Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends...

So this week I learned about something kinda cool.
See, there is this thing on my blog that let's you see how many people have visited.

And this past week I hit 20,000.
So whether you are new to visiting this blog, or you come here often...thank you.
Thank you 20,000 times.

Or come to think of it...maybe I should be thanking only my mother?! ; )

I started this blog to not only show clients 'teasers', but to share a little bit about me,
and maybe some underlining messages...
 to live life the way you picture it.

Recently the wedding publication 'The Knot' sent an e-mail letting us (photographer's)
know that they are scouting the reviews from our clients
on their boards to find their 'pick' for 2012.
The 'pick' is an honor they give to vendor's by acknowledging that clients matter.
That the experience, as well as the product go hand in hand.

If you have experienced working with me,
I would love it if you could drop a quick review there for me.
If you have already, thank you so very much for taking the time to do that.
It helps me to continue to do what I love.

To review Show and Tell - click this link!

You know that feeling you would get the night before Christmas?
Or when you are so happy your feet feel like they aren't touching the ground?
Exhilarated, excited...filled with anticipation...
That's kinda how it feels when you give me the incredible honor to document a part of your history.
No joke.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation for each of you who have helped my
business to become what it is today...
I'm forever grateful.


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JM said...

What you do is not photography. It's art. There is a big difference!