Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love and Marriage - The 'A' Family

The most fabulous compliment in the world to me is when a bride comes back to visit me
and have their family pictures taken as well.
I love getting to spend time with them, and seeing how their families are growing.  

Another reason why it's a huge compliment? Because, let's face it.
Portrait photography is a little pricier then your typical Sears or Target.
I get it, and I realize that they are investing not only in their memories, but in me to preserve them.
It's something I don't take lightly and something that just tugs at my heart.
I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me. 

Some of you may remember Veronica and Steven from their wedding this past September?
Well, we got together again last weekend and had a fun family session.
It was extra fun because they came supplied with Munchkins!!
I mean now that is thinking! : )  


So here's the thing about a family pic.
 You want everyone to look good, be well behaved and sit still.
It's totally not easy. I'll be the first to tell you.

You see the little man on the left hand side?
He wanted to play and I don't blame him, and while ideally you would have thought a traditional pose of having him sitting up straight would have worked better - his lounge position totally makes this picture for me. It shows so much personality and character.
I love when things fall into place like that.


A toothless grin and a piggy back ride for his little sister.

I love the eye contact in this one...

Talk about eyes...

So sweet...

Handsome devil... ; )

I took an extra five minutes for their newest member - because let's be honest -
the third (no matter how hard we may try) always has the least amount of pictures usually.
I wanted to make it up to him now.

4 months of pure happiness... 

 What a face!

I'll end on this out's a random moment - but I still love it.
See if you can spot the hand holding with his sister!

Steve and Veronica, thank you so very much for letting me into your lives once again to document not just your wedding day, but your marriage itself.
To me, marriage is about family and maintaining the crazy and happy dynamics of it all.
Love and marriage is much more then just the wedding day.
I loved seeing you all in the moment and enjoying it for all that it's worth.

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