Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chris + Danielle - Vineyard Caterers Winter Wedding

It was a last minute decision. A gut feeling. 
You see, I had taken the month of January off to just relax, recharge and rejuvenate.
But what began with 'tell me more' - turned into me saying 'yes' to photographing their big day.
I asked her one question knowing that her answer would decide the fate of whether or not my month off would be postponed: 
'If it snows would you be game to play in it?'

When they told me they were actually hoping for some snow and bought boots in preparation,
I knew without a doubt they were my kind of couple!

To tell you the truth, it actually
wasn't really about the snow - it was about living in the moment, and they totally got that.

While the venue, dress and other fabulous details add to the day,
they are only a fraction of the whole experience.
It doesn't really matter if it rains or snows....just whether you are willing to dance during it.
How often does the day come again?!
Live it...fully!

And that they did.
They smiled ear to ear the entire time.

Something blue...

Okay, before I get started, I must say a huge shout out to 'Flowers by Rosemarie' in Sayville.
Her work is by far my verrrry favorite. Just super creative, really fun and different
I mean pine cones, honey combs, wheat grass, and feathers - love.

Just onnnne more...

Okay, getting back to business.
The man of the day, getting ready.

I think...
; )

Great minds think alike...

Matron of Honor and Mom with the bride...

The girls...

Danielle used the lace from her Grandma's dress to make the veil.
I love things that are sentimental on a wedding day...

Hip ; )

A little bit of sparkle...

The lovely bride...

Riiiiight before the water works...

Danielle has a thing for Burt's Bees chap stick. More like an obsession.
I think she even made it a point to find a wedding dress with a pocket to keep it close!  ; )

So...Ms. Kylie must have thought she was getting a pair of Vera Bradley cozy boots too.
I seriously didn't know dogs could smile. I swear this wasn't photoshopped.
It looks like I drew that smile on, doesn't it?!

When she heard there wasn't a pair for her...



The church was the same church Danielle's folks got married in.
The priest was the same priest that baptized her when she was a babe.

A "frame within a frame",
and the walk to the man you will be spending the rest of your life with.

A bird's eye view.

Mr. and Mrs.

Did I mention it was friggin' freezing?!
30 degrees with the wind chill below 18.
We had five minutes.

With this ring...

Even though it was bitter cold, they totally humored me.
BIG time.
The wedding reception was held at the lovely Vineyard Caterers out east.
It would have been a sin not to get one or two shots outdoors.
The next few were taken from the balcony of their bridal suite.

We made it down to the grounds.
By this time the sun was setting and it was beyond freeeeezing!
Such good sports.

The party begins...

What kind of cool wedding ideas do you get when the couple works for a library?
A bookmark favor and a card box made out of (you guessed it) books!

Their first dance...

A toast...

This is what it was like between them the entire time...

I'll leave you with this moment...

Top five...

Coolest: I'm going to go with the bridesmaid gifts. Loved the cozy boots! Okay, I can't stop myself. Here's another. RAINBOW cake!!! No joke.
All I kept hearing from the guests was that it was the best cake they ever had.

Sentimental:  Oooh. There were a few. I think it was beautiful that they got married in the same church Danielle's parents wed in. I loved that the church had such history and that the same priest has been there for the last thirty years. When so many things change so fast these got me a little choked up to hear that some things remain the same.
It goes without saying: her Grandma's lace that was added to her veil was great too!

Unique:  I adored the rustic vibe of the flowers and all of the fun
elements like the honeycomb and wheat grass. 

Funniest:  There were a few funny moments, but what made them even better was hearing Chris laugh about them. He has one of the best laughs - hands down. You can't help but smile hearing it. And he is always laughing...which made tons of smiles for everyone that day.

Chris and Danielle, I loved working with you both. You and your families were so gracious and generous that I almost felt like I was with family. Thank you for braving the frigid tempertures with me and not complaining once. Your happiness and enthusiasm was contagious.
It was such an honor to be a part of your happy day.

Hope you have warmed up basking in the Island sun!


Before you go...leave your thoughts below.
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Special thanks to the Knot for bringing these lovebirds my way!


Anonymous said...

Once again, Stacey you have outdone yourself! These shots are incredible and tell the story perfectly. We truly had the best time and you captured it. Stunning and perfect, you are family! All our love and gratitude - the new Mr. & Mrs.

Heather said...

These are the most beautiful wedding photographs I have ever seen! They make me want to get married all over again. Danielle is such a special person and I am so happy that she has found someone amazing to share her life with.

Lauren M. said...

I absolutely love these photographs! The personal touches make everything so perfect. Both you and Chris look so happy, and your personality shines right through the photographs! I wish you both complete happiness!

Aunt Ann said...

Amazing photos--they really captured the essence of the day--romantic, sentimental, fun and just overall perfect!! Enjoy your life together!
Love You, Aunt Ann
PS Uncle George loves his photo-even though it's only just!

kat said...

What a lovely day that seems to have been captured perfectly!

Anonymous said...

The picture are amazing! Stacey I love how you captured the essence of the day. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Thanks to Stacey, you two will have a lifetime look back on and remember your special day.

Kristyna said...

Beautiful photos! I love that you got some outside - the black and white is amazing! It was a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures...beautiful couple!

Debbie F said...

Danielle, Love the blue shoes. Liz had them for her wedding. Very very cool. Photos are the best. Wish I would have known about you when my daughter was getting married. Love the rustic thing also. If you need some more elegant rustic try us at The WoodArt Studio. See us on fb. You are a lucky gal Danielle, can't wait to meet Chris.
Adopted Mom Debbie F

Barbara Rogers Gibbs said...

I have so been looking forward to seeing your pictures! Beautiful doesn't begin to express my thoughts on your photos. I was so jazzed to see BLUE SHOES!!! Shana had "RED SHOES" on her wedding day. The bouquets were so unique and special. And using the lace from your Grandmother's gown was a wonderful thing to have that was "old". May God Bless you and Chris as you start your adventure together as husband and wife!

Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

Danielle and Chris look the way any couple would on their wedding day: in love! These are absolutely beautiful! I like how the pictures are unique. I have been thinking of contacting you again...this has sealed the deal, you will be hearing from us!

Alyssa said...

Danielle and Chris,

My feet still hurt - had a great time! Can't wait to see all the photos!

Anonymous said...

These photos were some of the best I've seen in a loooong time. Danielle was so excited to book you as a photographer and she was justified in her excitement! It was a beautiful wedding and you captured these memories perfectly.

Gretchen said...

What a wonderfully special day, beautifully captured by the incomparable Stacey! All of the details were just perfect and it's a delight to have them captured so artistically. Wishing the new couple all the best!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, the design and lighting are fabulous. My favorites: danielle's solo pose seated w/her bouqet, in church portico with her billowing veil, and the final photo. All classically beautiful. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love the shoe pictures and the design and lighting of all. Love how different and unique alot of the shots are! Megan & Kevin

Marissa said...

The photos are stunning. You captured some of the most magical moments. I'm so happy that I was apart of it. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! Congratulations to the both of you. Wishing you all the very best.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so beautiful! They truly tell a story.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Stunning photos, stunning story and perfectly put together. Best wishes to the happy couple!