Friday, October 28, 2011

Content - The 'C' Family Kids

I'm not sure they even stopped to breath when I was there.
At 2, 3 and 4 there is no such thing as sitting really.
Well, maybe if you include sitting for a half a second and then jumping out of your seat for no apparent reason -
other then to run in a totally different direction just for the heck of it.
Ahhhh to be a kid. 

I felt at home there.
I felt that someone could relate to my world.  

We tried to sit in trees, we tried to sit in a leaf pile, we tried to sit on a hammock,
we tried everything we could to keep them still...but then
 really from a kids point of view, where is the fun in that?! ; )
And that's just it.
When kids are in their element you may not get the perfect pose,
but hopefully what you do get is that relaxed, expression of your children looking content.
And isn't that really what we all strive for?

As crazy and as lively as the afternoon was - it was nice because we were just in the moment.  
A moment that will actually pass quicker then it will ever sometimes seem.

When looking at Mom's memories on the wall I saw that she was fond of b/w images -
so I decided to go that route this time around  for the blog!
  Look at that mischievous grin...

She took a little while to warm up, but we got there.
I love the sweetness of her smile.

Believe it or not this shot was taken mid way through her sprinting in the backyard -
I called her name and she turned quickly toward me and this is what we caught.

 annnd right before they pushed each other off - they really looked liked they liked each other ; )

 I think being content is not something that we should strive for, it's something we should create.
In our everyday hours there are fleeting moments of this, if we just have a second to take it all in.
And as hard as it may be to see sometimes...
when you do catch it, hold onto it with both hands...cause these are the
moments in between the craziness of life that we want to remember.
Nay, never forget.

And if you want a little play on words...
Being content is the content of a full life. ; )


Thank you Elizabeth for having me back this year to document how much your
babes have grown in one year.
I adored spending time with you all!
If you would like to see their lives at the same time last year, click here:


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Anonymous said...

I love these kids!!!! Beautiful photos, Stace! You are amazing.