Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Other Side

There is nothing that can even begin to prepare you for your first child.
It's as if you are seeing the word for the first time through their eyes.

Everything is new.
Everything changes.
Moments are more precious.
Life is more delicate.
Love is more grand.
And such small moments seem so big.

Motherhood is like a secret club.
There is no way to even explain it.
The world we once knew, no longer exists.
And we almost can't remember what life was like before we had our first babe.
We have grown, changed and we will move heaven and earth all upon our first seconds meeting them.

Welcome to the other side Danielle!
The other side where the days start to blend, and you may go a day or two without make-up.
When you will be given advice that you don't necessarily want from other mother's, and you will love more then you ever thought possible.

This side is hectic, this side is crazy. 
This side is everything and nothing you thought.
This side will feel as if your heart is to big for the in...side and as if your heart
has to now walk on the out..side.

Welcome to the world Ms. Angelina Nicolle...and welcome to parenthood Danielle and Mike!

I love this perspective.

and this one too...

Seriously. Look. At. That. Hair.
I was in love. I adore the wisps around the nape of the neck.

A blessing...

What a doll, huh?

'Sugar and spice and everything nice...'

We are turned upside down and inside out from their first breath.
And while we may never feel like we ever have it together anymore, we pray that the feeling never ever

Thank you Danielle and Mike for letting me take up partial residents with all of my props for the session ; )
May your new little bundle brings lots of laughter, happiness and love to your already full lives!


A super big thank you to Danielle's big sister Christine for suggesting me.
You're the best, love you!


astami said...

aw stacey! she's adorable! love that close up of her of angelina resting on her crossed arms. so angelic...

Anonymous said...

Love them all! You are amazing!! She is adorable!!