Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Celebration!

There are some events in life that not only document the celebration,
 but the exact moment of where you were in life.
What did you look like, how did you feel, who was there, and who you were.

Don't believe me?!
Pick up any old album that you have from when you were a kid.
Pick any picture. Now look at it. Take it all in.

Did you just look at your hair style and the funny clothes Mom dressed you in?
Or did you remember the moment? Everything that was not only in the frame but outside of it as well. 
Your surroundings.
The day.  

Those little things stitched together not only create a picture, but a story.

Have communions and sweet 16 parties gotten a whole lot bigger? Yep.
Are they necessary? Nope.
But maybe we need more things to celebrate.
Maybe we need to be reminded to stop and take a moment to breath it all in.
How often do we do that?

We try to do them at milestones.
They are the one thing that keeps us on track. Tradition is nice that way.
The newborn pictures, the toothless grins, the baby sitting and then standing independently.
Then as life gets busier, our priorites shift and time seems to pass more quickly in life,
and in between portraits.

The birthday parties, communions, bar mitzvah's and sweet 16's
seem to capture that in between stage from 7-16.
When they are still ultimately 'yours'.

If you aren't into the parties, just celebrate that 'event'.
Document that part of their lives when they are growing up so fast
that you don't even realize they are changing.
It slips by quicker then we can catch it.

If I have learned anything from this session, it's the fact that certain times in life are meant to be enjoyed.
And fully.
Get your hair done. Get the most perfect dress. Plan the most perfect party.
And be present.
Because after all, isn't that the best gift?

I know life isn't always a party, but wouldn't it be fun if it was?

If this face doesn't show complete and utter excitement...I don't know what would.
Special thanks to Cactus Salon in Stony Brook for the gorgeous hair!

The hint of a smile...

When Julianna was done getting ready, Mom called me upstairs to come have a peek.
This is what I saw coming up the steps and where I shot this from.

As pretty as a princess...

So in twenty years from now, when you have me come back to take her wedding pictures, lol,
I want to re-create this picture.

What a dress, huh?
You can find the 'Couture Collection' at Christie Helene.
Not only do they have couture (that you can clearly see fits like a glove) they have their
'Signature Series', 'Angel Collection', and a special occasion section as well.
What a fabulous line of amazing pieces.

The tiara was worn by her Mom on her wedding day.
I love that they incorporated it into the communion.
Sentimental details just tug at my heart.


I have been dying to do a 'sister' shoot for quite sometime now. I had only one in the last year.
I know. Crazy!
My other sessions were all brother and sister combos, or just brothers, but no sisters.
So I was super excited for this opportunity.

I'm a firm believer that sisters don’t need words. They have their own language.
A smile, a smirk, a snarl, a wink.  Expressions of amusement, shock, or even at times disgust.
A hand held tight, a stifled giggle that becomes a snort. 
You know, that bond of childhood that only siblings share.
I adore it.

While we may not always hear the love, that's okay...they show us.

A little fun with some petti skirts.
I wish I could walk around in one and it wouldn't look funny. 
I guess I will have to live vicariously through my clients for now.
Well, until I get to the point I'm too old to give a damn ; ) 

 We were fortunate enough to run into the home owners of a super old charming house.
They offered their porch to us so we could snap a few pictures on it. I'm super grateful for the opportunity.
It was an old home that we were told pre-dated the US before it actually was the US.

The two images below are my favorite shots.
I wish they were of my own girls.
It's a 'natural' shot, while looking utterly irresistible.

The feet. The hands. The mid-laugh.

Thank you Donna for teaching me the importance of the 'experience'.
For knowing there is something special that comes from going the extra mile.
The hair, the outfits, the mood and the laughter.

When I saw your arms flapping at your sides (pretending to be an airplane or was it a bird?)
while running wildy in the meadow with your daughter,
I knew that you 'got it'.

You were living in the moment.

What a memory for your children to recall when they look back at the pictures from this day.
I'm sure they will not only remember the occasion of the communion,
they will remember the laughs, the playing, the silliness, their sister, the fairies and you.


Anonymous said...

Great shots of the girls Donna! I saw another family I know also. I have to set up an appt asap!

Dawn said...

The pictures came out awesome! The girls look beautiful & I absolutely love Juliana's dress.
We can't wait for the Communion!

Thomas said...

The girls look great, loved the shot on the stoop.

Donna B. said...

Donna your girls are absolutely beautiful. I love the outfits.

Donna said...

Stacey, getting Juliana to give us her million dollar smile is easy. She lights up like a Christmas tree around everyone. On the other hand, nobody looking at these photos would ever believe my little Isabella is painfully shy around people she meets for the first time (and second and third). She adored you. I don't think any other photographer could capture what you did. In finding you, I feel that I have found a precious diamond that I can never lose! Needless to say, I will see you again.

Show and Tell Photography said...

Donna...awww thank you for such a lovely note. You made my day! So did everyone elses comments. I love that you took time out of your busy day to leave a message. Thanks so much! : )