Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brayden - Long Island Newborn Session


It takes two hours to get out of the house.
No joke.
Between the bottles, the diapers, the wipes, the stroller, the carrier,
getting the baby ready, and soothing the baby in between...oh, wait.
Did I mention you still have to get ready?!
Never mind. That doesn't really matter anymore. ; )

The stillness and quite cycle of your daily routine sort of shifts into overdrive
when greeted with a brand new baby.
The excitement and newness are mixed with the interpretation of
'what did we just do' and 'this is the best thing ever'.

You're life will never be your own again. Your heart will permanently live outside your body.
This tiny little bundle that you just met, somehow changes your world...forever.
There are other things too that come with a baby besides cute toes,
lots of love and taking two hours to get out of your home.
Baby gear.
You know that stuff that just seems to morph into mountains overnight?
All I know is that the coffee table that I spent two months trying to find,
all of a sudden got replaced with the baby swing and Pack and Play.
I still don't know if all of this 'stuff' is a help or a hindrance.
I don't however want to test it though. ; )

It's hard to believe at one point you thought wedding planning was tough.
Now sleepless nights, and a new found obstacle coarse through out your home,
somehow pales in comparison. Well, just like everything really after a baby.
It's greater then anything you could have ever possibly imagined.

It's hard to picture the days before they were born, right?
And I hate to say it...but it will be hard to picture the days
when they were this little when they are all grown up.

Thanks to Tara's friends at her baby shower...Dan and Tara will remember.

They'll remember how alert he was.
They'll remember how tiny his hands were, and how adorable he looked all cuddled up with silly hats on.

I think when they look back they will remember too, the change that forever changed them.

But most of all they will remember the generosity of friends that gave
them the gift of treasuring a moment that goes by all too fast.

I ain't gonna lie. Baby 'B' made me totally work for it.
And just when we (the folks and I) were almost giving up.
We won.

Although, I think he let us...

Thanks Tara and Dan for being so patient during the session. You were such trooper's.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
I hope it was worth the wait...


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Pat Markowski said...

Stacey- The first picture of Baby Brayden is adorable, but the second picture is so funny and cute, that it made me laugh out loud! He got a big kick out of watching you "work for it!" Adorable!