Saturday, January 15, 2011


We were snuggling watching Rudolph when my five year old said, 
'I think I liked it better when it was just you, me and Dad.' 

It caught me by surprise. I'm not gonna lie.
A million things go through your head.
First...that I thought the same thing when I was around her age.
Poor thing, is not getting enough attention.
How do I make her understand that having siblings is the best thing ever?
Will she need therapy?
Note to self - to make extra time for her.
How to answer?!

Hmmm, I decided to take the road of devil's advocate. 

'Oh Adryanna, when I was little I wasn't crazy about having a brother and a sister either. 
I know it's hard to share, but I promise it will get much better when you get a little bit older. 
If you want, we can find a new home for Vienna and Anderson.
What do you think?' I said.

With a new found excitement, she sat straight up and said, 
'that's a GRRREAT idea - can we visit them for Christmas Eve?'


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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Devil's advocate....gotta love it! :)