Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make...Believe - A Fairy Birthday Party

Every summer when I was a kid, we would head to the 'mountains' (Upstate, New York)
and rent a small, cozy cabin nestled in the Catskills.
My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would come to vacation with us as well.

The days were filled with potato sack races, 'kick the can', and catching tadpoles in the lake. 
The creek that lulled us to sleep at night was where we soaked up the sunshine during the day.
We would dip our feet in the ice cold water, and dare each other to take a step further in until we were up to our bellies laughing and shivering at the same time.

At night the camp fire lead to gooey toasted marshmallows and listening to music played on cassette tapes (remember those?), while our folks enjoyed cocktails in the lawn chairs and the kids
slurped Shirley Temples.

We watched our parents play horse shoes, scrabble, and gamble their quarters away
during late night poker games.
They laughed loudly over one another and spoke about the previous years memories.

Early mornings were spent with wet feet from the dew on the grass and the air still smelled like the wood we burned the night before. We would watch the world come awake. Slowly. Even the creak of the screen doors as they greeted the morning sounded as if they were tired from the day before.

My Aunt Kathy would take us on morning or evening walks and show us the
puffs of smoke on the mountain side and explain
to us about the fairies that lived there.
She would talk about their lives in great detail.

Way before Tinkerbell was famous and fairies were popular, we believed.
A part of me still does. 


Adryanna's 6th birthday was held at Scudder Beach which over looks Northport Harbor.
Picturesque, cozy and secluded.
A large pavilion kept us covered, while we celebrated her day with pixie dust, fairy wings
and our imaginations.

Each of the fairies were given their wings, wands, crown, outfits and fairy pails to collect their treasure.

The wonderful items were made by 'Fairy Nana' of Fairy Nana Land on Etsy.
While her items are certainly treasures, so is she!
Check out this link for the most adorable fairy items anywhere.
The craftsmanship is remarkable.

Hydrangea fairy wands!

Special thanks to Grandma Donna for making the fairy-licious yummy 'mushroom' treats below.
Two of Adryanna's favorites...hard boiled eggs and tomato's. Weird kid. I know. lol 

Face painting...

The birthday girl...

The beautiful fairies...

Check out the little curl.
Love it!

I don't care how old you are...cotton candy tastes good at any age!

There was a fairy treasure hunt...

With a little pixie dust...the girls were flying high!
Oooor was that from all of the cotton candy? ; )

Discussing how they will go about the changing of the seasons...well, from what I gathered ; )

Cupcake pinwheels!
Another find on Etsy.
Check out the seller who is also located on LI.
The place mats are from Fairy Nana.
Cupcakes from Aunt Autumn...thank you!

Doesn't it look like it's a good wish?

I think it's a natural instinct to purse your lips when you see someone else blowing out candles : )



A frame within a frame ; )

I was so busy hosting the festivities and taking pictures of the girls, I barely took any pictures of the beautiful scenery around us.
I caught this shot of my girls as we were packing up to leave.

              I think 'believing' is one of the most important things we can dare to do.
It's the link between dreams and achieving them.

 dream - believe - achieve

I'm pretty sure we live life how we think things, not necessarily how we see things.
And isn't wonderful to know we can change achieve anything almost by
changing our thoughts to accomplish it?
Sometimes I think we forget that.

Muhammad Ali once said 'The man who has no imagination, has no wings.'

I wanted to pass along not only happy birthday wishes to my daughter,
but also the belief that with 'wings'...we can all fly.

There is no greater gift then the gift of imagination and enthusiasm.
Whether it's your birthday or not, I hope you unwrap that gift everyday...


Natalie F. said...

Stacey -What a BEAUTIFUL story and party!! I told you you had covered EVERY detail imaginable!! Anne Geddes watch out!!! Stacey Kaufman is going to be the next big thing!! Seriously LOVE what you did!! Thank you for sharing!

Ms.G said...

OMG! Stacy you truly amaze me! Not only with your photos but what a georgous party! The costumes to the favors are amazing! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Nichole said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a lucky little girl to have such a great party and an amazing mommy who leaves no detail undone!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful memory you gave your daughter! I loved it all!!!

Jennifer said...

What a perfectly magical party...and memory for that little fairy of yours. Fantastic pics, Mommy! You outdid yourself again!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for the super fabulous comments. I love hearing what you think!! It's so wonderful of you all to have stopped in to have a look around. Thank you so much for the kind words and letting me know you were here! : )

Wanda said...

Stacy, you really do everything with such passion and panache. Always love my visits here. Thank you.

Jamie Hall said...

That is the coolest birthday party ever! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom!