Monday, November 7, 2011

The Game of Love - Vic + Nicolle

They were friends.
But when they made plans to go and grab a bite to eat and he opened the car door,
she knew it was a date.
They were both coaching separate basketball teams at the
time and when their paths ended up crossing -  it was just the right time.
And that's where their story begins.

Love is a game, no matter how we look at. 
There is a 'give and take'. Ebb and flow. And a winning and losing side.
But like Grantland Rice once said,
 'it's not whether you win or lose - it's how you play the game.'
Now some may argue that, but
I think he could have been on to something.

We have all played defense and offense at least once in our lives in a relationship.
But really, if we tried playing on the same team - it's so much easier. 
And no. I don't mean like that. ; )

I mean, if you don't worry about keeping score (with each other) - 
you'll just enjoy the 'game' so much better.
When you have the same direction, the same game plan - life and love is easier to navigate.
Life puts us all through a bunch of hoops some times and it's nice to have someone there to pull us through.

That's a concept that's not lost on Vic and Nicolle.
Maybe they said it best when describing their relationship in one word, 'harmonious'.
Good word, right?

I think if your relationship stays defined by that word there is no question in my mind
that you both 'could...go...alllll...the...way!!!'

3 points if you can name who said that last line?  


Their newest team player...

Meet Miss. Tampa

Cause you need a traditional kinda look thrown in the mix for the folks...

I'm a fan of leading lines.
I love when the location has amazing architecture.
I think it adds so much character, and depth to an image.

Rather apropo I think...

An 'in between' moment.

If you have been following me for a bit you know I love a 'frame within a frame'.  

Look at that craftsmanship!
A moody moment...


Oh, I love you guys.

Just playing with some different perspectives and the architecture.  

How it all started...

Love when the couples bring a few outfit choices!

Now this is a picture my Mother would be like,
'Stacey, I don't understand why you have them so far away, you can't even see them.'
Oy. Mothers!
It's just a nice way of telling a little more of the story and their environment.
The tree looked like a handful of Skittles with the sun highlighting it - so we took advantage.


Nothing makes me happier then engagement sessions.
I love them.
Maybe because I love love.
I love seeing how everyone goes about it.
It's different with every. single. couple.
I learn something from each of them.

Thank you Vic and Nicolle.
 Thank you for sharing your story with me.
For spending a freezing afternoon with me.
For bringing the props, and the outfit changes and for coaching me 
(without you even knowing) about the game of love ; )


Before you go, leave your thoughts below!
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Anonymous said...

Love the location choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Captures the beauty of the surrounding background.