Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maternity and Newborn Long Island Photographer

Bump to Baby

I'm sure her Mom didn't think she was talking to her future son in law when
her daughter handed her the phone.
 In fact, I'm sure she thought he was a bit crazy when he told her that
he was going to marry her daughter someday...and she had yet to even meet him!


If you're anything like me, you enjoy hearing the stories of my couples and families.
It really makes a difference in the pictures for me to know where it all began.

So a few weeks ago I did their maternity session.
They were a little shy about a blog post - so we held off.
But...while at their house this weekend to welcome their baby girl with her first photo shoot,
we talked about adding a few images while still respecting their privacy
by not posting names or their full story.
They agreed!
Thanks so much guys.

Meet the new Mom and Dad...

Their beautiful daughter made her arrival a whole month early.
Super happy we got the maternity session done in time!

While at their home they had showed me a Similac advertisement they liked.
We tried our own version.
Although it's not black and white, I kinda like the monochromatic look -
and I think it totally matches the gingham walls in the nursery guys!

I added the wording because...well, I felt like it! : )

I wish I could have had all of you in the house with us while we had the session.
They were the cutest parents ever. And Mom had the cutest hat ever!
Not to mention the cutest babe ever!

This session was super cool because the parents were game to do more of a 'lifestyle' session.
It was something different I wanted to try because I love seeing
the interaction of new parents with their new little bundle.
I think posed shoots are fun too...but there is something about relationships that really hit home for me.

I will be incorporating more of this kind of style into my sessions if the parents are up to it.
I think no matter how tired you are, or how you really don't think you look good enough to be photographed now - it should be documented.
Suck it up. Trust me. ; )
You'll want to remember these moments when they are heading off to their prom.


B family - I think you're the best.
I adored documenting such a special time in your life.
And I loved seeing it come full circle.


Thanks 'Google' for sending them my way!


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Anonymous said...

Stacey, you have such a way of writing about your subjects, it makes your pictures more real. I always love to see your pic's, they always make me smile.
Love ya,

Wanda said...

I love how you capture the essence in each of your sessions. This babe is sooooooo cute!!!!

Beautifully done, as always.