Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apple, Starbucks and an Adventure - Charlie + Valerie

We were 3,000 miles away on different coasts when we first spoke.
We talked about love, their upcoming wedding day and everything in between.
Life is funny that way.  Sometimes a stranger can feel like a long lost friend. 
That's how I felt with Valerie. I liked her from our very first e-mail.
I'm pretty sure, though, that's how everyone must feel when they meet Valerie.
She has this fabulous enthusiasm and charm that just pulls you right in.


They met at Starbucks.
Valerie told me that when she first saw Charlie there, he was intently
reading a book (about computers) and she was intrigued.
Fast forward a few years later,
they're now engaged and his career with Apple led them both venturing
out to the west coast together.


I love new beginnings. Any kind of new start really.
Whether it's a new career, a new town or a new relationship.
They are the moments of possibility.
Where dreams sort of exist in reality. The fear of the unknown dares us to come out of hiding.
We would never know the other side unless we took a step in that direction.
It can be uncomfortable. It can be scary. Or you can make it an adventure worth having.
It's all in the way we look at it.
Valerie and Charlie look at life that way I think...and each other.
Love is perhaps the biggest and greatest adventure of all.
It reveals it's story one moment at a time and who better to share that with than your best friend.

Here's to a life of adventure and all the possibilities it brings to you both!


Where it all began...over Starbucks coffee.

He works for Apple.
We had to.

They both have these adorable dimples.
Who doesn't love some dimples?

A hint of a smile...

Before the real deal...

Some more yummy light...

Loved how they coordinated.

Just look at her features.
The eyes, the lips...the hair.

I tried to contain myself from bombarding him with questions when we met.
I mean - working for Apple is like saying you're a doctor these days.
Everyone wants some free advice.
He did mention one thing that I thought was cool: the
difference between Apple and Androids is that
Apple is committed to making touch screens flow more like a gesture than a command.
I liked that.

You found a good Valerie! ; )

I will be photographing their Long Island wedding at the charming 'Three Village Inn'.
Speaking of charm, how about a little rustic charm...

As the light was fading they did a quick outfit change to get a cozy look in.
I love everything that that word conjures up.

'I've got your love to keep me warm...'
31 degrees - perfect for snuggling.

The last frame of the day...

Sealed with a kiss...

Valerie and Charlie, thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I appreciate your faith in me so very much.
The fact that you booked me without meeting me was a huge deal.
It's important that my clients like working with me as much as they may like my work.
We spend an extensive amount of time together, and time well spent is spent with people just like you.
It never ever feels like I'm working a day in my life when I'm in the company of folks like you.
Thank you for braving the chilly air with me and for being so fun and enthusiastic.
Can't wait to see you both when you're back in town for your happy day!


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Thanks to the Knot for sending Charlie and Valerie my way!


Salina said...

Can you two get any more beautiful, handsome, or adorable?! What gorgeous pictures!!! Valerie, you remind me of Snow White & Charlie you are just so debonair with your hat (& without it too). You guys look so genuinely happy. Thanks for sharing these, they made my heart happy :) Can't wait to see the rest!!!
Love, Salina

Salina said...

Dear Uncle Charlie & Auntie Valerie,
The one with the apples on your heads is really funny.
Love, Mikaela & Michael

Ednamode said...

Dear Valerie & Charlie
You guys look great. You both came out so natural. These pictures are all fantastic!
I love the ones with the apples and Starbuck cups. I can't figure out which ones I want.

Mom & Dad said...

Every once in a while to good and beautiful people get together! This is definitely one of these times!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Valerie! You both look so happy! I know you talk about how perfect you guys are for each other and now seeing these pictures you guys are picture perfect too! These are pictures of what true love looks like, Valerie and Charlie.

Diana said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Each photograph really does capture the love you two share and I can't help smiling from ear to ear just thinking about how perfect the both of you are for each other. I truly can't wait to be there as the next chapter of your real-life love story begins. Love you both and couldn't be happier for you! - Diana

Erin Zaharatos said...

I just want to say how much I adore these pictures!!! They are amazing!! I cannot think of two more deserving people of all the happiness in the world! They are the most kind and wonderful people I know and I couldn't be happier for them!! I am so happy they have found each other or as valerie puts it, her 'person' in life. I love you guys and wish you a life of happiness and love!!!!! Muah!!!<3

Anonymous said...

Valerie Charlie great photos can't
wait till Sept.To see you guys.
Love Aunt Lois Uncle Ron

Denise M said...

WOW What great pics of the two of you I bet you wish you were in Carlifornia that day (31 degrees here)I am looking forward to your wedding day! You make a wonderful couple.

Rebecca said...

The pictures were beautiful,I can't imagine two wonderful people that deserve each other in life..a breathe of fresh air. It was always wonderful to work with valarie. and bless them many many wonderful years together.

lisam1113 said...

Your engagement pictures are adorable and very creative!! Love them! Congrats Valerie!! Lisa M.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie and Val, i love these picture, you guys are such a perfect fit!!! We miss you here in new york, cant wait to see you again! <3 jenn monteleone

Regina said...

Charlie and Valerie, you two were clearly meant for each other. The photos are beautiful and show your love for each other wonderfully.

cheryl thomas said...

Dear Charlie and Valerie, what beautiful pictures! The way you two look at each other shows the world pure love. Wishing you many, many years of happiness.
With love, your Cousin,

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie & Valerie
How wonderful that you found each other and throw in a great photographer and it makes it complete! Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. I love you guys!!!
Titi June

Aunt Rose & Uncle Billy said...

Wow, How Sweet, Just a reminder that life is good. Looking forward to the wedding day. Love ya Aunt Rose & Uncle Billy

Adele said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait for the big day!

GraceR said...

Great photos! I wouldn't expect anything less. ;) You guys look awesome & so in love!! <3

Lindsey said...

It has been so amazing getting to know Valerie as a coworker and friend! She and Charlie are so adorable and appear to be meant for each other. :) The pictures are so gorgeous! Best of luck Valerie and Charlie!

Ngoc said...

These are beautiful and adorable pictures! I love them all! Congrats to your big day!

Astrid said...

The pictures are so adorable! I'm so happy for both of you!!

Anonymous said...

Like your style!