Monday, October 31, 2011

'Easy Peasy' - The 'M' Family

Ohhh dear are flying too fast.
Make-up Moday is on a temporary hiatus until I catch up a bit.

I hope y'all don't mind that I will be leaving with you with some lyrics instead of my usual banter.
I have much to catch up on during this season, but couldn't leave you hanging without
a 'sneak peek' of the "M" family!


"How it amazes me, you're changing with every blink
Faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon.

So, let them be little 'cause they're only that way for awhile
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day.
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
Oh, but let them be little

So innocent, a precious soul, you turn around and
it's time to let them go

Sooo let them be little."


I lined them up and walked about ten feet to take the picture.
When I turned around they had this super cute pose happening.
The boys were leaning out - which I think looked fun.
I love when things just fall into place.

I NEED these outfits.

Navy is a huge color this year and looks great on everyone!

Brothers, twins, room friends...

I love when a little bit of personality shines through in an otherwise traditional picture. 
Okay, I know Mom is not going to be crazy about the middle pic, but you know - I have a picture of me when I was younger like that...and it's actually one of my favorites.
I love the emotion and realness of the moment. It makes me actually lol - for real.  

Ahhh you make it look soooo easy...

So, I'm a huge believer that the outfits are half the battle when making an image 'flow'.
Marietta has a gift of pulling the 'look' all together. I was in awe, I was envious,
I wanted her immediately to start shopping for my family.
Such impeccable style.
I'm thinking Marietta should be a guest blogger - to give us all some tips - what do you all think?! : )

Thank you soooo much for visiting me again this year. It was great to switch up the season.
I don't know how you do it Marietta. You really do make it look sooooo easy.
God only knows how hard it is to make it look that easy.

Thank you for all of your referrals this past year.
I'm humbled by all of your kind words and the wonderful people you have sent my way.

Many thanks!!


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GinaW said...

They came out beautiful!

GinaW said...

They came out beautiful! Love the location :)

danielle arnone said...

STUNNING!!! FANTASTIC pictures. Amazing location. Love the way everyone looks great but their personality comes thru... Gorgeous Family too!!!