Monday, May 9, 2011

Lip Gloss Lover - Make-Up Monday

It's my Prozac.
Instead of a prescription bottle, it comes in a tube and it's sold over the counter.
It's an instant high for me. My quick little 'pick me up'.

Lip gloss...I do believe it may be mightier then the lipstick.
I know.
How dare I?!
Ohh but I dare.

It's a little sparkle when you need it, a hint of subtleness when you want to look 'natural'. The plumper up for when you want those pouty lips...and sometimes (for me) the subtle sheen right above your cheekbones to give just the perfect highlight.

'Givenchy' takes the spotlight today and my happiness in a tube award for a fab product.

The stats: I searched far and wide for a gloss that is not sticky/tacky and that can be applied sheer or more dramatic if needed.
This gem is just that. It's wonderfully moisturizing, has a great mango smell,
the perfect shine and the added benefit of a happy high. 

Looking at the tube you will see slight specs of shimmer.
It is not super noticeable on the lips and it does not feel gritty or glittery. 
I can't stress enough that the glitter look of the color is sooo subtle and wearable.
It totally blends with your lipstick or natural lip shade, and really does look like a fabulous shimmer.
The only down side?
While it's super wonderful, the price tag can persuade a few at $30.00, and the lasting power is not all day.
But then again, what glosses are?!

And just in case if you're wondering if a freakin' lip gloss can really cost that much.
Yes, my dears...
but please note that not only will you be purchasing the most amazing happiness in a tube, you will also be the owner of some gold. Cause those flecks, that 24 real carat gold!

Check out the reviews on Sephora to see what other's think!
It received 4.5 stars there, but gets 5 in my book.

Let me know your favorite lip gloss and if you have ever tried Givenchy yourself.

Happy Monday!

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