Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye Opening Experience - Make- Up Monday

'I put on an extra coat of mascara for you today.'

I have heard that statement from my friends on more then one occassion.

They know how I love it.
I think it's the icing on a cake. A frame for the picture.
The curtains for the window or the the fringe on a dress.

I will stop a stranger, just to tell her I love her eyelashes.
I'm obsessed.
I don't really consider a face complete without the lashes coated.
And I'm not talking a quick sweep...I'm talking layer upon layer of sultry black to frame your eyes.
Too often I see people spend so much time on their face and not enough time on their eyelashes.
I love flirty perky lashes.  
It totally draws you in and really defines the eye in pictures.

I have cheated on every mascara I have ever had. I can't help myself.
They just make all of these fabulous promises and I find myself falling into their trap.

I have a few favorites...but I'll touch upon just one of them today.

Rimmel - Extra Super Lash

Love this mascara because it allows for the building of unlimited coats of mascara on the lashes. It's also great because it maintains lash separation and definition, without clumping or sticking.

If you use this or have another brand you would like to share...leave a comment below or on Facebook.
I'd love to hear all about it!

Happy Monday!

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