


and happy...

and entertained...


So I scouted out a gorgeous location for the pictures ahead of time.
I had approached the home owner a few days earlier and he was kind enough to let us use his yard.

When the 15 passenger limo and five other cars all pulled up at his home and we got out,
 he yelled, ' HEY! GET OFF MY LAWN'.

You know when you want to crawl in a hole and die?!
Yeah, I had that feeling for like 5 seconds before he followed it up with a hearty laugh and 'just kidding'...

A family picture in 90 degree weather, dressed up, and the nine month old baby is smiling?!
That made my day!

The happy family...

a different perspective...
see a change in scenery is good ; )

Remember those Estee Lauder perfume commercials...the next one kinda reminds me of that. are gorgeous!

so debonair...

 Melanie, Mom and their happy disposition's.

I love the whole porch thing.
My next house needs to have a large wrap around one.
Looks a little like an old postcard, right?

a nuzzle...

and a fine place to lay your head...

all is fair in love...

and war...

Check out the maitre d in the bottom right corner.
I do have to say he looks more like a referee though, don't you think?!

The best part of it was, just when you thought he got away with it,
she was holding the plate with the cake on it.
So...he got what was comin' to him!

Is it just me - or can Kathleen pull off looking hot even with icing on her?!
The girl seriously can't take a bad picture!

You know, I'm rarely ever surprised.
but for some reason, this cake thing surprised me silly.

Mischievous, playful...and loving...

I like that combo.

some fraternity love

I spy...

something a little different...

One of my favorite parts of the night was when the band separated the dance floor.
Guys on one side, girls on the other.
You all know the movie 'Grease' right?

He started the song, 'I got chills...there multiplying...'
and with that Kathleen and Rich had a 'mini dance/sing off'.
It was hysterical. I caught myself actually laughing out loud.

Sweeping her off of her feet...

I love the look of happiness on her face...and his folks in the background!


Change is a funny thing.
It scares the heck out of most of us.
It changes well, almost everything.
And sometimes that's a good thing.

With Melanie came change, as it does with all new parents. the size of your hearts.
Who knew change other then in your pocket, could feel so good?!


Thank you Rich for making your girls happy.
Whenever they looked at you, they grinned from ear to ear.
You made my job easy.

Kathleen...thank you for being so warm, happy, funny and relaxed.
 I adored seeing the playfulness you have with one another.
I hope to catch some more of it at your 'family' session in two weeks!


A special thank you to Mindy (a past bride of mine) who referred Kathleen to me.
It means the world.


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Thanks to the 'A' team who helped me lug around equipment and helped me 
catch some amazing perspectives.
You were wonderful!


Christina Taborsky said... are so talented and you such a easy going person...despite a 'faggy' pose or two (and i mean faggy in the nicest of ways! lol)

Thank you Stacey.

Christina Budington Taborsky

Show and Tell Photography said...

HAHAHHA! Yeah, I'm not crazy about those poses either. But Mom's are. So you do need one! : ) It made me giggle when you made the comment that day. You are so right. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment here. Thanks so much! : )

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots of the Bridae, Groom and daughter. You always capture people so candindly ( or looks to be) they are real ! Another greta wedding portfolio! Congrats to the family. Karen D

Jennifer said...

Fabulous....gorgeous....wonderful! Makes me want to have another wedding, so you can take MY pics.

Aunt Barbara said...

When I received this e-mail I loved it. It's the first time to see some of the professional pictures taken. I must say the work was done in a very none intrusive manner and based on what I've seen so far it was well worth it.

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful words! So kind of you all to stop in and leave your thoughts. It makes my day! It was a fabulous day and they made my job so easy.

Ellie Kazandjian said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride,handsome groom,and adorable smiling baby! Congratulations for producing a memory that will grow more precious every year for Kathleen,Rich,and Melanie.