Saturday, May 14, 2011

All Heart

I have a cool 'job'. 
But what came unexpectedly along with this job,
 was the fact that I get to meet really cool people. 

To be completely honest...I have never been one of those people who would say, 
'I love meeting new people.' 
I didn't. 
I liked my inner circle of very close friends, hanging with my family
 and really who has time these days to make new friends?

It all changed though when I started my photography business.

90% of my business is word of mouth referrals. 
I'm so very grateful for that. 
Not only because people are speaking well about my business,
 but the fact that I continue to get clients I love. 

It's true when they say, 'birds of a feather flock together'. 

My clients are happy. 
They appreciate savoring a moment. 
They live life thoroughly, 
once in the moment and then a second time recalling it. 
They love big and laugh hard. 
They're funny and honest, and are people who I would love to call a 'friend'.   

I find we surround ourselves with people who have bits and pieces 
of things about us we find similar. 
For some reason there is more of a connection, 
and less to explain then about the real 'us'. 
The 'us' that can be 'felt' above and beyond words, because we know they just 'get it'. 

I'm sure if all of you have been following my blog,
 you have come to know that I try to look for the little things in life 
that help us pull through the not so easy times. 
That silver lining...that glass half full mentality. 

I don't know if I would consider myself an optimist, but I try to be. 
It's just so much easier to live life happy.

My clients are the same.  

I knew immediately I would like Stacey, because, well, she had a super cool name. 
Not only that, she even spelled it right! ; ) 
I also knew I would love her because of who referred her. 
(Thanks Marietta!)

When I sent out my quick questionnaire, this is what she wrote when I asked her to tell me about a 'family tradition'...

'We are all about being together, so we make a party about everything! 
We love movie nights...we love to have picnic lunches or dinners in our living room. 
We love to tell each other about the best parts of our days...have sleepovers...
and try to make memories out of even the simplest daily events. 

We never take a moment for granted, and we cherish every moment 
no matter how small it may seem at that time! 

Our motto is to always smile! 
No grumpy faces allowed!'

I think 'Mom' said it best and I actually have the proof below. 

Meet 3 month old Kaylee...

It's not everyday that a 7 and a 9 year old like hanging out! 
They were so awesome. 

What is it about children with bare feet that get me?


I usually take the group shots in the beginning of the session cause well, they are a little intimidated. 
They sit still and actually look at me. Crazy concept, right? lol
This time around we didn't have that luxury, so Mom was off to the side (my little cheerleader) singing the Mickey Mouse theme...
"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog...'

You know you're a mom when that song gets stuck in your head the rest of the night! 

Thank you Stacey for being all heart. 
For loving so much that it is evident in your children's sunny dispositions.  

Thank you for letting me use your fabulous curtains as a backdrop,
and for letting me play 'dress up' all afternoon with Kaylee.
It kinda felt like you and I had a play date with a baby doll, didn't it? : )

Special thanks in advance to Grandma, Ladybugs, and God for the extra special attention 
Kaylee needs right now.

I would love to ask my readers to please say a few prayers for Ms. Kaylee, 
who will be going in for heart surgery this month. 
I'm pretty sure it's because there is so much love inside it's overflowing...


Greg said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love the natural poses. Will definitely keep this in mind for my daughter's next photo session

Anonymous said...

Just breathtaking and you said it the best there is so much love in that little girls heart that it is overflowing...I myself am so blessed to be part of their family and have them in our lives Stacey is truly a real FRIEND that you don't come across too often.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Stacey! You always know when to use black and white when to use color, love it....We will be praying for Kaylee, and her family, stay strong, I've never met you and your family but Stacey gives us a small peak and you are truely blessed.

Love ya,

Gina said...

Just beautiful!!! You can see how much they all love each each other(and instantly feel it when you meet them too). We will be keeping Kaylee in our prayers XO

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous, as always!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks sooo much everyone for leaving your thoughts. They are a special family indeed!!