Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double the Fun - The 'E' Family

Ohh how the time is flying.
This month is very, very crazy for me, but I wanted to give you all one or
two quick teasers from last weeks session.
Hopefully after this week I will be caught up enough to do a full blog post.

But for now...let's start with these two, 6 month old twin cuties and of coarse a quote to go with it!

'The work I do for twins, naturally comes double
But four arms to hug me, repay all my trouble.'

Come on now...look at that face...and those eyes!!

and his full of the same exact cute-ness!
What super adorable babies...that have the most amazing eyes ever.

I love the interaction of twins.
There's like this secret language.

Meet the Fam...

Thank you both for spending a chilly afternoon with me.
I had a great time meeting you and the boys.
You made raising twins look easy -  they way you both worked so effortlessly together.


Thanks Andi and Joann for sending the 'E' family my way.

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