Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to the Future -Tara + Mike

I tried imagining her telling Mike that she had won the matching wedding bands in a contest...
before they were even engaged.
I tried to think what he would have thought or how he would have reacted.

I'm pretty sure it would be the same as any other time I have seen them together.
She just looks at him and his stoic expression softens and a smile comes to his lips.
You know the one when the smile reaches the eyes?
She makes the poor boy melt.

It's not lost on him either.
As the cars drove past us slowing down to get a glimpse of them during their engagement
session he said, 'right now they are saying 'I wonder what that poor sucker did to lose the bet'?!'

And she would grab his arm tightly...actually no...wrap herself around his arm tightly and bury her head into his body to stifle her fit of giggles. 

You can't help but be amused by her.
Like the bubbliest champagne that can't be contained in the tallest of flutes.
She overflows with enthusiasm and affection.
And it's contagious.

PDA - Public Display of Affection - would pretty much sum up Tara and Mike.
Not in a gross way though.
 Like in the cuddly, cozy, can't get enough of you way.
She can't simply sit next to him - she has to be touching him.
At one point when I asked her to separate herself from him just for a sec...
she looked like she was gonna die.
I'm pretty sure she was just looking for some mouth to mouth though!
Yes. I went there.

We spend the brisk moments after sunrise walking the cobblestone lined streets of a hidden gem of a town nestled within what was once part of the Vanderbilt Estate in Oakdale.
It was a charming piece of history that was sorta magical.
Reminiscent of a bygone era that you couldn't help but wish to have been a part
of when seeing the surroundings.

There was a spark of electricity in the air that made it feel like we had gone back in time.
When flirting mattered, and being glamorous was sexy.
Back in the day when they tried harder and weren't so lazy.
When going on long walks, and fun car drives were spent in each others company
and not texting to someone else.

We multi task too much these days and it's nice to be reminded to slow down a bit.
I think we can learn a lot by looking back...
to hopefully the future once again.
You know what they say...'what was once old is new again.'
Let's hope so.
I like the 'trend' Mike and Tara are starting.


So, they are both big fans of black and white imagery.
So much so, that they are having their entire wedding album in black and white.
I would be remiss not to include a few here.
However, some shots would be cruel not to showcase in color.

Case in point...

I just wanted to take this wall home with me.

The lovebirds...

 Sooo old Hollywood!
I died.
I literally did the happy dance in my car when I saw how they were decked out.
When else are you every going to have the opportunity to capture your prime - do it up.
Wear what you feel fabulous in.
Whether it's a sassy cocktail dress or your favorite team jersey.
Make it personal. 

Speaking of Hollywood - kinda funny we ran into it.
It wasn't even part of the plan.


Ain't love grand?

This is how they were the whole time.
No joke.

love the stockings.

Tara's Mama was a hat model...the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree, eh?!

What a good egg you got there Tara!

A hazy romantic shot into the sun...

Ooooh. How I adore you both. 
From the moment I met you, I fell in love. 
Being in your company is like being engulfed in a huge bear hug. 

The art of flirting (there is such a thing you know). 
I love how natural it comes to you both.
The way you tell stories to each other, the way you whisper sweet nothings, 
the sideways glances, the permanent smiles. 
The smooches, the hugs and hand holding - all just make my heart happy. 

Thank you for letting me be there for a little piece of your history. 
I'm looking forward to seeing you both make history again in August!

Super huge thank you to two of my past brides Mindy and Kathleen who referred me. 
Big hug girls!


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Anonymous said...

Amazing every one!! Love the blog as well.

Anonymous said...

The photos of Tara and Mike are beautiful! They really capture the love they have for each other as well as their playful spirit. Amazing photos of two amazing people!!! Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous couple. Beautiful pictures.
I don't know a couple who is more well-matched than these two.
The big guy with the even bigger heart is my brother, and that cutie patootie blonde who is kind and funny and all-around fantastic is my soon-to-be-sister-in-law. You captured the spirit of who they are together so well.

--Laurie Foos

Desilu114 said...

Amazing photos! Tara & Mike look fantastic and the photos really capture how much they love each other. The pictures are as beautiful and fun as they are and I can't wait for the wedding!

Anonymous said...

the pic of the shoes is just amazing, and the butt grab! its very sweet and playful! great job.

Anonymous said...

i love the pics of this truly awesome couple!!! were completely abel to catch their contagious love for eachother!!!!

Jacqueline said...

awesome couple, awesome shoot!

Team Radtke said...

Loved the photos and the blog with it. You totally get their essence!! Love you Tara and Big Guy- "Hayesie"

Katie Pell said...

Beautiful pictures of an absolutely fabulous couple!!!

Doreen said...

Beautiful.. Love the pictures.. Can't wait for the wedding.. <3

Gretchen said...

Wow, what an amazing couple and session. The photos are wonderful and your narration really brings their story to life. They're lucky to have YOU helping tell it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos. I love every single one. I am so happy for you two crazy love birds! Bravo once again, Stacey!
Love *** Mindy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous. I am so happy you're so in love. I love these pics. Love, Anna

meintygr said...

You two make me so happy. THank you for showing that real, true, love exists.
With love,
Sarah Fasso

Anonymous said...

These pictures are simply lovely. If I ever get married again, which I won't, I'll definitely have you take the pictures. Maybe I'll just get "engaged" as an excuse.

Mrs.V. said...

The pictures capture the essence of their love for one another. They are so happy and appreciate each other so much. It is a joy to watch this love story. I loved every single picture.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably gorgeous pictures! I don't know which was more impressive - the photographers talent or the loving couple's spectacular sense of style. If these pics are any indication of Tara & Mike's future, I'm sure they'll live a long, happy, (and very cuddly), life together ~ Linda O.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots! I hope your mom wasn't offended by Mike's hand on your bum, lol. Gorgeous photos!

Esther said...

Loved the romantic feel of every shot. So glamorous and Hollywood Glam. Elegant mood and setting. Two beautiful people in love- what better subject. EG

Anonymous said...

Wow he is a big guy!

GinaW said...

Wow Stacey!!!!!!!! You did an amazing job!!!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I knew Tara as a young teen and I am not surprised at how her fairy tale unfolded... Couldn't be happier for her <3

Anonymous said...

To comment on your post about your grammar....I think what you do is amazing. I believe that you are able to capture something that most and emotion. You are able to reach into people and pull out the true happiness that exisits. I think that your photos are phenominal and your ability to bring such life to them is fantastic. Your blogs create a connection that is very meanigful and real. I would not worry so much about if you spell there or their....I care about the people and you create the connection. Thank you for doing what you do...for caring about all of it and for loving every moment. It makes us all feel important and connected. ROCK ON GIRL!!!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your busy day to stop by to have a peek and leave a comment. It was great to read all of your thoughts and kind words. I had a ball with these two lovebirds and I'm looking forward to their big day next summer. Hope to see some of you there!!