Sunday, May 8, 2011

'We' are family...

We laid on our backs staring up at the cloudless sky on a big blanket.
A happy pile of too many arms and legs.
We giggled, we talked, we tickled.
Our kite got stuck up in a tree within the first five minutes of flying it.

We caught bubbles with our hands and some of us with our mouths.  
We picked flowers...and a few of us even picked the bulbs with it.

We ate cookies bigger then our heads, and sandwiches to big for our mouths.
We slide down slides together, and took our shoes off to feel the grass between our toes.

As we packed up to leave, we heard the faint sound of bells.
The ice cream truck had found us.

It was a happy ending indeed...
and I can't remember a day that was more perfect.

I wanted to take my camera, because it's as if I'm leaving a fourth child home when I don't. ; )
But today especially, I wanted to be a participant instead of a bystander.

So since all posts are better with a picture, I'll leave you with a quick snap shot of my 'Mommy Pot'.
It about 3 inches high and it comes with a note 'for the short stem flowers the children bring home'.
I can't tell you how often we use it.
Thanks Adryanna for the most lovely 'bouquet' ever.

Today was a happy mother's day.
It's funny how that happens.
My happiness was the result of their happiness.
It's contagious. 
I like that.

There is no gift better then the gift of time...
and today we spent it wisely.

Hope you did the same!


Nichole said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, sounds like you did! You are a wonderful Mother!

Show and Tell Photography said...

How wonderful of you to always stop by to see what is going on and comment. You're the best!