Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wishes - Zahara's 1st Birthday Event

I remember driving in the car with my Mom when I was about seven year's old
when the car clock turned 11:11.
'Make a wish', I yelled.

A second later she asked me what I wished for.
I told her I couldn't tell her because it wouldn't come true then.

She told me what she had wished though...'for her family to always be happy and healthy'.

I was crestfallen.
My wish for a new cabbage patch kid seemed to all of a sudden pale in comparison.
How could I have wasted a wish on myself...and with a toy no less?

From that day forward every wish I have made on shooting stars, clock numbers, or
 blowing candles out on a cake - has remained the same.

As I have grown older I have always wonder what other people
wish for when they blow out their candles.
Do they even wish anymore? Or are they much to grown up for that sorta thing?

What do you wish for?
Do you wish big? 
Do you wish for health and happiness too?


I had the pleasure to photograph the moments of Zahara's first birthday this past weekend.

While there, I thought how wonderful it is to get to this first milestone.
Not only is it a milestone for the child but for the parent's as well.
The pregnancy and birth is slowly fading into a memory,
the adjustment period of making bottles and changing diapers is more
of a routine now then an interruption.
And gummy grins have turned into Jack-o'-lantern smiles.

What on earth was your life like before them?


When we sang 'Happy Birthday' and blew out the candles...I think I heard
Zahara's Mom and Dad make their wish.
And I'm pretty certain it wasn't for a cabbage patch kid either ; )

So, if you know me...I love themes.
If you are having a 'theme' party or wedding...I better be invited to shoot it! ; )
Zahara's Mom did such an amazing job putting together all of the details for the party.
I loved seeing how it all came together.  

So it poured, but luckily with the tents we stayed pretty dry...and the birthday girl was only concerned 
with the happy people then the raindrops!

Mama's other babies...

Some beautiful faces there...

Wishes are fleeting.
A thought. A quick moment. An unexpected surprise.
I think wishes are like dreams, and if you dream hard and long enough they do come true.
I also think they are what you make of them.

Do you believe or do you think you are make-believing?

We all make our own realities.
I've said it before, but I can't help myself from saying it again...
what ever we think about, we bring about.

*note to self...start thinking 'skinny' thoughts ; )


Zahara, may happiness and good health let you accomplish any goal and desire you set your
heart and mind too. With those two things, you can do anything.

Thank you Campos Family for making me feel like family rather then the photographer!
It was wonderful to see your family and friends together celebrating such a wonderful and happy time.
I loved every minute of it!

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