Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Lives Here - Matt + Maureen's E-Session

I saw her head thrown back in a laugh from across the room.
He pulled her in closer, and grinned from ear to ear wrapped in her hug.

I had seen Matt and Maureen through out the night and there was no question that they were in love.
During the reception I had made my way to Maureen and asked her two questions.
How did you meet and is he the one?
I already knew the answer to the second question before I had asked it though.

Love - intrigues me.

I'm curious.
Okay, and a little bit nosey.
I think those two questions came right after I said, 'Hi, I'm Stacey'.
When I meet people I want to know their story.
What makes them tick, where have they been, to get to where they are?
Am I brash? Maybe...

But if I see an older couple holding hands, I want to know about them.
What makes it work, what do they remember about meeting their spouse.

I don't want to just observe.
I want to engage. I want to know answers.
What was the spark that ignited the flame?
I want to know how their marriage has sustained through life.
Teach me. Tell I can learn and keep from being a statistic.

It may be cliche to ask a couple I'm going to be photographing on their wedding how they met, but I really want to know.
In fact, I can tell you where almost everyone I have ever met has met their spouse.
My past poor co-workers and friends I'm sure can attest.
You would think it's because of my profession now, but oddly it's not.
 I have done this way before I even got into photography.

Their stories I know as well as I know their names.
It's a part of them, a part of their history.
It's a moment in time, that cannot be forgotten.
It's a topic that brings light to their eyes, and excitement to their voices.

In a world that can be so's nice to be reminded that people find love everyday.
In everyday situations, in odd circumstances, through friends, through work, by a chance encounter.
And albeit rare...even sometimes through a blind date.
Just like Matt and Maureen.

A few short years ago his brother's mother- in- law had set him up on a 'blind date'...
this August they will be tying the knot. 

Introducing...M & M
Come on. That just plain rocks.
And...they're just as sweet ; ) 

'Home, sweet home'
'home is where the heart is...'

I like to have my clients choose the location for their e-session. It's super important to me to incorporate their lives into the pictures. So, Matt and Maureen sent me an e-mail...they wanted pictures at 'the wood pile in their yard'.  Sure, it might be odd to most photographers...but then again, I try not to be like 'most photographer's ; ) 
I liked their vision, even though I didn't know how I would make it work. really don't need to make it work when it just does. 
That's when you know when you got the real deal.

Trying to keep with my theme this week of a frame within a frame concept to keep things fun.

So as we came upon the woodpile, I saw the big stump. Super cute, I thought. 
While scouting out the location, Matt says to me, 'the new wood looks nicer then the old wood right?'
...kinda how a girl might talk about shoes. 
'I thought you might like them better'.

A quick outfit change, and a second location...

The next three just look simply like love to me...

From the moment I met you both at Lauren and Paul's wedding, 
I knew it was just a matter of time before you would be having a wedding of your own.

While the date may have been blind...I sure as heck wasn't ; )


Thank you Matt and Maureen for being yourselves... 
for meeting me at a wood pile, and for singing in an open field.
When I use to drive by your cute house and daydream about who might live in such a charming home,
now I know...that love lives there.

A special thank you to Mrs. Markowski who got these two lovebirds together! 
And another big thank you to her daughter Lauren for the super fabulous referral!!


Lauren Markowski said...

Love the pics!! They came out great!

Pat Markowski said...

Great pictures, M&M ! You did a wonderful job as usual, Stacey!

Kim said...

These are so beautiful! So Matt and Mo!

laura said...

Great pics! Very natural.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and you can see the love !. I met them at a party yesterday, whne asked who their photographer was, I was thrilled to hear it was Stacey. They told me how great the engagement pics went, had to take a look !
Lots of Luck M&M, stacey- great shots, Karen