Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet - Steven and Veronica - West Sayville Country Club

Something changes when you have kids.
The dynamics seem to sorta shift...and no longer are you a couple, but a family.
There is a greater love, and an even more special bond. You look at your husband or wife differently.
Not only are they your best friend and lover..they are now the parent of your child.
It's different.
It's sweeter.

It is the hardest job...yet most rewarding, and to share it with someone you love makes it even more amazing.
Our hearts get bigger and we share more, love more, laugh more then we ever thought possible.


Maybe it was the mason jar centerpieces...or perhaps her birdcage veil and the stunning location that made their day
feel unique and fabulous.
Or maybe it was the fact that they had planned the wedding within two months, all the while taking care of their children
(a four month old, two and a half year old and a seven year old).
And let's not forget about the new home they bought during that time too.
Talk about having your hands full!
I'm pretty sure there are capes under their clothes. ; )

When you have children, there is an even greater commitment and responsibility to preserving the love that has brought and bound you together. Tying the knot now takes on another meaning completely.

Life was sweet, and yet it somehow just got a heck of a lot sweeter!


The ceremony and wedding reception took place at the West Sayville Country Club.
I adored photographing there. 
The grounds were beautiful and the dance floor faced a wall of windows which
made it very nice for pictures!

The view from inside...

Ring a ding, ding.

When the limo pulled up at West Sayville Country Club, and Veronica stepped out - you gasped a little.
Okay, alot.
She just had that effect. So glamorous and elegant.

I like how the window lead kind of mirrors the birdcage.
Little things like that make me happy!
Veronica, you're stunning.

Something blue...

Sooo...it goes without saying that photographer's love 'first looks'.
While it's not super traditional, it's sweet as heck.
It also allows some extra time to take pictures of the couple,
instead of squeezing them in between the ceremony and reception, or during the cocktail hour.
It's a bit more relaxed too.
While it may not be for everyone, it's definitely something to think about. 

Steve and Veronica's first look....

They did this on their own during the 'first look' - it wasn't posed.

Here, Dad was 'giving away' his daughter after their walk down the aisle.
Look at the look of happiness on both his face and his son-in-laws face - they can hardly shake hands.

Getting married under some tall oaks.
So romantic...

The nice thing about having the ceremony outdoors is that you have the ability to roam
around a bit more to get different angles of the bride and groom.
Here is a look at them up at the alter.

The kiss.

Husband and Wife.


Perfect profile....and let's face it...perfect everything else!

The cake was made with love by Steven's sister, Christine.
Check out 'The Cottage Cakery' to see more of her delightful work.

                                                                     The first dance.
The natural light was amazing from all of the windows.

Mother/son, and the father/daughter dance.

Their father's did the speeches.
They were fabulous!

 I love when a photograph has layers, like the image to the right.
The bond between father and son, and then Veronica peeking over her husband's shoulder at her Dad.

A candid moment...

One of my faves.
This was right after their 'first look'.
Their expressions are so natural - pure happiness.

My 'top five':

Favorite: I loved their first look. Steve was trying to peek...who could blame him really.

Coolest: The whole vintage vibe.

Sentimental: I love that their Dad's did the speeches. Very heartwarming.

Unique: I'm going to go with the bird cage veil. I have never personally had a bride wear that before.
So glamorous!

Funny: When Christian lost his two front teeth. The toothless grin was adorable!


Thank you Veronica and Steven for giving me the amazing honor to be there for your day.
I loved seeing how everything came together. You made it look effortless!

Welcome to the sweet life...
how sweet it is!


Thank you Lisa and Kathleen for such a 'sweet' referral!


Before you go...please leave your thoughts below.
Veronica and Steve will receive a complimentary gift if they reach 20 comments!


Daniela Porcelli said...

The pictures are amazing. Congrats to Steve and Veronica. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love it... so sad that i wasn't there, but the pictures are so amazing and help illustrate the events.... love you guys and steve welcome to the family
Love Jamie

Anonymous said...

Love you guys, we had such a great time at the wedding!!! xoxoxo
Jamie & Andy

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Can't wait to see the rest. Lots of Love.

Ross and Lisa

Anonymous said...

Wow these pictures are amazing! you both did an great job planning your wedding we had a great time and Veronica you looked stunning as usual. We love you and your kids very much! Love Justina, Yan, And Jon Joseph.

Anonymous said...

these pix are such a tease. all came out great and cant wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

so everyday I can get to see that beautiful couple is amazing

Anonymous said...

veronica is the most stunning bride i have seen

Anonymous said...

i love the use of the black and white photos.
have you ever seen a more glamorous couple?

Anonymous said...

and that close up of the place setting corks.....OMG

Anonymous said...

veronica.....where did you get those blue shoes......fabulous

Anonymous said...

a gorgeous day that went along with that perfect couple

Anonymous said...

loved the party favors....who made those nuts?

Anonymous said...

dont you just love the smiles on the parent child dances?

Anonymous said...

there is so much happiness in veronicas face.

Anonymous said...

OMG wasnt the father speeches amazing

Anonymous said...

stacey....you are a darling for posting these so quick.

Anonymous said...

that birdcage shot of veronica in b/w.....that pose.......just amazing....
good jobs girls....

Anonymous said...

hey Steve:
how did you get so lucky? Veronica is just the most stunning woman

Anonymous said...

I still have enblazened in my mind, that kiss

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful couple in the world... my cousiins, VERONICA & STEVEN...Love you both...xoxo

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks everyone for stopping in and taking a peek and leaving such kind words. I loved photographing their wonderful day!!