Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect - Part 1

A year ago I was shooting a wedding when a guest walked up to me and gave my camera the 'once over'.

'What camera are you shooting with?
Man, I would love to get my hands on a camera like yours.
I would start my own photography business like that...' he said, while snapping his fingers.

We spoke about photography for a quick minute and I got back to work.


The biggest debate these days on photography forums is over what brand of camera you use or prefer.
Nikon or Canon.
I never quite understood that.
They both do the same thing.
We behind the camera though, don't.
We see things differently.

When 'Uncle Bob' is fighting for a spot with me in the middle of the church aisle, 
do I worry he will be getting a better shot? 
Nope. Not really. 
I think there are so many different ways to tell that story. To see that shot. 
Maybe the aisle shot is great, but maybe over the ring bearer's shoulder is better.

Professional photographers are professionals because we try to understand what our equipment can do for us. 
We like to tell it what to do, instead of letting 'automatic' tell us what we can and cannot do.
Some of us push ourselves to think outside the box. To see what is not only right in front of us...
but all the way around.

When the gentleman that had approached me was about to walk away, I tapped him on the shoulder 
and told him that he could actually start his new career in photography today...
cause we were shooting with the same camera make and model. 
The only difference was, mine looked a bit bulkier with my battery grip.

So the moral of the story:
The camera does not limit us, we limit ourselves. 


I never want to be limited by my ability to see things only the way I see them. 
 I believe in learning new techniques and continually pushing boundaries so that if there is such 
a thing as 'perfect' you can certainly get there with enough practice...someday. 
Cause after all, it's not the destination, it's the journey, right?


Recently I had a fabulous opportunity to work along side three great photographers in my industry at a wonderful workshop called 'Portraits in the Park.'  

 Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some images with you, 
as well as featuring each instructor from the day.

So, let's begin with the first teacher of the series, Ms. Lindsay Adler
Simply put...
she sees beauty beautifully.

If you have a chance to attend one of her it!!
If not, she has written two fabulous books to help you get started in fashion photography and social media.
I'm half way through one of them and it's certainly worth the price of admission. 
It's full of super detailed information.

Click this link to read a review about the book

The 'Portrait's in the Park' was hosted by Professional Photographer's of Greater NY (PPGNY).
I have to say they completely out did themselves. 
The instructors were top notch, the day was planned out thoughtfully and even the food was delish! 
You can check out their upcoming events and about their organization here.

The lovely model in the series below is Cynthia Carvajal. 
She is outrageously stunning.
Have a peek...

Photography is so wonderful because it's completely subjective. 
We all see life, art, and love a different way. 

I think it was such a treat to be in the company of such wonderful instructors 
and fellow photographers.
I walked away that day with a few new friends...well, even better,
'friends with benefits'.
; ) 

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