Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anna + Frank - Long Island Engagement Session

"What is one thing I love about Anna?"
He repeated it back to me like he needed extra time to think.
It wasn't though that it was hard for him to think about one thing he loved,
it was hard for him to narrow it down to just one.
I ummmm think ; )

After a slight pause, he said it was her laughter.
How once she starts, it would be a good ten minutes before she stops.
Her ability to laugh so easily and his ability to really enjoy it is what I love most about them.

They were silly, they were sweet, and they were fun.
They also flew in from Colorado for their e-session...
okay not just for their e-session but it sounded good, no? ; )
They came down to spend the best day of the year, Thanksgiving, celebrating
with family and friends as well as tying up loose ends for their wedding.

Anna and Frank are a little special.
So, I'm going to nix the 'small' (haha - when are my blog posts ever 'small')
talk and dive right into it 'cause this is a bigger 'sneak peek' than usual.

You see...Anna is one of my sister's BFF's.
I knew her back when 90's music was cool.

While this should make me feel old - seeing Anna with her love, Frank, makes me feel young at heart.

'I hope you dance...'

and live life with all heart...

They're in love.


Anyone remember Hollywood Squares?
Or as some of you have come to know...my 'frame within a frame' shot I try to do at each session.
I love when couples let themselves go a little bit...
it makes my heart happy.

Hellooo there beautiful...

Not too shabby my friend...


They were this stinkin' cute the whole time.

Herbs Love grows here...

A pretty smile and the real deal...

Whoooopie....as in hooray.
 (I know what you were thinking! ; )

These just make me looooove you both.
I love when couples have fun and actually play on our 'playdate'.

Anna, you don't have a bad angle.

This was a gift Frank gave Anna.
It was passed down through a few generations in his family.
They each wear half.
I love things that are sentimental...and folks who value it. 

I adore your whole vibe...

I think this captures the whole charming vintage/rustic fabulous-ness they have
going on for their wedding day...

I loved getting to know you on a whole new level.
Not just as my little sister's bff, but as a client, a friend, and a super kind person.
I adore seeing you both together. Your silliness, your happiness and your love had me at 'hello'.


Thanks Autumn...in a round about way for the referral!
Annnd also Mrs. Hudson for last winter's family session which I think kinda got us to this point : )


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Autumn said...

These are beautiful! You have truly captured the essence of Anna. She has such a fun loving and happy go lucky presence and personality, and it shows so much in these pictures! And, hey, 90's music is still cool ;)

Anna said...

Stacey! These photos are amazing! Frank and I had such a great time during this photo shoot! You truly did capture "us." Thank you for capturing this time for us, because it has been so exciting and now we will never forget it. I cannot wait for the wedding and to see how you capture it all for us. Thank you for being you. Amazing. Honestly, thank you.

Maureen Hudson said...

The photos are incredible...no words can describe....Again lots of tears as I looked at the beautiful pictures of Anna and Frank. I truly love them!! (Anna' mom)

Erin Ashley said...

OMG!!! Amazing! Dead on. No one could have captured these two better! Stac, you never cease to amaze. Your talent is so fantastic. This e-session was totally fantastic. Wow. Just wow. Xox

heather said...

the pictures are beautiful!!! stacey, you did a great job! i can't wait to meet the person behind these photos!! anna and frank, congrats again!!

Justine said...

Stacey's back at it! These are stunning photos, having an awesome couple makes it easier too :)