Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheeky - Make-Up Monday

I love rosy cheeks.
They're different from the bronzed, coco skinned tan look.
Don't get me wrong, bronzer has it's moment in the sun too. But that's exactly it.
When I think tan, I think beach.
When I think flushed cheeks - I think of excited, happy and flirty.
There is a sweetness to blush that a bronzer can't do.
Youthful, playful, flirty, and feminine.

Meet Tarte!
I love everything about this product.
The packaging, the smell, the colors, the application, the texture and the long lasting staying power.
It's a tricky one though for some people to get use to.
The texture is funny and the application is weird, and the saturated color looks nothing like
you think it will look like on.
A little dab goes a long way.
It's sheer and lovely and highly addictive.

If I'm running to the bus stop and I have only a second to apply one thing.
This is it.
A quick dab on each cheek and a slight rub and waaallla...a healthy little glow.

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