Friday, October 7, 2011

Megan + Steven - Northport, Long Island Engagement Session

First Crush
Everyone has one.
And I bet you can recall almost everything about them to this day.
Odd things too.
Maybe it was the way they smiled just a tad bit crooked. Their day to day routine.
All of the idiosyncrasies that made them just so damn cute.
You tried to ignore them, but you were drawn to them like a magnet.
Every song lyric would remind you of them, and every lead in a movie
you pictured the both of you playing the main roles. Okay. Maybe that was just me. ; )

They're odd those first crushes. They hit you out of no where.
You wake up one morning day dreaming about this stranger making you pancakes
and the wedding dress you're going to be wearing down the aisle.

And that's precisely what happened when Megan was 14 and she saw Steven for the first time.

She gets almost giddy when recalling seeing him for the first time in his white tank top and spiked hair.
He lowered his eyes, blushing and smiling slightly as she told the tale.

Megan and her best friend would spy on the guys when they hopped on their motorcycles,
and chase them half way down the block when they drove off trying to get one last look.
They spent days dreaming about marrying them.

Five years later, Steven and Megan's paths crossed,
and he was lucky enough to get her phone number.
He held it for a moment, and said ' I don't think I can wait 24 hours to call you.'
( men...know just the right words ; )

She debated going on a date with him...and her best friend convinced her she should.
'Just you can say you did.'

I found that part funny. Years of chasing him in her dreams,
yet scared when it might have a chance for it become a reality...or even scarier. Not.

She upped her best friend though I getting engaged to him!

Your imagination goes a little crazy, and you dream and wish silly things.
You obsess and you set yourself up for super high expectations.
I mean, what person can live up to the wonderfulness (yes, I just made that word up),
that we pretend them to be before meeting them?!
And yet...Steven was all that, and then some.

It goes almost without saying I think he made out pretty damn well too, if you ask me.

Made ya look...

My favorite part of meeting my couples is hearing their story.
Whether it was a funny date or a simple one...I have a hard time looking
at them without thinking about when they first met.
 Like below. I can't look at Steven without thinking of how over the
moon it must have been for Megan to go on a date with the man of her dreams.

Come is so unfair. ; )
Megan you're just as beautiful inside as out. I love how kind and thoughtful you are.

A moment...

So when I asked her for her ring to take a picture of it..she said...
'oh, right...I wanted to ask you to do that.
I'm notorious for losing things, so just in case.'
Hmmm...I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words...
but I would be willing to debate this one ; )

Not to be outdone - Megan purchased a customized Tag watch for Steven.
Who knew it could be customized?
A little bit of bling is a good thing...

'Sitting on the dock of the bay....watching the tide roll away...'
Good song.
Sitting..standing...close enough.

I don't believe I have every photographed on a more perfect day EVER.
The temperature was amazing, and the sky put on the most spectacular
show with these puffy, white, marshmallow like clouds everywhere.
People would practically stop in their tracks to admire them.
Cumulus clouds. 
Everything I know I learned from Google.

Dock shots are tricky. Most of the time there are a ton of people on them
and the glare from the overhead sun and reflection from the water gives way for squinting.
The best time to hit the dock for pictures is usually early morning or early evening.
We got super lucky though with the intense puffy cloud coverage.
They were a  fabulous backdrop, don't you think?

This was such a super cute spot.
I took one shot and we had to give up the location because the sun came out and almost blinded them.
I adore the colors, framing, and how her head is gingerly resting against him.

Expressions sometimes just capture the essence I think.

Annnd we got a smile Megan...

One of my faves from the day.
I like the simplicity of it, and their relaxed, content expressions.
Content. I like that word.


As the sun went down, the rain drops started to give way.
It was if they knew to wait until we were done.

Crushes are usually fleeting.
They are a moment in time when the heart pounds a mile a minute,
and your feet feel as if they have wings.
A feeling quite like no other.

Good to know that feeling doesn't have to be fleeting now...a forever crush sounds kinda nice.

Thank you for telling me you 'stalk' my blog, and that you know all of my past clients names and venues.
I love that you invested your time into reading and seeing their stories.
It made my week that someone other then my mother reads my blog! : )
Thoughtful, caring and considerate are attributes that define you both.
I loved getting a peek into your world. 
Thank you for letting me capture a little piece of your history.


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