Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sea to See - Cooper's Beach, South Hampton

Time is pretty precious on the day of a wedding.
The time line is jam packed and short.
It's always fabulous when couples set aside enough time for pictures.
Cause let's face it...they're pretty important.

Sometimes when that is not an option and time is tight in between the ceremony
and the cocktail hour, couples opt for either a first look or a day after session.

It's a time when the bride and groom can relax with each other alone,
and enjoy the first few moments of married life together.
Things are easy, natural and there is absolutely no stress.

Jill and Cameron's collection included the 'Hangover' session,
 which is where the bride and groom meet up with me the next day,
and we have a super casual, fun session in their fabulous frocks. 

I'm sure it wasn't easy for them. It was an early 6am start time to make the sunrise at Cooper's Beach.
After a full day of partying the day before, I felt a little guilty stealing their morning sleep.

I hope Jill and Cameron that I have made it up to you.
When you look at these pictures, I want you to remember your first day as
husband and wife just as you were...happy, silly, loving, romantic and relaxed.

When people come to me to have their lives photographed,
it's more to me about the experience then the actual images.
Ironic, I know.
While the scenery and the clothing of coarse help to tell the story...I hope you see more then that.
I hope you feel the feeling of that day all over again.

Years from now when you look back, I'm sure you will have forgotten about how tired
you may have been or the extra sleep you could have gotten.
I want you to see where it all began.
The love, the mood, the expressions, the playfulness.

I hope one day too your children will see and feel this love as well.

Photographing a wedding is not just about documenting the events of the day. 
It's about preserving the emotions, the personality, and the life you made together.
I want to document your marriage as well as the day itself.

I hope I did just that for you both...

Now, doesn't this remind you of your cake toppers? : )

He does this so well.
Well, not the pose! ; )
Making Jill laugh.

Some people like cropped images and some don't.
It draws me in for some reason.

They are so naturally photogenic it's ridiculous...

Another tight crop...who's feeling these with me?
Jill...your spectacular!

I spy...

This is how they were the entire time.

and playful and lighthearted...

I love your love.

So you know why I think you are both cool?
Cause you can totally pull this look off without it looking cheesy.

This next images reminds me a little of the one from your engagement session!

So serene...

but really...

Cam, you're so relaxed in front of a camera.
You're awesome...

I have come to realize Jill, you can pull off any angle effortlessly.
Your smile...kills me.

Even their feet look cute.

Warm, yummy diffused sunlight that you can only find during that 'golden hour'.
It could maybe use a little punch of contrast, but I like the romantic soft look of this, so I left it un-edited.



Maybe it's the floor board and the railing that make it come full circle for me.

Walking off into the...


Okay, I know the sun is a little bright, but I still like the shot.
Jumpin' for joy!

While this looks like a sunset, it's actually the sunrise.
The images work backwards in this post.
This was one of the first images we shot.
It may look like the end...but it's merely just...
the beginning. ; )

J+C,  where do I start?

Thank you for letting me tag-a-long to not only see the sea, but to see this amazing
love you both have going on.

I have a cool job. But even cooler clients. 
You guys are up there with the 'coolest'.

I adore your spirit.
You have a way of smiling at each other in a way that makes me smile.
Thank you for adding a bit more happiness into my life and those around you.


Thank you so much for referring Jay and Jaime.
Can't wait to see you all partying again in 2012!


Before you go...leave your thoughts below!


Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for stopping in to have a look around!

Jill Bowcock said...

Oh Stacey. I knew you would do an amazing job, but these are incredible! The entire session was more than we could have asked for. Yes, we had to get up early and we were exhausted, but I will ALWAYS fondly remember running around on the beach in my wedding dress with my new husband! We truly had the time of our lives that morning. Thank YOU and your amazing staff for creating and capturing these moments. <3



Loree5 said...

Stacey you are absolurely amazing. These shots look like they belong in a magazine . I can't wait to put some of them up on my walls to proudly display them. Not only because the beautiful couple that I love dearly are in them but also because of the sheer beauty of the shots you have taken. Many thanks!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Jill, that means the world coming from you. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. And just think...this was only a 'sneak peek'! There is more : )

Thanks so much for the wonderful words Loree and Liz!

Jennifer Rozenbaum said...

Absolutely STUNNING! Makes me want to meet you at the beach at 6am tomorrow in my wedding dress. I love the story you captured. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, happy, cozy, fun, couple! These are absoluetly wonderfullll!!! You are so talented! It helps when you have such good lookin' subjects ;) Congrats Jill and Cam!!! Much happiness xox Autumn

Jamie Hall said...

Stacey! These pictures are absolutely amazing. JIll and I have always had an intense love for the beach and to see her and Cam so happy in these pictures running around in the sand makes me so glad. I love them all! Every time I see any pictures you post I get more and more excited for when you will take mine. You are wonderful!

Mary Tabone said...

Stacey-OMG! You never cease to amaze...how will Jill & Cam ever be able to pick one shot over another...your work is incredible!
Thank you for capturing every beautiful moment of that weekend with your pictures and with your storytelling!

Christine Tabone said...

Jill and Cam you're simply the best!!
Stunning pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful work. But like you said, easy work when you have such fun, loving, relaxed people to photograph. Thank you so much for sharing. Added a smile to my day, that's for sure.

a friend of Cam's Mom

Jay said...

Great pictures! You never cease to impress me Stacey. You make Jamie and I more and more excited for our wedding day to come so we will be able to look back on such great pictures that speak memories for a lifetime.

Jill and Cam,
The pictures came out wonderful. The two of you a very photogenic. They also enlighten the two of us with many more ideas. Hope to see you guys soon. Baltimore road trip? I think so.

Valerie Heller said...

Jill and Cam are such a wonderful couple, and your photos -- and words -- tell their story beautifully! Makes me want to go back and get married again so you could be our photographer...