Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'In Between' - Long Island Family Session

Do you remember being one?
It's a shame we don't right?

It's a time in our lives when our wonder and our innocence's was so pure, so magical.
A leaf, a raindrop or a blade of grass was enough to purse our lips in a permanent 'o', or illicit happy giggles.

Although we can remember it, we get the privilege to see it through our children's eyes.

At one, personalities start to emerge and they are learning so many new things.
The world is big from where they stand, and our job is to instill in them that they can conquer it.

Before the pressure and the stress that society places on them begins,
before they are out of feetie pajamas, you're gonna wish you caught the magic.

The magic may not be the perfect smile, nor the perfect outfit -
but maybe perhaps the perfect expression.
The curiosity.
The amusement.

The moments in between (haha - get it ; )  'in between'. 

Eyes as big as saucers...

How cute are those leg warmers?!!

I don't know. I just like it.

Hello pretty...

A mother's love...

Blowing kisses.

I love how her little arms are out for balance!

Pure happiness...

I love this little family...and love the fact that it's getting bigger!

Rich and Kathleen, thank you for not only giving me the huge privilege to be their for your wedding day,
but also the honor to continue the journey watching and documenting your growing family.

You're the best!!

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