Friday, November 25, 2011

The Kitchen Table - Domenic + Shannon

The kitchen table. 
That was her answer. 

And no, I wasn't asking questions 'Newlywed Game' style! ; )
The question was, 'Where is your favorite place?' 
She went on to say that it was a place of 'communication whether serious or comical.' 

It had to be hands down my favorite answer.

The kitchen is the hub in most homes. It's where we come together, to talk, to laugh, to eat, drink and be merry. There is no other room in a home quite like it.  Or any place for that matter. 
Did you notice how I didn't mention cook...that wasn't an over sight on my part! ; ) 

With the TV, computers and our phones it's hard for any of us to sit still these days. 
But a kitchen table you see forces us to do just that. 
While sipping our hot coffee, tea or wine we are focusing on none other then the 
person across from us and the words between us.

And it's the words between us that will actually bring us closer together. 
It's a place to debate, to discuss, to make jokes, and to tease.

Without the outside world stealing out attention words 'weigh' more. 
We don't just hear them, we almost feel them because we are able to take into consideration other things.
The tone of each syllable and the body language that accompanies every word.
The smiles that reach the eyes, and the lingering glances studying each others faces.

Domenic and Shannon I love that one of your favorite places is the kitchen table.
It's a small sentiment to who you are and what you are like when you are together.
Thank you for letting me capture a little glimpse into your world...

We were lucky enough to get the last few hints of color mid-November....



A cuddle...

Sweeping her off her feet...

The last frame of the day...

This was a big year for you both with so many new and amazing changes.
Thank you for letting me be a part of documenting such a special time in your lives.

You know that saying 'everything but the kitchen sink'?
During your move to your new home I hope you take along 
everything and that kitchen table.
For everything that it is and all that it symbolizes.


Thanks Frank and Autumn for introducing me to these two lovebirds!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love all the natural elements! What a happy couple!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Love the pictures :) Congratulations!!!

Kristina said...

These are beautiful pics!! Shannon and Dominic glow brighter than the bright fall colors :) Congratulations you guys!!!!

Pat Markowski said...

Great pictures, Stacey! Great story! Great couple! Best wishes, Domenic and Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Stacey, you alway find the perfect spot for each couple, and each place is just magical when you capture it.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of a great couple.
Wishing Shannon and Domenic a wonderful life together, they are so happy together.
Another great session Stacey!
Love Karen (next door)

Lauren Edwards said...

These pictures came out great and really captured them as a couple. Cant wait for the wedding and to see the wedding pics!

Show and Tell Photography said...
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Autumn said...

These are wonderful! I love the picture by the barn! :)

Maureen Edwards said...

These really capture you guys and how you are both always brimming with happiness! Love em!