Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mr. Jingles - Elf on a Shelf

December 1st - Day 1.

Mr. Jingles has made his annual debut this season at our home...

What did you name your Elf?
Let me know in the comments below!


Mr. Koz said...

Wow, that is so creative. Ours is Ho-Ho the Elf. Sadly, we forgot to move him last night. Thankfully, wifey found something on Facebook which mentioned that the elf won't move if the kids were naughty the day before.

Anonymous said...

The name of our Elf is Snoel Sugarplum. We found our daughter whispering to her this morning.

Nichole said...

First of all... there you go again being all creative with your Mr. Jiggles making snow angels... too freakin' cute!!!

Sadly our elf doesn't have a name yet. SRR is too young to name her (yes we bought the skirt, lol) and given the naming the elf is part of the excitement of it, I think we are going to hold off on a name for now.

Despite being nameless, Elf did make her first appearance this morning on the microwave and SRR can't wait to get her hands on her!!!

What a great story. I never knew about the "Elf on the Shelf" til a few weeks ago. Its nice to see families passing on this tradition.

Happy Holidays!

Nichole said...

*Mr. Jingles, sorry, typo ;)