Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Complicated - Mary + James - Cresent Beach Country Club

While my blog posts are usually pretty verbose, this one is more to the point.
I'm going to steal the groom's words here, because I think he said it best....

"In the simplest and most complicated of terms, I love you. "

The card went on to say...
'Would you mind very much if I sorta had a little crush on you forever?'



 The gorgeous Italian silk gown was by Peter Langner
The dupioni silk fabric was woven in a gorgeous pattern of white on white.
Badgley Mischka...'yes please'! 

Below is Mary's sisters and Mom.
Every time I see family together like that, I always...and I mean always wonder what life was like in their home. What adventures did they have together, what traditions do they maybe still keep?
The prep time is so emotional - it's such a pivotal point I think.
Not only is it the mood of the anticipation growing, but the idea of getting ready to move
on and start your own family.

The. Bow.

On the other side of town...James waits.

Mary, you were such a vision.
I do have to say, Sue, made an exceptional bow. It was totally worth the fuss! ; )

Just look at you...

What a chair, right?
I believe it was her grandmother's.
I loved it!

The ceremony took place at St. Anthony's in East Northport.
The sky was really that vivid.

After the ceremony Mary and James were in the back of a small room waiting to make their 
appearance outside the church.
I stole a quick moment.
One of my faves from the day.
Just look at how they look at each other.

The wedding reception took place at the Crescent Beach Club.
It feels as if you are on a cruise ship there.

Love how the sky was the same color as the girls dresses.
It wasn't even enhanced!
It just looked like you painted beautiful water colors across the sky to match them.  

Cocktails by the shore...

A relaxed moment...

I think they can give Ken and Barbi a run for their money, don't you?

A sunset stroll before the festivities...

My Top 5:

Favorite:  When Mary and James kissed through out the night...they really kissed. 
Not that quick peck stuff - a kiss that lingers a moment or two.   

Coolest: Okay, I wasn't really there for it but I think it still counts. Mary went to Kleinfeld in Manhattan to get her dress, and she had her picture taken with the 'Say Yes to the Dress' cast. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Sentimental: Mary's 'something old' was a locket pin that was sewn into the inside of her dress. Super sweet.

Unique: The potato bar. No really. You had to see it. All different kinds of potato's and toppings. They had sweet potato's with bowls of brown sugar and marshmallows, and mashed potato's with melted cheddar and real bacon. They served them in fancy stemware too. Mmmmm.

Funniest: When Mary put the ring on his wrong hand.


Thank you Mary and James for letting me be there for your day.
I loved watching the both of you get lost in moments with each other.

 In the simplest and most complicated of terms, be happy...always.


Thank you so much Sue for the referral!


Special thanks to my team, Emily and Jessica who helped on my last few weddings.
You're the best!


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Kathie said...

Stacey, Emily, and Jessica these pictures are amazing, I can't wait to see them all! You guys were great, I hate to have my picture taken and you made it painless!

Thanks, Kathie

Jane said...

I was a guest at Mary and James' wedding on that memorable day. It truly was as beautiful as you have shown it here.
I know now, with these photos as memories, no one will ever forget that wonderful day!
Your beautiful photographs and captions truly brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for bringing these special memories to life for me!

Gretchen said...

Looks like a beautiful day. Love their style & they had great taste in choosing you. :)

Lauren Markowski Edwards said...

These pictures came out gorgeous! It looked like such a beautiful day for everyone. Congrats!

Jenn said...

These pictures came out amazing! They were beautiful!!!

Sue said...

Well, as expected, the photos are beautiful! The photo of them in the little room at the church was amazing! I love the way she was looking at him, and how you captured it without intruding on it! She looked at him like that all day, so I'm sure you have many more images like it.
The photos of her bouquet on my grandmother's chair made me tear up a bit. It would have meant the world to Mary to have her at the wedding, but she was certainly there in spirit!
Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the rest!!!

Sue (again) said...

BTW...I keep coming back to the site, I can't help but look again and again! (does this count as another comment towards her 20? lol!)

Caitlin said...

I also keep coming back to see them again and again! These photos are absolutely gorgeous and amazing because they truly capture the spirit of the day - PERFECT! I couldn't be happier for my brother and his wife! :)
My favorites are the little room in the church and the stroll along the beach. Unreal. Well done capturing those outstanding shots!

Liz said...

A picture speaks a thousand words..... and these say so much more. Love them! Love you both! and so happy I could be a part of you special day :)

Clare said...

I can't put into words how beautiful these pictures are. You are a talented photographer who captured the true essence of the day. I can't wait to see more pictures. I know they will be spectacular!

Jill said...

you look absolutely lovely Mary, and so happy, it's a joy to see the sweet moments the photographer has captured

Rob said...

These pictures are truly amazing! You did such a good job making my brother look photogenic, lol. It was an awesome day and you captured every moment of it. Hope to see the rest soon!


Elaine said...

The whole day was lovely. Everyone and everything connected to the planning was perfect. And yes, they outdo Barbie and Ken.

Joanna said...

What a beautiful wedding! Everything looked gorgeous, Mary T, James, the bridesmaids (love the color of the dresses!) the church, the beach, the venue! And it was a gorgeous day. I wish I could have been there. It looks like it was a great success. I hope you are having a great honeymoon

Pat Wildgen said...

The pictures are fantastic and the subjects not so bad either. Loved the day and the candid at the church. Stacey, you and your crew did a fabulous job, can't wait to see more pics.


Pat Wildgen said...

Had to say something else. The pic of Mary's grandmother's locket and her chair with the flowers brought tears to my eyes. It felt like she was definitely there with us all. Amma's fervent wish was to see Mary get married. Everything was just so perfect all around.

Kim said...

OMG! Amazing. I loved all of the pictures but the one of Mary in the chair absolutely literally took my breath away! Mary, may your life always be as beautiful as you were on your wedding day!

Jessica said...

simply perfect!

Anonymous said...

The photographs are beautiful! Mary, you are simply gorgeous!!

Marina Z. said...

These photos are gorgeous! Mary & James, you look timeless. Happiness & Love always to you both :)

Matthew Eannaccone said...

I have seen pictures of my other patient's weddings. The gals + I think these are the best hands down !! Will refer ! have a wonderful love filled marriage ! _ Matt Eannaccone + staff

Kelly Kavanaugh said...

Everyone looks simply gorgeous!! Many Blessings!! These pictures are fabulous!!

Pat Wildgen [Wisconsin] said...

Mary - you were a beautiful bride and everything about the wedding looks perfect! Tom and I wish you and James a wonderful life together.

Show and Tell Photography said...

Awww...thank you all for taking the time to leave your thoughts about the day and the images. It's so nice for the bride and the groom to see them. I adore checking them out too! I appreciate every single kind word that was left. They really mean the world to me! - S : )