Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jill + Cameron - Northport Engagement Session

He said he noticed her when she checked in to the dorm the first day of school.
He tried, as she would recall, to pathetically make an attempt at flirting. 
They would later meet again while working together.
She tried hard not to pay attention to him, he would try even harder to get her attention.
Guess who won? 

Love at first sight?
I believe in it.
And I'm sure Cameron did too when he saw Jill's smile...cause I swear it could stop traffic.
It's infectious, beautiful and always present...especially when Cameron is around.
To say she lights up when she is in his company is an understatement.

Soooo here is the low down of how the session went....

Me: 'okay, make a serious face'.

They try to pose 'expressionless' for umm a half a second.
Cam whispers something to Jill.
Jill's lips start to smirk and she tries realllllly hard to hold it in.
Cam turns his head slightly to look at her...and the game is all over.

The sly smile quickly turns gargantous and she leans into him laughing hysterical.
He smiles in spite of himself for a second and falls back quickly into 'Cary Grant' mode -
like he doesn't have an effect on her and her laughter is not making him all giggly inside.

It was like that the entire session. 
 They we're playful, fun and freakin' happy!

Best friends...

They were up for any challenge I threw at them.
I love that.
This moment was caught right before they tried to swing in unison as high as they could go.
It sounds super easy - but it's sooo not.

We found a bunch of great places to photograph in little nooks around Northport.
No matter how many times I have been down there to shoot - there is always another spot that gets discovered on an adventure.

See what I'm talking about. He makes her laugh...

Just beauuutiful Jill!
You are going to be a 'knock' out bride!

Cameron looking pretty fine.

We found this great little place tucked away in a back alley.
What was so amazing was the foliage that decorated a wall.
It was Nov. 27th...pretty wonderful to still find color somewhere.

I forgot to mention how bitterly cold it was.
It didn't help that we were right on the water either.
Freezing, freezing, freezing.
But they braved it and snuggled up to get warm.

See how good they are to me?
They took their coats off for me in ummm 30 degree weather.

Silly and playful, but I did catch a quite moment in between.

This next one kinda reminds me of old school Hollywood.
Cam has this debonair quality about him and the tie and jacket kicked it up a notch.
Cary Grant-ish, with his leading lady?

Love them!

Seriously rock!

Last but not least, I would be remiss not to have included the newest addition to their family, 'Shea'.
(yes, named after the stadium ; )
He made a quick appearance during the e-session and had a boat load of admirers.

Thank you both for meeting me on such a busy weekend.
I loved watching the natural ease in how you interacted with one another.
It was fabulous being able to see such a bright spark between you both.

Looking forward to photographing your big day this July, ooooh and I almost forgot...the 'Hang Over' session (yeahhhh).

Look out Hamptons...we're coming soon!

So readers, help J + C out by adding your comments below. Let them know which one was your fave or just say hi. If they reach 20 comments - they get a cool freebie from me!


Want to see a few more? 
Their slideshow is right below!


Anonymous said...

Stacey, Once again Fabulous! You certainly can spot the magic in people. Truly, wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, probably one of my favorite collections thus far.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! This couple just makes me smile, seeing the fun they are having with eachother. Congrats, Cam and Jill! And congrats, Stacey, for always having that special way you capture the people and there story in your photo's. Love it!

Hugs and kisses to everyone,

Show and Tell Photography said...

Ahhhh...thank you all for the comments. It makes my day knowing you take a minute out of your day to stop in.

Cam and Jill were super fun. Can't wait until their wedding!

Thanks again guys!

Anonymous said...

I love them Stacey!! :) This totally made my day!!! :) -Jill

Anonymous said...

Stacey- you captured it all...the happiness that radiates from their eyes, their heart, and their soul!
Thanks for telling a beautiful story! Jill's Mom

Show and Tell Photography said...

Hey Mary (Jill's Mom)

Thanks for raising such an amazing girl. She is super sweet, confident and smart. What a combination!

Thanks too for watching Shea in the brisk weather!

I appreciate your thoughtful comment!

: ) S

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing pictures! I love you both <3 I cannot wait for the wedding!!!


Anonymous said...

MY FAVORITE is the gate one.. where you are looking at them through the gate! love them!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures!! They really capture Jill and Cam as a couple! I love the close up black and white one!! -Meg

Anonymous said...

These photographs are stunning. It's hard to imagine that anyone could capture the magic and love that exists between this special couple, but you did! -Allison

Anonymous said...

These are truly beautiful pictures -- you are so talented! I LOVE my sister, Jill and can't wait to have a brother in Cameron! You totally captured their love for each other on film and even took an amazing picture with Shea included. :) Love it! - Janice

Anonymous said...

I do not think there are enough words to describe how stunning these pictures are!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful! You did an amazing job! -Jada

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a wonderful time. I can't stop showing friends the black and white shot of Jill. I love to show her off!


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! Jillian, you are STUNNING! What a gorgeous couple!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Pictures! You truly captured them as a couple. They are wonderful together!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks again everyone for stopping 'in' and leaving such great notes.

Cam, I hear what you're saying - she is quite the 'catch', you both make quite a couple!
Sooo excited you gave me the opportunity to be there on your big day! Can't wait...


Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

as always your pictures are fantastic. love the blogs you add to every picture.