Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stanley's - The "P" Family

I heard the name before I saw the person. 

It was the "theme" it seemed of that early Sunday morning. 
"Are you going to get Stanley?" " Are you bringing Stanley back here?" " I'm going to pick up Stanley." 

Who ever Stanley was - he was important. 
They all spoke the name as if recalling a wonderful memory.
There was a softness to their voice and a certain anticipation felt about his arrival. 

It was a full house with not just the family, but their folks and siblings were there too.
It felt kinda like a little party!

When Stanely arrived and we were finally introduced,
 I laughed. 
He wasn't at all what I had expected.
He was somehow...better. 
Stanley...was a donut.

You see, they weren't saying 'Stanley', they were saying Stanley's with an 's'. 
Ummm, HUGE difference, that I didn't quite pick up on. 

How good does your day start when it begins with pastries?

The drive to the bakery was one hour...round trip. 
They all swore to me  it was sooooo worth it cause they were the best donuts EVER

The table we gathered around was immense, yet somehow it seemed small and cozy with everyone huddled over the yumminess. They pulled me up a chair, invited me to join them and told me that I haaaaad to try the
jelly donut. 
Who am I to turn down an offer like that?!

 Now to be honest Im not even a fan of a jelly donut, so I had my reservations before I even took a bite.
But OMG!
It was seriously as if the world stopped - it was that good. 

I wanted to grab the rest of them and run, far, far away.
Forrest Gump style.
I'm pretty sure I would have been tackled before ever reaching the door with them : )

Donuts for breakfast, should be mandatory. 
I think the world would be a much happier place.

It's fancy, indulgent, and it was a family tradition during my childhood as well.

Being there, during that small moment with them, made me nostalgic.
There was happy chatter, orange juice being poured, laughter and fun chaos all around.
Three generations and some photographer sharing, no...celebrating breakfast.
Perhaps it may have been an ordinary, overlooked, taken for granted moment - but yet it somehow made my day. 
I'm pretty sure that in the future they'll all look back and remember not how good the donut tasted, but rather how much a donut brought them all together.

Mr. and Mrs...

You know what was funny? They got silly on me. 
All of a sudden it was like an engagement session. 
Spinning, dipping, kissing, hugging - and even a piggy back ride!!!  
I know! I swear I didn't even ask them to do it. No bribing or cajoling was used.
I looooved seeing the spontaneity...

Check out these baby blues...

What a doll Ms. J was!

Daddy's girl...

I was a little nervous they would think I lost my marbles when I went to take a picture of the donuts.
They may have thought it - but they didn't say it. Well, at least to me. ; ) 

Mr. M (mmmmm)...I agree completely!

Thank you for letting me have a peek into your Sunday mornings.
It is a wonderful gift that you all share and I was fortunate enough that you let me be a part of it.
Well, yeahh - and fortunate enough to get the donut too ; )

And yes, I just made your blog post completely about a donut.
No offense kids! ; )
One day you will realize your life revolved around it...kinda.
In a 'round' about way (haha).
Because even the small moments, should be just as delicious!

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Nichole said...

Beautiful family! The grin on the little guy eating his Stanley's donut and the GORGEOUS eyes on that little girl! Where do you find this Stanley's place? I'm a sucker for a jelly donut. Love reading your posts, getting a detailed description on how you see life.